Super Gene - Chapter 1494 - Fight Between a Fish and a Crab

Chapter 1494 - Fight Between a Fish and a Crab

Chapter 1494: Fight Between a Fish and a Crab


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It wasn’t easy, suffering that first barrage of lightning. It had damaged the Bulwark Umbrella, covering it in cracks. The crab, seeing that Han Sen was not dead, swung its pincers to provoke the eel more.

The eel became even angrier, and it fired an even greater discharge of lightning towards the crab.

Han Sen prepared himself, raising himself up from the crab’s back. If he tried to weather the next attack, it wouldn’t just be the umbrella that would be burned to cinders—Han Sen would be, too.

Han Sen simply took off from the crab’s back. The crab whipped around, following Han Sen with its pincers to finish him off. But Han Sen transformed into the Alien Beast and became a scaleless white snake in the water. He dodged the crab’s pincers.

The Alien Beast’s body lent itself well to underwater maneuverability. Its speed in the water was far greater than Han Sen’s natural body. Unfortunately, it still wasn’t as fast as the crab.

Han Sen wasn’t in a rush to flee just yet, however. He grabbed Bao’er and went to the side of the eel. The big crab caught up, really wanting to kill Han Sen. The eel thought the crab was actually coming after it, though. The lightning appeared once more, headed for the crab again.

Han Sen kept circling around the eel to stay out of harm’s way, but the eel was getting angrier and angrier in its failed attacks against the crab. The lightning it expelled was getting stronger.

In the end, the eel became very infuriated. It spat out a ball of thunder that was as bright as a sun. It landed on the crab, prompting the crab’s hair to stand on end. The creature’s sh.e.l.l was wholly blackened.

The crab had been provoking the eel to kill Han Sen, but now that the eel had actually wounded the crab, the crab itself lost its temper with the eel. The crab quit chasing Han Sen and went for the eel instead.

Both of them fought there, beneath the sea. The seawater rolled like mad. Han Sen used this opportunity to return to the surface, shoot out of the water, and transform back into a human while airborne.

As Han Sen hung in the air, he saw major waves kicking up from the depths of the sea. The blue lightning in the water was lighting up their entire surroundings for some distance. Han Sen saw some gold light amidst it, too, which was the gold word on the crab’s back: overbearing.

The two beasts were fighting like crazy, but Han Sen wasn’t in a rush to leave. From his airborne position, he watched the two fight.

“D*mn crab! Don’t let me find the opportunity to kill you.” Han Sen watched them in the air, planning how he might execute a sneak-attack to kill the crab whenever the time was right.

After a while, Han Sen noticed that while the eel was strong, it still couldn’t compete with the gold-patterned crab. It was at a disadvantage, and the situation was slowly getting worse for it.

“It is no wonder he provoked the eel. The creature is weaker than the crab itself.” Han Sen was annoyed. He wanted to find the chance for an easy kill, but more than anything, he really just wanted to see the crab dead.

Seeing the cruel crab’s face, Han Sen realized that even if the eel died, he wouldn’t be able to get anything. If Han Sen didn’t run, though, the crab would only return its attention to Han Sen once the battle with the eel was over.

Han Sen felt as if leaving now would be wasting an opportunity. So, he thought it over in his mind and decided to summon his b.u.t.terfly geno core and draw Taia. When he found his chance, he swung his red sword towards the crab.

But the red light did nothing to the creature. The water extinguished some of its power, unfortunately, and the attack did not even leave a light scratch on its back.

Han Sen didn’t give up, though. He used his sword to attack the crab again, whenever he had the chance. He attacked it in a number of different spots, trying to expose a possible weakspot.

The results were disappointing, ultimately. No matter which region of its sh.e.l.l Han Sen struck, its edges or even its eyes, nothing seemed to deal damage.

“No way there’s no weakspot. It there isn’t, this thing could very well be invincible!” Han Sen frowned and returned to watch it.

The crab’s pincers left a lot of marks and wounds on the eel, but the eel’s body was very tough, almost as if it had been made out of diamond. There was no blood, and it was still able to remain upright in its fight against the crab.

The eel was damaged by the crab again. The eel retaliated by suddenly spitting lightning that went through the crab’s eye. It pierced directly through its eyeball.

Han Sen was shocked. He looked at where the lightning hit and saw a diamond-tipped arrow that had been carried by electricity. It looked rather beautiful.

The crab, with its eye gouged by the lightning, let out a fierce squeal. Its pincer grabbed the diamond arrow and pulled it out. The pincer had been able to break a king spirit’s super geno core, but it couldn’t cut the arrow. The crab had no choice but to pull it out and just toss it into the sea.

The diamond arrow then flew back to the eel’s mouth by its own volition. Then, then eel fired the same arrow out again, aiming for the crab’s other eye.

The crab was visibly afraid of this diamond arrow. It stared at the arrow intently as the weapon flew towards it, then caught the arrow in mid-flight with its pincer. The crab didn’t throw it away this time, though. He went to attack the eel with just one pincer, as his other remained occupied with clutching the arrow.

The diamond arrow was unable to get free, putting the eel at a disadvantage once more. The eel hadn’t used the diamond arrow earlier because it hadn’t thought the arrow would do anything to the crab. It was very difficult finding an opportunity in which it could strike the creature in its eye. But despite that one strike earlier, nothing seemed to change.

Han Sen noticed the crab had been blinded in one eye, though. It was bleeding.

“Strange. The crab should be able to heal rather swiftly. Why has the wound in its eye not healed yet? Is its healing ability simply slow? Or has the arrow stopped that?” Han Sen wondered.

Whatever the reason, Han Sen was given a dash of hope.

Han Sen took a thoughtful breath and dived into the water. He became a white snake before swimming down towards the crab. He watched underwater for a while, then found a chance in which he could land on the crab’s back.

After landing down on the crab’s back, Han Sen returned to his human form. He drew Taia and carefully crawled down beside the crab’s eye.

The crab was fighting the eel, and it hadn’t noticed Han Sen there. So, he was able to raise his sword. Taia, covered in the G.o.d geno core’s red light, was plunged deep into the crab’s wounded left eye.

The wounded eye’s defense wasn’t very strong. The red light pierced through it, and Taia sank almost entirely into the damaged left eye.

The crab was in agony, and it swung its pincers around in a mad bid to get Han Sen. But already, Han Sen had pulled the sword out and retreated to the spot on the creature’s back where it was safe, and its claws couldn’t get him.

The crab’s eye was bleeding like mad, and it looked to be in very bad condition.