Super Gene - Chapter 1492 - Gold-Patterned Crab

Chapter 1492 - Gold-Patterned Crab

Chapter 1492: Gold-Patterned Crab


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

The five spirits that were closing in on Han Sen were in a hurry. Under the buffs of the b.u.t.terfly geno core, Han Sen’s speed and power made him just as strong as them. His movement was strange, and when the five of them surrounded him, they felt that their powers were suppressed and unusable.

Many times they thought they were going to hit Han Sen, but their strikes would end up being deflected by an attack coming from one of their own. Try as they might, they couldn’t hit him.


There was an explosion. The Elysium Cauldron blew up, and the king spirit holding it was sent flying away, spewing blood.

The big crab leaped after the spirit through the subsiding fires. It snapped one of its pincers closed on the spirit, immediately cutting him in half.

“It’s out!” Han Sen was so happy.

The faces of the five Elysium spirits changed. Before they could react any further, the crab was rus.h.i.+ng over to them with a gold word emblazoned across its back.

Han Sen was shocked. The word written on the dark purple sh.e.l.l was from an ancient language, and it gleamed as if it had been st.i.tched onto the sh.e.l.l with gold. Han Sen had studied ancient texts before, so he quickly remembered that the word meant “overbearing.”

“Where did that word come from? Is that the crab’s geno core?” As Han Sen pondered its nature, the crab moved forward to attack one of the king spirits.

That king spirit had been holding a sword geno core, and with Elysium power, he repeatedly whacked the incoming pincer.


With his last hit, the king spirit broke his geno core across the pincer. Blood flew from his mouth right before he fell into the grasp of the crab’s pincers. He too was snapped in half.

The crab inscribed with the word overbearing really was overbearing. The king spirit’s geno core, and his armor, had been cut in half easily. It was scary.

Han Sen didn’t dare watch, as it was too frightening for him to see. If the crab could so easily sunder super geno cores, it had to be a berserk super creature.

Han Sen grabbed Bao’er and ran, but the other king spirits were running too. Shortly after, the crab’s kill-tally had mounted to four, and only two spirits were still trying to scramble away.

But the big crab did not go after those remaining king spirits; it had instead chosen to go after Han Sen.

“Sh*t! Why are you going for me and not them?” Han Sen felt depressed.

Han Sen thought he could pick up a few easy kills, but that idea was now out the window. All he wanted to do at this point was run.

The crab was faster than the king spirits were, and with its claws dragging across the rocks, it caught up to Han Sen with ease. Han Sen realized he had lost the king spirits, but this threat was an even greater trouble.

“Daddy, you can do it!” Bao’er continued to support Han Sen.

Han Sen wanted to cry as he ran, and he said, “You are my good daughter.”

The human and the crab ran the length of the Underworld, and no matter how he tried, Han Sen couldn’t shake off his tail. He tried using the labyrinthic pa.s.sages and complex routes to escape the crab.

Eventually, Han Sen proceeded through a tunnel that was too small for the crab. But that didn’t keep him safe for long, for when the crab came through, it brought down the walls to get to him. The few-meter walls were torn down as if they were paper.

Han Sen kept running, but he eventually found himself at a dead-end. There was a wall up ahead that was sealing the cave. Han Sen gritted his teeth and used Taia to slash. He wanted to be like the crab and bring the wall down so he could proceed.

With the G.o.d geno core’s buff, Han Sen’s sword glowed red. His strike managed to create a cleft in the stone that was a few meters deep. But Han Sen was disheartened. His strike hadn’t gotten to the other side of the wall, and how thick that wall might have been, he did not know.

Han Sen stood in front of the wall as the crab behind him bulldozed through stone. The two-meter cave had doubled. As the walls behind him were turned into rubble, the crab was only twenty meters away from him.

Han Sen clenched his jaw and swung his sword at the same spot he had previously. He managed to go a few meters deeper this time, but he was still striking stone.

“Sh*t! Is this entirely solid? Is there nothing behind this?” Han Sen was getting frustrated. The big crab was already behind him, and its pincers were swinging wildly around. Their length covered the extent of the tunnel, robbing Han Sen of the ability to dodge.

“It looks like I’ll have to just take a chance.” There was no turning back right now, and so Han Sen summoned a beast soul.

The beast soul was like a scaleless snake. Its body was very strange. It was the super beast soul Han Sen had received from Alien Beast.

Super Alien Beast beast soul: Shapes.h.i.+ft Type

After the Alien Beast combined with Han Sen, Han Sen became a white, scaleless snake. He slithered like an eel.

The b.u.t.terfly geno core was pocketed for the time being, and Han Sen used his Alien Beast form to writhe around the cave until he became paper-thin. Then, he moved against the wall and slithered straight past the pincers.

Alien Beast had low defense and not much power, but its body could take on a bunch of different shapes. That made it quite useful.

Han Sen, with Bao’er, evaded the pincer. The Alien Beast beast soul had thinned, squeezing through the minor gap.

But the crab was difficult to deal with. The sharp pincers were still taking aim at Han Sen. He had to change direction, and he missed the chance to escape.

The crab moved its pincers and claws and continued to attack Han Sen. He used Alien Beast to become thin and short to dodge it. But this couldn’t go on for long, and if he got hit once, he’d undoubtedly die. He had to find a way out of this predicament and escape.

Han Sen looked at the big crab and decided he’d go under it. The ma.s.s of its body had blocked the exit, but there was a minor gap directly below the crab’s belly.

Unfortunately, the belly was the crab’s strongest point, and its claws could easily reach there. But still, he went for the gap. The claws responded quickly, blocking his escape from that direction, and he lurched back.

Han Sen bit down on his teeth and jumped up. He became a thin, paper-like figure that stuck itself to the crab’s belly like a sticker.

The crab was incredibly smart, though. It brought its own belly down on the ground, trying to crush Han Sen and Bao’er against the floor of the cave.

The thin, snake-like body crawled across the crab, and when the crab’s belly whacked the ground, Han Sen had already brought Bao’er to its back. He was on top of where the gold overbearing word had appeared.