Super Gene - Chapter 176: Miserable

Chapter 176: Miserable

Chapter 176: Miserable

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At the contest among the champions of all shelters, Han Sen had seen Yu Qianxun, but did not pay attention to her. Since she did not tell Han Sen who she was, he did not recognize her.

Han Sen thought of her as a training mate instead of an actress whom he would be working with, or else he would let her win at least once.

So, Yu Qianxun was miserable. Really, really miserable.

Having played a dozen times on the simulation machine, Yu had used all she had, trying to win one round.

But she really could not. Her opponent was so good that it was almost creepy. With unparalleled techniques, he brought his SKTS to life.

Fighting Han Sen reminded Yu Qianxun of her practice with evolvers. It was like a fight between an adult and a kid. She saw no hope.

But her opponents seemed to be deliberately teasing her, allowing her to show what he had and then knocking her out.

No matter how p.i.s.sed Yu Qianxun was, the gap in their strength was objective. Her anger changed nothing but her mood.

Although proud, she was nothing like Zhang Yang. After losing a dozen times, Yu Qianxun quit the fight and walked out of the simulator.

"Is he really an unevolved student from a military academy?" Yu Qianxun was very skeptical that Han Sen was simply an evolver. There was no other explanation for him to be able to achieve this level.

But when Han Sen came out of the simulator, she saw his face and denied her own guess.

Han Sen's look was on the tough side, but his skin became very smooth after he had started practicing Jadeskin. Yu Qianxun could tell at first sight that Han Sen was not an evolver, but her peer. Judging from how young he looked, she thought he might be even younger than she.

"Didn’t you know that I am a freshman?" Han Sen wondered why she would even ask. Since she was arranged to practice with him, Digang should have briefed her on his portfolio.

Yu Qianxun cast an odd look at him. He was indeed younger, since she was already in soph.o.m.ore year.

"You are so good at this. How did you practice?" Yu Qianxun was finally convinced that he was younger, but much better than her, and accepted the fact that Han Sen were to star the commercial. Coming from a military family, she had a straightforward style and respected whoever stronger than herself.

"Just lots of time and energy. Haven’t you heard that saying?" Han Sen shrugged, feeling slightly proud of himself being praised by such a beauty.

"What saying?" Yu Qianxun was confused.

"Success is ninety-nine percent of talent plus one percent of hard work." Han Sen laughed.

Yu hesitated and asked him, "You mean that success is ninety-nine percent of hard work plus one percent of talent, right?"

"Sorry, made a mistake there." Han Sen felt a bit embarra.s.sed, thinking that he should go more often to the cultural courses at school so that he could pa.s.s the school's semiannual a.s.sessment.

Yu Qianxun looked at Han Sen, and suddenly felt he meant what he had said. Without any calluses on his hands, he had skin as smooth as tofu and looked nothing like someone who would work hard.

"Ninety-nine percent of talent plus one percent of hard work? I will keep that in mind." She cast another glance at him.

Although she did not believe in geniuses, Han Sen seemed to be a living example.

Liu Changming and Xu Wenchang both watched their simulated fights and were surprised by the outcome.

It was hard to find any match for Yu Qianxun among her peers. However, she lost to Han Sen completely, which was absolutely beyond their expectations.

"It seems that Han Sen was better than we have imagined. Great addition to the special squad. When he becomes an evolver in a couple of years, he will be even more extraordinary," Liu Changming pondered and said.

Xu Wenchang nodded. "Qin Xuan has great judgment. It was impressive that she was able to pick him out."

"I have always had faith in the people chosen by the Qins." Liu Changming laughed.

Han Sen later learned that Yu was the heroine instead of his training mate. As cheeky as he was, he felt embarra.s.sed.

Fortunately, Yu Qianxun did not know his thoughts. Because she had been convinced by Han Sen’s talents, she was very cooperative in the shooting.

In fact, even if she was not convinced, as a soldier, she would do her best to follow the order. The only difference was that she would act more naturally this way.

During the shooting, Yu Qianxun would spar with Han Sen and ask him questions whenever she had the opportunity. As she got to know him better, she felt even more intimidated by him.

Han Sen’s speed was one of the things that made her feel inferior to. She estimated that she would only be able to do that when she maxed out on her sacred geno points.

Later, she treated him as a superior and even an idol to catch up with.

If it weren’t for his tender skin, she might even treat him as a teacher.

However, she rather enjoyed squeezing Han Sen’s face for the nice feel, which was actually quite alarming for Han Sen. The effect of Jadeskin had shown and he was afraid that someone might be able to tell that he was practicing this hyper geno art.