Super Gene - Chapter 1504 - Mystic Armor Revives

Chapter 1504 - Mystic Armor Revives

Chapter 1504: Mystic Armor Revives


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

As he expected, when Han Sen tried to practice with The Story of Genes, his body and energy were unable to resonate or yield any results.

This was not unexpected, though, as the requirements for The Story of Genes were far too high. This didn’t just apply to humans; he wagered even the highest-cla.s.s demi-G.o.ds in the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary would not fit the bill.

Just as Han Sen prepared to give up, the Black Crystal armor set in his Sea of Soul suddenly had some sort of reaction.

Han Sen did his best to follow The Story of Genes in his practice, and as he went, the Black Crystal began to softly fill with a mystic power. It began to move and pulsate.

Han Sen was shocked by this, so he continued to practice with The Story of Genes. The Black Crystal armor’s power continued to move and swell.

As time pa.s.sed, the armor’s mystic power grew in strength. When he finished a complete cycle, Han Sen did not need to cast anything further for the mystic power to run through the armor by itself.

Han Sen gave the Black Crystal armor a strange look, unsure of what it was he was seeing.

He found the Black Crystal in the First G.o.d’s Sanctuary, and he had discovered that it helped beast souls and creatures to grow.

Han Sen initially believed it to be a valuable treasure from some high-cla.s.s shelter, but the armor inside the Black Crystal was now activated by the techniques Han Sen had discovered in the Main Control Room outside the sanctuaries. Due to this new, weird reaction, Han Sen was given a lot to think over.

“Are the sanctuaries and the crystallizers connected?” Han Sen guessed to himself.

After the Black Crystal armor’s mystic power finished a number of cycles, it suddenly came out of his Sea of Soul. Then, it merged into Han Sen’s body and continued to develop.

In the beginning, that mystic power moisturized his cells, and he felt as if he had eaten Life Fruit. But not long after, things turned sour and Han Sen looked bad. It wasn’t as if the power was purposefully harmful, though. It was just that it was too strong. When it came back to float inside him, Han Sen could barely take it.

He was comparable to a little, steady river that had been subjected to a ma.s.sive flash flood. Han Sen’s veins were inflamed, and his body felt as if it was going to be torn apart by that power.

Han Sen’s body turned the color of blood, as his muscles and veins began to snap. His strength was like a measly sheet of paper before that grand power. And that power was only running pa.s.sively in Han Sen’s body. It wasn’t even trying to attack him.

The mystic power was impossible to control, and it roared inside Han Sen’s body.

If Han Sen’s body was a world, then the mystic power from the armor was a flash flood that destroyed it.

Han Sen’s body was wrecked by this mystic power. His veins, muscles, and bones were severely damaged. It made him look like a bloodman. His veins were broken, his muscles were torn, and his bones were coming apart.

Just as Han Sen thought he was going to die, the mystic power completed one last cycle inside his body. It came out of his body to remain contained inside the armor.

Han Sen lay gasping on the floor. After a moment of breath-catching, he used Jadeskin to recover the damage done to his body.

The mystic power did not create deadly wounds, but every portion of his body had been damaged in some capacity. Every cell of his composition had been injured, so the healing process was slow.

Han Sen asked Moment Queen to bring Little Silver to him, so he could recover faster.

Fortunately, Little Silver’s healing abilities were strong. And with Han Sen’s power, his body was able to recover over the course of the next hour.

The mystic power in the armor was still running, though, and it hadn’t stopped.

That wasn’t the end, though. After that day, even if Han Sen did not take the time to practice The Story of Genes, the mystic power would come out of him every two days. It would follow the same cycle and dole out the same treatment to Han Sen’s body. He’d consistently end up just as damaged.

Han Sen didn’t know what the Black Crystal armor wanted, but it looked as if it was letting him practice new skills. Han Sen tried many times. But after the Black Crystal armor was done floating inside him, he still wasn’t making any progress with The Story of Genes.

Han Sen felt his body develop strange, minute changes of some sort, but he couldn’t quite tell what they were.

After being damaged by the mystic power a mult.i.tude of times, Han Sen eventually got used to it. Although he could not practice with The Story of Genes, power did a little less damage every time it flushed through his body.

Half a month later, when the mystic power was again inside him, it tried to deal Han Sen pain, but it was no longer able to.

Ling Mei’er was going to Dark Spirit Shelter. Han Sen took Bao’er with him, keeping his ident.i.ty as a human that followed her lead.

Ling Mei’er had gotten used to Han Sen being his true self now. She had become the only other person to know Han Sen possessed the super king spirit mode.

Fortunately, she was naive and didn’t ever dare take a step into the outside world. She had come to trust Han Sen very much, and Han Sen returned that trust, believing she would not spill the beans on his secret.

Ling Mei’er rode the black and white Snake King, while Han Sen followed from behind. He did so in awe of the structures ahead of him.

The cave it resided in was so large, you could not even see the ceiling. There were cloud-like puffs of vapor decorating the air above, and Han Sen could see bits of the Holy Vine poking their heads through them.

In the center of the city, a pillar-like vine reached all the way up to the subterranean sky. It looked as if it really was supporting the world.

Many creatures and spirits walked around freely in that shelter. The spirits there were mostly of the Dark Spirit tribe.

Many creatures and Dark Spirits bowed before Ling Mei’er and the snake as she went. They all feared Snake King, and they were all jealous of Ling Mei’er.

“Han Sen!” As Han Sen followed Ling Mei’er through the shelter, he heard a surprising voice.

Han Sen thought the voice sounded familiar, and when he turned around, he wasn’t sure if he should be happy or worried.