Super Gene - Chapter 161: Pet Evolution

Chapter 161: Pet Evolution

Chapter 161: Pet Evolution

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In Han Sen’s room at Steel Armor Shelter, Han Sen was taken aback by the black tiger with a third eye on its forehead in front of him. The tiger’s claws looked like they were made from black metal. Han Sen could not believe it was Meowth that he was looking at. What was more surprising to him was the change in Meowth’s data.

Type of beast soul of sacred-blood three-eyed cat: pet (transformed and evolved).

The words were easy to understand, but shocking nonetheless. After eating some meat of mutant phantom ants, Meowth started to transform as a mutant pet. But after the transformation was over, it became a sacred-blood pet, which was something Han Sen had never heard of before.

Han Sen repeatedly confirmed the word sacred-blood, and decided to go back to the Alliance and look it up on the Skynet. "How could this happen? I have read a lot about beast soul pets, but never knew a pet could evolve."

After a lot of searching, he finally found a relevant post on the Polar Night Forum.

The poster was someone with the ID "Petlife," a fanatic about beast soul pets. Because beast soul pets were very rare and high-maintenance, people would not bother to feed an average pet, since they would be useless even after transformation.

But Petlife had fed nearly a thousand beast soul pets in a decade, all of which had transformed.

Of course, what Petlife had bought was mainly ordinary beast soul pets, some primitive beast soul pets and just a few mutant beast soul pets.

Among all Petlife’s pets, there was an ordinary minidog that had evolved after transformation and became a primitive beast soul pet.

Petlife posted the picture of this primitive minidog and speculated that all beast soul pets had a certain chance to evolve.

Although this post was old, there were a lot of replies. Many were calling Petlife a liar, as there were other pet lovers who had fed hundreds of beast soul pets and saw no such thing as pet evolution.

But some people said that their pets had evolved as well. It seemed like a popular post at the time, but had been replaced by other topics later.

"There is really such a thing as pet revolution. So this only happens for beast soul pets, while other beast souls could not evolve." Han Sen was ecstatic, not only because Meowth had evolved, but also because he had a sacred-blood beast soul pet golden rock worm king.

Although the chance was slim, what if the rock worm king evolved as well? What level would it reach then?

But Han Sen knew that this was almost delusional thinking. The evolution of Meowth was great luck, which would not likely repeat itself.

Although it was not quite possible, Han Sen was still feeding the rock worm king more vigorously.

Looking at Meowth, which could switch back and forth between combat state and pet state as he wished, Han Sen grinned.

When Han Sen entered Steel Armor Shelter again, his destination was Devil Desert. Taking w.a.n.g Mengmeng last time, he could not have hunted as he had wished. This time Han Sen had made up his mind to make the sacred-blood fox king into a barbecue if he saw it again.

Putting his sacred-blood black beetle armor on in a secluded place, Han Sen summoned Meowth and made it transform into the combat state.

Meowth had fur like tungsten and was twice the size of a tiger. Han Sen was riding it like a mount and it was much faster than his mutant three-eyed beast.

And whenever it encountered different creatures, Meowth would go ahead and kill them. Average creatures would simply avoid it when smelling its presence.

"Ha-ha, feeding it for so long was totally worth it. This is so much better than a beast soul mount."

A beast soul mount would not take the initiative to attack, and could only cause some damage when charging. However, a beast soul pet was simply a specialized killing machine.

The only bad thing was that this guy was running too wild, and did not provide a comfortable ride.

Once again, Han Sen entered Devil Desert. Without any burdens this time, Han Sen rode the sacred-blood three-eyed cat in the direction of where the fox king had appeared.

Han Sen just discovered what a great thing it was to own a sacred-blood pet. He did not even need to lift a finger. For ordinary creatures, Meowth could kill one with each blow. Its sharp claws would break their skulls in an instant, just like how a real sacred-blood creature would.

The creatures that the sacred-blood three-eyed cat killed were all fed to the golden rock worm king. The worm king was like a garbage disposal and could consume all that was fed to it.

As a result, it grew bigger and bigger. But primitive creatures did not boost its size like the mutant ones did.

"Primitive sand snake killed. Beast soul of primitive sand snake gained. Eat its meat to gain zero to ten geno points randomly."

Han Sen saw the sacred-blood three-eyed cat tearing a sand snake of a dozen feet long into parts and heard the voice in his mind.

"Ha-ha, gorgeous. This is the best thing ever!" Han Sen grabbed the sand snake beast soul in the form of a spear and felt on top of the world.

For the time he had spent in G.o.d’s Sanctuary, this had been the most fun hunting trip Han Sen had ever taken. Meowth was responsible for killing, and golden rock worm king was cleaning after it. All he needed to do was to watch.

His only regret was that he had not seen a single horned sand fox after traveling for two days in Devil Desert, let alone the fox king.

"Strange… Has someone else killed all the foxes?" Han Sen frowned.