Super Gene - Chapter 150: A Kiss

Chapter 150: A Kiss

Chapter 150: A Kiss

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Liu had checked Blackhawk’s record in Hand of G.o.d, which was quite impressive. And Li Yufeng, among others, was in the top 50 in the Alliance.

However, he had never heard of Han Sen. From the data he had collected, Han Sen was not even in the Hand of G.o.d Society.

Liu looked at Han Sen and ridiculed, "So, you must be much stronger than Li Yufeng at Hand of G.o.d?"

"Not much, but I could beat him by 20 points," Han Sen said.

Liu thought this student was not making any sense at all and gave up talking to him.

Fang Mingquan, on the other hand, was intrigued by Han Sen. He said with a smile, "It’s great that young people have confidence. When is your game? We will go cheer for you."

"I have not got the schedule yet, but I will be at almost all the warframe matches. You could come at any time." Han Sen swallowed the last bit of his food, stood up and said, "Please take your time. I will go back to rest now."

After Han Sen had walked away, Liu said, "The youth nowadays are really spoiled. He was just talking through his hat."

"I think it is a good thing. He has signed up for everything, which is much better than nothing," Fang Mingquan commented with a smile.

But Fang Mingquan did not take Han Sen’s words seriously. Archery Department had low entrance requirements to begin with, so students in that department were generally lacking in fitness. As a freshman from Archery Department and member of the infamous Heavy Warframe Society, Han Sen was not likely to be the champion of any warframe item.

Han Sen left the cafeteria and walked toward his dormitory. By chance, he saw Ji Yanran, who was also walking back to her dormitory.

"Hey!" Han Sen walked up quickly to greet her, since she was his girlfriend, technically.

Ji Yanran saw Han Sen and glanced at him sharply. Then she suddenly had an idea and put on a smile. "You always wanted to prove that you did not cheat. So, you must have signed up for Hand of G.o.d in Starry Cup?"

Han Sen sighed, "I was going to register for Hand of G.o.d, but the members of my society have all signed up for warframe items, so it seems that there is no chance for me to prove myself."

"Save it." Ji Yanran despised Han Sen, believing that he simply did not dare to partic.i.p.ate in Hand of G.o.d games.

"You are my girlfriend, so do you want to come and see my games?" Han Sen smiled and asked her.

"Enough with the nonsense," Ji Yanran said. "Which warframe items did you sign up for?"

"All of them, with one exception because of a time conflict."

"Why? You think this is like casting a net, the wider the better?" Ji Yanran was slightly curious.

"For the prizes. There are nearly ten items under the warframe category, which was the biggest of all. I could get several first places and easily earn ten million," Han Sen told the truth. He entered purely to get the rewards.

"Several first places? I don’t think you could even make top 10, let alone top 3," Ji Yanran questioned him.

"You are underestimating me again," Han Sen said helplessly.

"That’s called a.n.a.lyzing, not underestimating," Ji Yanran said with a smile.

"That’s fine. Since you think I cannot get any prize, then shall we make a bet?" proposed Han Sen.

"You want to cheat again?" Ji Yanran felt a bit uncertain when it came to Han Sen, since she still had not figured out how he had beaten the thin man and Li Yufeng in the cup game.

Li Yufeng was equally clueless when he thought about it afterwards.

"Missy, this is a school-wide game. What can I possibly do?" Han Sen really did not know why she had this stubborn impression of him being a cheater. For heaven’s sake, he had never cheated in front of Ji Yanran.

Ji Yanran suggested, "OK. I’m down. You just said you will take several first places in warframe items. I do not want to embarra.s.s you, so if you can get five first places in those items, consider yourself winning the bet."

"What do I get if I win?" Han Sen grinned and asked.

"If you can be the champion in five items, then you will be able to prove yourself, and I will keep my promise to be your girlfriend," Ji Yanran said with a smile, not believing he could get a single champions.h.i.+p.

"Not fair." Han Sen shook his head again and again.

"How so?" Ji Yanran was a bit annoyed.

"You are already my girlfriend, so the stake means nothing to me. You will have to kiss me if you lose, on the mouth, not cheeks." Han Sen then added, "It also must be completed within one day after the end of the game. The penalty for any delay is one kiss per extra day."

Ji Yanran was about to lose her temper before she suddenly smiled. "Alright. But if you are not champion in five items, then I will have to punish you as well. Do you disagree?"

"Any punishment you like. I will win anyway," said Han Sen confidently.

"Do not be so arrogant yet. We have to sign a contract, in case you deny it afterwards." Ji Yanran did not have pen or paper, so she said, "Come with me. We will print the contract out and both sign."

Ji Yanran led Han Sen to a self-service terminal and printed out two copies of the contract. She showed them to Han Sen. "Check if you agree with everything stated here. If you do, then sign it please."

Han Sen picked up the contract and carefully read it. It was a legally binding doc.u.ment and he was afraid she might set him up.

Fortunately, Ji Yanran did not think she would lose at all, so the contract was fair. If he lost, he just had to teach her how to do his trick in the cup game and make sure she can do it as well. Also, he would need to promise that he would never show up and talk to her without her permission.

After reading the contract, Han Sen hesitated because he was not sure if he could teach Sleeveblade to others, as it was from Gambler’s family, and he could not leak it without his approval.

Ji Yanran saw Han Sen’s hesitation and thought he got cold feet. She pouted and said, "You are scared now? Where did your arrogance go?"