Super Gene - Chapter 15: Selling Flesh

Chapter 15: Selling Flesh

Chapter 15: Selling Flesh

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Chapter 15 - Selling Flesh

Han Sen kept practicing Jadeskin and recovering after he returned home. Every two days he went to G.o.d’s Sanctuary to check on the copper-toothed beast.

It took the beast half a month from the time it swallowed the black crystal to become a mutant creature, but it was still the size of an ordinary copper-toothed beast, while the mutant copper-toothed beasts Han Sen had seen were twice that size. In addition to the size, the one he evolved into wasn’t much stronger either, not even close to a true mutant one.

Han Sen took out his alloy dagger and slashed the beast on the neck, but caused no damage at all. It was his dagger that chipped.

"So it is somewhat different from an ordinary one." Han Sen shapes.h.i.+fted into a b.l.o.o.d.y slayer and snapped its neck by force.

"Mutant copper-toothed beast killed. No beast soul gained. Eat its flesh to gain zero to ten mutant geno points."

The sound in his mind overjoyed Han Sen. It might look different than a wild mutant copper-toothed beast, but it was fine as long as it was indeed a mutant creature.

Now what was troubling him was how to sell this mutant copper-toothed beast. He really needed the money, or else he could just eat it to gain mutant geno points.

"It is too dangerous for me to sell it showing up as Dollar, now that the entire shelter is looking for him. But it would also be troublesome if I were to sell it using my own true ident.i.ty." Han Sen still decided to use Dollar’s name after some hesitation.

Su Xiaoqiao was depressed these days. Qin Xuan asked him to find Dollar, but he didn’t know Dollar any more than she did, so what was he supposed to do?

Early in the morning, Su Xiaoqiao was tripped by something and fell flat on his face.

"Who is this f*#ker that placed a stone in front of my room? He’s dead if I find out." Even more depressed than before, Xiaoqiao saw that there was something under the stone.

He took a closer look and found a note and a bundle. The note said, "Goods worth fifty thousand delivered. We are square. If you want more, come to Zephyr Valley tomorrow. Cash only."

Although there was no signature, a coin was drawn at the lower left corner, making clear who it was from.

"Dollar!" Su Xiaoqiao was thrilled but didn’t make a sound this time. Looking around and seeing no one, he took the bundle and note and closed the door.

Su Xiaoqiao carefully opened the bundle and saw a long strip of meat jerky the size of two or three bites.

Su Xiaoqiao chewed up the meat jerky and swallowed.

"Mutant copper-toothed beast flesh eaten. One mutant geno point gained."

The voice in his mind surprised Xiaoqiao, "Mutant copper-toothed beast fles.h.!.+ So it was hunted by Dollar? He must have more now that he asked me to bring cash to Zephyr Valley."

Thinking of this, he got even more excited that he could bring Qin Xuan’s message to Dollar and buy mutant flesh from him at the same time.

Early in the morning, Su Xiaoqiao set off to Zephyr Valley. He waited from early morning to noon but didn’t see Dollar coming.

"S*#t, he must have fooled me!" Su Xiaoqiao was so upset that he was preparing to leave, but then heard someone say, "You brought cash?"

Shocked, Su Xiaoqiao turned around and saw Dollar in golden armor emerging from below the ground.

"Brother, did you hide there all morning?" Su Xiaoqiao said, staring at Han Sen.

"I've been hiding here since last night. You know what’s going on right now, and I have to be careful," Han Sen said casually.

"I admire you Dollar, but you really have nothing to worry about. I’m so grateful you would sell me mutant flesh and would never betray you."

Su Xiaoqiao gave Han Sen the thumbs-up. It was incredible that he could stay underground for the whole night and the entire morning. It must have been so uncomfortable.

"Cut the c.r.a.p. Did you bring the money?" Han Sen pulled out another bundle from the pit where he was hiding and placed it in front of Xiaoqiao.

Su Xiaoqiao looked inside the bundle, which was full of the same meat jerky he had eaten yesterday. There must have been more than five pounds of it. He excitedly asked, "Dollar, did you make all this from the mutant copper-toothed beast?"

"Yep. An entire mutant copper-toothed beast is right here. Two million, and no bargaining," Han Sen said.

"Well, two million is fine." Su Xiaoqiao handed two stacks of ten-thousand notes to Han Sen, but doubted whether the entire beast was really there, as there should have been more meat.

Han Sen noticed his doubt, took the money and said, "This meat jerky is made in traditional ways, so it shrank a bit. Rest a.s.sured that the whole beast is here."

Han Sen made the copper-toothed beast into meat jerky so that no one would wonder why the beast was so tiny..

"Of course I trust you!" Su Xiaoqiao paused and said, "Dollar, you should know that I work for Qin Xuan. She has a message for you: she wants to buy the sacred-blood beast soul and golden axe you gained the other day, and she could offer you a good price."

"Oh, what is the price?" Han Sen was interested in selling the golden axe, as it was not that portable. He hadn’t found a chance to use it, so it was still buried.

"You will have to figure this out yourselves. I’m just the messenger," Su Xiaoqiao shrugged and said.

"If you meet with Qin Xuan, tell her if she really wants to buy it, she can name a price and you can bring it to me," Han Sen said lightly. It was too risky for her to meet Qin Xuan.