Super Gene - Chapter 1533 - The Chimenea That Went By

Chapter 1533 - The Chimenea That Went By

Chapter 1533: The Chimenea That Went By


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Is there a problem with this place?” Han Sen frowned as he looked around. He didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary.

G.o.d’s Retribution looked serious when he spoke next. He said, “It’s more than just a problem. It’s a big problem! I have been to this area before, and these flowers are frightening things. You’d do well to avoid touching them.”

“The flowers are strange, that’s for sure. They are very vibrant, but they lack a lifeforce,” Six Paths chimed in, as he looked at the colorful flowers all around.

“What happens if I touch them?” Han Sen asked.

G.o.d’s Retribution laughed and said, “I accidentally touched a red one once. I had to cut off my finger to save my life. If you want to give it a try, be my guest.”

Han Sen looked at the man’s hands and noticed he had all his fingers intact. Perhaps the missing finger had regrown, but he couldn’t know for sure. And that meant he didn’t know if G.o.d’s Retribution was lying or not.

But to remain on the safe side, Han Sen followed the man’s advice and avoided interaction with the flowers.

“It would be best for your pet, Little Star, to take us away from here. He can avoid touching these flowers, so he won’t be affected,” G.o.d’s Retribution said.

Han Sen nodded. That would be the only way. There weren’t many flowers, but Little Star was huge, and he might have touched them if he walked normally.

Everyone climbed atop Sta.r.s.ea Beast again, and Han Sen asked G.o.d’s Retribution, “So, you have been here before? Which way should we go to leave this place?”

“I have come to this place, but I’ve never been to this spot precisely. I have no clue, either.” G.o.d’s Retribution shrugged.

Six Paths remained silent, but he didn’t know this place either. Six Paths was a born-emperor, and he couldn’t have come inside before. This was his first time here, as well.

“Then we will have to try our luck then, won’t we?” Han Sen randomly selected a direction and allowed Sta.r.s.ea Beast to take them forward.

Amidst the starlight, Han Sen traveled between, across, and beyond the glaciers and flowers. Nothing was able to touch them, so they weren’t in any danger. But as they walked, they felt something was wrong. When they went past the next glacier, they saw a whole host more flowers.

“I think you’ve selected the wrong direction. There are more flowers here than ever. We’re just going deeper into the meadow!” G.o.d’s Retribution said.

“I told you I was guessing. If you don’t like this direction, then how about you choose a way?” Han Sen shrugged.

“That way.” G.o.d’s Retribution pointed out the direction he wished to travel in.

Han Sen made Sta.r.s.ea Beast head in that direction, but after some time, Han Sen noticed the number of flowers had actually increased. They still seemed to be going deeper.

“Go back! We can’t go any further here. There are too many of the flowers,” Little Fairy said.

At the same time, Sta.r.s.ea Beast’s starlight began to dim. Its body was going back into a solid state.

Han Sen checked the creature’s body and noticed its lifeforce was much weaker. Traveling that way must have cost it a lot of energy, and it wouldn’t last much longer.

Han Sen let Sta.r.s.ea Beast rest in a place that had no flowers.

“It’ll be difficult for us to return,” G.o.d’s Retribution said, while panning the area.

Aside from the basketball court-sized patch they were in, the flowers covered every inch of ground that they could see.

Unless they could fly through the sky, he did not know how else the flowers could be avoided. Sta.r.s.ea Beast’s body was so big that without its special traveling skill, it’d end up touching each and every flower, after all.

Han Sen considered flying, but he saw some strange clouds in the sky above. It made him have second thoughts about that idea.

Little Fairy had already told him he couldn’t fly too high while in the ruins, too. He most certainly couldn’t go much higher than the glaciers. If he did, the clouds would unleash a strange power. It was a force that had killed many creatures in the past.

Han Sen thought about what he should do next. But suddenly, they saw a few shadows in the sky. Eleven of the Black Seahorses were flying by. They were pulling the same black chimenea behind them. Its snout flickered with the presence of blue flames, and it looked as weird as ever.

“What is this?” G.o.d’s Retribution hadn’t seen those Black Seahorses before, so he frowned.

Six Paths looked at the Black Seahorses in the sky and then appeared to think of something.

Han Sen had seen them only once before, but he had no clue what they were doing or what they might have been after.

They did appear slightly different than they had the last time Han Sen encountered them, though. That was because there were only Black Seahorses this time. There were no other Ice Seahorses around. Perhaps something had occurred, and they remained in the Frozen Forest.

“They can fly in the sky? If they can, I can do it, too. Let’s try flying away.” G.o.d’s Retribution made a decision, seeing the Black Seahorses flying above.

Han Sen wasn’t that hopeful, though. He shook his head. “You can try it, but I’ll stay here and wait for Little Star to recover.”

G.o.d’s Retribution wanted to move, but he too decided to stay. He couldn’t truly fly, as his ability was more akin to jumping very high.

The eleven Black Seahorses, pulling the black chimenea, eventually disappeared from sight.

Six Paths had been frowning at them the entire time, and it seemed as if he knew thing or two about them.

“Six Paths, do you know anything about the Black Seahorses and their chimenea?” Han Sen asked. He wasn’t blind, so he knew Six Paths knew something.

Six Paths maintained his silence for a little while longer, before asking, “Have you heard about the big fight of the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary? The fight was huge, and many elites partic.i.p.ated. Emperors and berserk super creatures abounded in it.”

“I heard the super elites signed a Hundred Tribe Deal. Was it a result of this fight?” Han Sen asked.

Six Paths nodded. “It was, but I wasn’t born yet. I don’t know the details all too well, but one berserk super creature who took part said they were fighting over a relic. Most of the spirits had never seen or heard about it, but they were dragged into the conflict by family or friends.”

No one said anything. They merely allowed Six Paths to continue, as they knew he wouldn’t bring up the story for no reason.

After a brief pause, Six Paths said, “I knew that berserk super creature. He was one of the creatures that managed to steal the relic itself. It was said to be that black chimenea.”

Everyone was shocked, and they all exclaimed, “Surely it cannot be the one we just saw.”