Super Gene - Chapter 1528 - Frozen Forest

Chapter 1528 - Frozen Forest

Chapter 1528: Frozen Forest


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen packed some things and followed Little Fairy to G.o.d’s Ruin. Bao’er, Little Silver, and Sta.r.s.ea Beast were coming along with them, as well.

Sta.r.s.ea Beast had grown much bigger by now. Its body was big like that of a dinosaur’s. But even so, its eyes remained as innocent-looking as ever. Every time Han Sen saw them, it made him feel as if he was meeting the eyes of a child.

Bao’er had been staying in Han Sen’s arms for the trip, not wanting Little Silver to come any closer. But Little Silver just jumped onto Han Sen’s head instead, looking like a fur cap. It sat there, waving its fluffy tail merrily. That really aggravated Bao’er.

In the time that Han Sen had been in the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary, he hadn’t traveled or explored very far. As a result, Little Fairy had to lead the entire way. Little Fairy knew the way, though, and there were no dangers along their path. It made for a pleasant and relaxing journey.

After walking for half a month, the terrain around them became decked in snow. To the north of where they stood, enormous glaciers reached up into the sky like crystal swords.

Little Fairy lowered her voice at that point, and she told Han Sen, “There is a scary creature guarding the entrance of the G.o.d’s Ruin. We will need its permission if we are to enter. We are weak, and because we don’t know its full strength, we won’t be able to go through him if he refuses to let us pa.s.s.”

Han Sen had expected Little Fairy to not be 100% reliable. He had prepared himself for unannounced challenges, and so he said coolly, “Still, you must have a plan? Why else would you come and fetch us?”

Little Fairy blinked. She flew onto Han Sen’s shoulders, smiled, and said, “You know me well. If we go straight ahead, we won’t be able to make it in. What we can do is sneak inside.”

“And how do we sneak inside?” Han Sen asked.

“G.o.d’s Ruin is veiled in a special power of sorts: one that cannot be broken by others. The primary entrance is an opening in the valley, where the creature also resides. That’s the entrance we won’t be able to go through.”

After a pause, Little Fairy said, “But aside from that opening in the valley, I know of another way that can be accessed. It is to the north-west of the glaciers. We can get in from there, but…”

“But what?” Han Sen asked.

Han Sen could guess the spirits and creatures would still select the ordinary way through the valley, because Little Fairy’s proposed route was likely harder. He wasn’t expecting anything to be easy.

Little Fairy shrugged and said, “There are no scary creatures guarding that way, but there are dangerous geno plants called Frozen Trees. We must go through the Frozen Forest that is eight hundred miles long. Only then can we get in.”

“Tell me more about the geno plants,” Han Sen said.

“They are super plants attuned to the ice element. And their attunement with ice is very strong. Normal gemstone creatures that step into the forest are instantly frozen, and even super creatures and the heirs of emperors are unable to stay inside for very long. If you are frozen, you cannot even commit suicide. The scariest thing is that this area is also a part of the ruins. And the super cla.s.s beings aren’t able to get in, either.”

After that, Little Fairy smiled. “Don’t worry, though; I’m good with ice. With me here, I can a.s.sure you safe pa.s.sage through the forest. If I wasn’t sure of this, I wouldn’t have asked you to come here.”

“Okay, let’s take the path through the Frozen Forest.” Han Sen didn’t say anything more and just nodded.

Little Fairy was surprised that Han Sen was so quick to agree. She was touched by this, and she said, “If you guys are so willing to trust me, I’ll bring you safer than ever.”

Han Sen smiled. He didn’t trust Little Fairy, and his faith still solely resided in himself. Even without Little Fairy, Han Sen knew he could keep himself and the others protected. The only thing he was still concerned with was whether he could enter at all. If he wasn’t allowed to go in, everything would have been for nothing.

Little Fairy didn’t say anything more, and she just brought Han Sen over to the glacier mountains and then went north-west.

Han Sen watched the glacier mountains for a while, and he could see the jutting of numerous peaks. He also sensed a certain aura of power shrouding the mountains, too.

When they entered the fields of snow, it was snowing 80% percent of the time there. It was a very cold place to tread.

Fairy wanted the others to believe in her, so she controlled the descending snow to divert each snowflake from falling on her companions. She wanted to show she really was good when it came to the ice element.

“Where is the spirit that brought you to the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary? Was she unable to come?” Han Sen asked, out of mild curiosity.

If the spirit hadn’t leveled up to super, then it should have come as well. If it was super, it could have at least talked to the creature in the valley and allowed her simple access that way.

Little Fairy immediately looked glum, and she said, “She died. She was killed by a powerful elite. Even though she was very strong, I suppose not even the mightiest of beings can deny a grizzly fate, if that is what awaits them.”

Han Sen was surprised. To be able to bring Little Fairy to the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary, the spirit must have been immensely strong. The person that was able to kill her must have been incredibly powerful.

“Who killed her?” Han Sen asked.

Little Fairy shook her head. She gritted her teeth and said, “I will kill that *sshole. That’s why I need to level up to super and grab the relic inside. If I can’t do this, then I will be unable to avenge her death.”

Han Sen did not say anything. Little Fairy’s expression was enough to show that her master spirit’s death had really done a number on her. She really wanted revenge. But the opponent would be very powerful, and Little Fairy’s vengeance would be supremely difficult to achieve. She might even end up getting herself killed.

After a few more days of traveling through the snow, they arrived at the Frozen Forest just as Little Fairy had said.

There were many frozen, ice-wrought trees in there. They were like the immense crystal sculptures one might read about in fairytales. The freezing force of that place would have been able to instantly freeze anything in a ten-mile radius.

Some parts of the Frozen Forest extended beyond the glaciers, but many of the trees were also inside the glaciers themselves. That was why Little Fairy said the Frozen Forest was part of G.o.d’s Ruin. It made sense.

“Let’s go.” Little Fairy looked disheartened. Outside her body, a glowing snowflake appeared and expanded to provide cover for them all. Under the protection of that snowflake, they were all warmed. They no longer felt the chill of the outside.

Han Sen felt relieved as he walked through the Frozen Forest, as this was proof he really could go into G.o.d’s Ruin.

They walked into the Frozen Forest, and Han Sen did not feel cold due to the warming boon imparted by Little Fairy. He did feel a little uncomfortable, though. As soon as he entered the area, he felt as if he was being watched, like a pair of eyes was fixed on him.