Super Gene - Chapter 1469 - Heavy Armor

Chapter 1469 - Heavy Armor

Chapter 1469: Heavy Armor


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

“What’s going on? You and I both have a silver geno core?” Han Sen looked at the green-clothed woman with surprise. This geno core storage looked very different.

“I told you, this geno core storage has received some modifications. We’re in a different sort of Geno Battleground, and in here, any and all geno core levels can gather. Your silver geno core will be brutally murdered here, though.” The woman slightly raised her lips.

“What is your geno core’s level?” Han Sen smiled.

“Mine is gemstone. I only need a little bit more juice to level it up to super.” The woman sounded

Han Sen was able to predict this state of affairs, though. Her fitness was similar to his, so it was very likely she had a gemstone geno core.

Han Sen did not step out of the teleporter, though. He wanted to go back with his umbrella.

He had finished the task of waking up the holy child, so Gu Qingcheng had no reason to want him dead. If he returned and spoke to her, perhaps he’d be allowed to leave Elysium Shelter now. If she really wasn’t going to let him, he’d come right back.

But Han Sen noticed the teleporter wasn’t doing anything. It was like it had been broken, refusing to send him back.

“Don’t waste your time. You can’t get out unless you find the Geno Core Tablet. Unfortunately, the Geno Core Tablet is near a dangerous place. Many elites like camping there, so they can kill any who try to leave,” the woman said coldly.

“That’s bothersome.” Han Sen frowned.

The woman smiled. “Now do you regret not listening to me, when I told you it was time for us to run?”

Han Sen laughed, looked right at her, and said, “Well, now that we’re partners, for the time being, how about you tell me your name? I can’t keep calling you, you, you, you.”

“Pah! Who would think of partnering up with such a wimp? If your geno core wasn’t such a low level, I’d just kill you and take it for myself. It’s not even worth the effort,” the green-clothed woman said, then kept walking.

Han Sen didn’t take offense, so he just followed after her.

If she truly wanted Han Sen dead, he wagered she wouldn’t have exited the stone right as Ghost Moon was about to kill him. It also took a while for Han Sen to teleport in. She had obviously waited, and if she cared that little about him, she could’ve been long gone by now.

“Even if we’re not partners, I should still know your name. It’s horrible to keep calling you, you, you.” Han Sen stopped by her side and turned towards her.

“Elysian Moon,” the woman said with a wintry tone.

“Elysian Moon? That’s a very good name. It’s as bright as the black-perched comfort the moon provides.” Han Sen smiled.

The green-clothed woman just stared at him. “It’s Elysian. It still bears an a.s.sociation to the Elysium.”

“Elysian Moon. Elysian Moon.” Han Sen said it twice. “That sounds similar to Ghost Moon.”

“She copied my name, but we’re nothing alike.” Elysian Moon smirked.

Han Sen continued following her. It sounded as if she didn’t like Han Sen, but she still seemed content to walk alongside him. She was a very different person now, not like the quiet person who originally inhabited the painting.

They continued to speak as they walked, but Elysian Moon spent the entire time mocking Han Sen. Repeatedly, he had to just laugh it off.

They crossed over a mountain, then stopped, looking at each other. Elysian Moon turned to look over a nearby valley. “Come on out! If you wish to kill us, cowardly from the shadows is a bad idea.”

As her voice echoed back out of the valley, the heavy sound of footsteps followed it out, bouncing off the gulches of the valley.

They saw a minotaur, decked out in heavy armor. It had a ruby spear, and its eyes were red, too.

“It’s a Geno Battle Soul,” Elysian Moon said, finger pointing at the minotaur.

“What is a Geno Battle Soul?” Han Sen asked.

“The creatures that occupy the Geno Battleground count as geno cores themselves. Killing them will strengthen your own.” Elysian Moon paused. “But Geno Battle Souls are rare, and they’re always at least gold level. This one, however, looks gemstone cla.s.s. Killing it is sure to increase my geno core.”

Elysian Moon swung her umbrella and rushed forward to engage the minotaur.


The umbrella and the spear collided against one-another, instigating a fearsome mixture of terrifying power that generated shockwaves. The impacts tore apart the ground, leaving them fighting in a deep crater.

In the next second, Elysian Moon opened her umbrella. As it spun in her hands, a phantom force of suction began to pull the minotaur towards it.

The minotaur tried to resist and pull itself away, but it was unable to get free. It was vacuumed in.

When the minotaur was sucked inside, she stopped spinning her umbrella. Han Sen saw the umbrella, and on it, he now saw the picture of a heavy armor-clad minotaur. It looked disturbingly alive.

No. It really was alive.

“So powerful. If she used that ability when we last fought, perhaps I could have suffered the same fate as the minotaur.” Han Sen was shocked.

Han Sen’s heart sank, and he again thought to himself, “It is an umbrella geno core, but why can mine only offer protection? I hope it has developed some new abilities, now that it has reached silver.”

Han Sen looked at his umbrella, which was now a silver core. There didn’t seem to be any changes, and its color was still standard black.

As Han Sen eyed the geno core, more footsteps began to resonate from the valley. It wasn’t just one minotaur.

The footsteps were rapid, and it sounded as if there were thousands of the creatures. This was confirmed when they saw many more pouring out of the valley.

“Didn’t you say Geno Battle Souls are rare? What do you call this?!” Han Sen’s face changed. No matter how strong he was, he couldn’t face an entire army of those minotaurs.

“That’s just what I heard off another spirit.” Even Elysian Moon looked disheartened.

Han Sen turned around and started to run. Elysian Moon followed, and she was just as quick as him. The minotaurs were all wielding ruby spears as they gave chase.