Super Gene - Chapter 1496 - It’s That Dollar

Chapter 1496 - It’s That Dollar

Chapter 1496: It’s That Dollar


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen conducted a few tests. When the arm s.h.i.+eld absorbed an impact, the gold word overbearing would show up and the inflicted force would be repelled by the spellwork of that word.

“That’s scary. The arm s.h.i.+eld has a powerful anti-shock conductivity. This is much stronger than any defensive armor.” Han Sen was satisfied with the arm s.h.i.+eld. Its only con was its weight. If it reached a certain size, Han Sen would not even be able to move it.

Han Sen brought Bao’er out of the water with him. Then, the two followed the river. They walked all the way to Mask Shelter, and fortunately, they suffered no more trouble in their journey back.

Ling Mei’er seemed to have been fine all along, and she was happy to see Han Sen return.

Moment Queen told Han Sen there had been a commotion in the shelter. Someone held a grudge against Ling Mei’er, but when trouble arose, Moment Queen was able to sort it out and keep things running. For the time being, there was nothing concerning going on.

Han Sen hadn’t been home in a while, so he went back to the Alliance with Bao’er. Han Sen couldn’t wait to see Littleflower again.

“Littleflower, did you miss Dad?” Han Sen picked up Littleflower and kissed his cheek. He still wasn’t able to talk.

“You haven’t been back in a long time. It’s been so long, Littleflower will have a hard time recognizing you,” Ji Yanran complained.

“That’s because I had some business to take care of. I can stay with you and Littleflower now, at least for a while.” Han Sen made plans to stay in the Alliance for a time. He’d also be able to examine all the fruits of his labor.

“Good. I need to select a school for Littleflower to attend. The Tang family built a kindergarten. I’ve heard good things about it. Many demi-G.o.ds choose to send their kids there, so maybe we should go check it out sometime,” Ji Yanran said.

“How old is Littleflower? You’re already s.h.i.+pping him off to school?” Han Sen looked at Ji Yanran with mild shock.

“Education is best started young. We’ll only go and take a look at first. If the place checks out, we can send him there in a couple of years, when he’s three years old.” Ji Yanran thought about it some more, and then went on to say, “You and Tang Zhenliu are good friends, aren’t you? Maybe you should give him a nudge about this, and the teachers can give a bit more attention and care to Littleflower.”

Han Sen told her, “It’s still early. Let’s cross this bridge when we come to it.”

“No! We can’t get lazy when it comes to Littleflower. And since you’ll now be resting at home, let me conclude some business of my own. When I’m done, we’ll take Littleflower to the school and see if he likes it there.” Ji Yanran was speaking with a tone of seriousness. She was beginning to sound obsessive.

“But he’s still so young. Who knows if he’ll like it?” Han Sen wasn’t really sure how to respond to her.

“Human instincts are most accurate when we’re children. We should go now!”

Han Sen started to say something, but Ji Yanran gave him a painful stare. Han Sen quickly changed what he was going to say and told her, “Okay! We’ll go later. Littleflower’s education is important.”

But Han Sen, inside, was thinking, “Does my son really need to go to school to learn stuff? It would be good enough if he just went there to make friends. With his fitness, even if he entered the sanctuaries at this age, he could crawl around and kill super creatures.”

“I wonder if Littleflower can access the sanctuary now? Or does the rule of being a normal human, being of the age of sixteen, still apply? Oh well, maybe it’s not necessary just yet. He should enjoy the few short years of his childhood first. He can go there when he’s grown up a little.” Han Sen didn’t plan on making Littleflower a fighter like his father was. It was Littleflower’s life, and Han Sen was happy to let him dictate his own course.

Han Sen rested at home for about two days, and when boredom hit, he decided to return to the sanctuary. He didn’t go hunting, though. He went into the Geno Core Storage that was in the shelter.

Real Blood, Crystal Core, and Bulwark Umbrella were all silver cla.s.s geno cores. Only Coin had yet to be reinforced nine times. Han Sen planned on reinforcing it.

As he had come to expect, after testing Coin, it leapfrogged to first place in the Bronze Geno Core Storage’s ranking.

By this point, the spirits and creatures were numb to this happening. Too many powerful geno cores had appeared, as of late. Coin’s appearance, while it may have been surprising, wasn’t as shocking as it had been before.

But the name Coin shocked humans far more than when Bulwark Umbrella, Real Blood, and Crystal Core appeared. Humans thought those names were geno cores for spirits or creatures, but Coin was making people think about the enigmatic Dollar.

“Do you think Coin might be Dollar?”

“I’m pretty sure it’s Dollar.”

“You guys are naive to think this, just because his t.i.tle is Dollar and his geno core is called Coin. My t.i.tle is Lady’s Friend, but I don’t have a geno core a.s.sociated with pretty women.”

“Your name is Lady’s Friend. You should probably summon an old woman with your geno core. Pah! As if you’d ever summon a young, pretty woman.”

“I’m pretty sure it is Dollar’s geno core. It’s a geno core that reached first place in the test, and we know Dollar is simply too strong.”

“There is no way this is Dollar! He’s strong, but he can’t be that strong.”

The humans bickered and argued about this. Many claimed it was Dollar, many others claimed it wasn’t. It became a hot topic of discussion in the Alliance.

But no one knew who Dollar really was, either. And a human in the Bronze Geno Core Storage had never made it to the top ten before. No one could challenge Coin to find out.

Some spirits and creatures wanted to challenge Coin, of course, but Han Sen did not accept any requests.

If he couldn’t get to silver in a month, only then would he consider a battle.

Han Sen exited the Geno Core Storage. Then, he used Crystal Core as his key for re-entry. He let Crystal Core conduct a test to confirm its ranking.

As expected, Crystal Core once again made it to the first place in the silver test. Crystal Core becoming the number one silver geno core was not too surprising. Many people expected this would happen.

Now they were hoping to see Real Blood, Bulwark Umbrella, and Coin make the leap. They had all jumped to the first rank before. So, people were keen to wonder which one of those would become first and maintain the first rank.

Han Sen didn’t level up his others yet, though. They could wait, as he didn’t want to draw any more unnecessary attention.

The geno core ranking wasn’t everything. The strength of a geno core was still dependent on the master that wielded it, as geno cores and their abilities were just tools to be used. Han Sen did not put much stock in the simple rankings, though. Without a proper fight, it wasn’t convincing enough.

A few days later, Ji Yanran concluded her business. She brought Bao’er and Littleflower to the kindergarten on Planet Gunat.

Once you were three years old, you could enter the kindergarten proper. Littleflower had a long time to go before then, so for now, he was just visiting.