Super Gene - Chapter 1467 - Another Geno Battleground

Chapter 1467 - Another Geno Battleground

Chapter 1467: Another Geno Battleground


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

The minor issue mentioned by the green-clothed woman was a berserk super creature guarding the spirit statue.

The green-clothed woman could send Han Sen to the spirit hall with ease, but Han Sen would have to slay the beast in order to grab the stone that was embedded in the statue’s forehead.

According to her, the berserk super creature had resided in the shelter since before the Elysium elders perished.

Over the years, the berserk super creature had only become stronger and stronger. Its power was immense, and with that thing guarding the spirit statue, Han Sen didn’t fancy his chances.

Even after inquiring about the berserk super creature’s powers and abilities, he wasn’t entirely sure whether or not if he should agree.

“Let me think about it.” Han Sen didn’t reject the offer outright.

“You don’t have much time to dwell on this. When Gu Qingcheng returns, this opportunity will be gone,” the woman said.

“Just let me think for a moment.” Han Sen was still not convinced.

Han Sen was smart. He knew the limits and extent of his own capabilities well. He knew squaring-off against a berserk super creature for a spirit stone was a fool’s errand for someone of his strength.

The only way Han Sen would be able to grab the spirit stone was if he entered the spirit hall completely undetected and remained out of sight.

The green-clothed woman did not rush Han Sen to make a decision. “Do you know what Gu Qingcheng went to do?”

“Do you know?” Han Sen knew she was being rhetorical.

The woman said, “You have entered the geno core storage, haven’t you? Do you know about the geno core battleground?”

“Of course.” Han Sen nodded.

“There are two different types of geno core battlegrounds. You have only seen one. There is another type that requires a special geno core storage to enter,” the woman explained.

“Are you saying Gu Qingcheng went to another geno core battleground? What is she doing there?” Han Sen asked.

The woman quietly told him, “It is called Geno Battleground, but this one is a battleground for combatants to claim the geno cores of others.”

“What does that mean?” Han Sen frowned.

“The demi-G.o.ds that enter this battleground can kill their opponents and claim their geno cores. Geno cores grow quickly in that place, and they can level up quite fast,” the green-clothed woman said.

“There’s a place like this? How can I get there?” Han Sen asked with shock.

“To enter a Geno Battleground, you first need an access point for the geno core storage. But it has to be a special geno core storage access point. Gu Qingcheng left so she could modify her own geno core storage to allow this. When I wake up, she will force me into this battleground and make me level up quickly.”

“Does this benefit her in any way?” Han Sen asked quietly.

“I don’t know, but you are my priest and you must go with me. There is a high chance you will be killed in such a place,” the woman said.

“Why? I think you’re weaker than me.” Han Sen laughed.

The green-clothed woman reb.u.t.ted, “If I die in there, I can revive via my spirit stone. If you die, you die. How’s that for a comparison?”

“I understand.” Han Sen bore a wry smile and shook his head.

“If you don’t want to be forced into the Geno Battleground, this is the only way to avoid that. If you take my spirit stone, I will help you escape Elysium Shelter,” the woman said.

“But there is a berserk super creature there. Even if I did grab your spirit stone from the statue, getting out would be a different matter entirely. When I take the stone, you won’t be able to control the shelter anymore. You won’t be able to zap me out, and I’ll have that berserk super creature breathing down my neck.”

“Who said I can’t? If I can’t do something that simple, what’s the point of me being referred to as a holy child?” The volume of her voice dropped then, and she said, “I have an escape route. Grab the stone, and I’ll get you out of that hall.”

“Let me think about it.” Although Han Sen was tempted, he didn’t entirely believe her. They were still practically strangers, and Han Sen didn’t know her too well.

“Wimp,” the woman said, then stopped talking. Her mood soured, and she looked mad.

Han Sen cared little about upsetting her, though. He would rather go to the Geno Battleground to level up his geno core than risk his life by infiltrating the spirit hall.

Over the next few days, though, she tried many times to convince Han Sen to change his mind and get the spirit stone for her. He eventually ignored all mentions of the subject.

She knew Han Sen was not willing to risk this for her, and her att.i.tude eventually took a turn. After a while, she ignored him completely.

When Gu Qingcheng returned and noticed that Han Sen had actually stayed in the garden, she smiled. “You didn’t disappoint me. You really are the heir of Han Jinzhi. You two might always lie to others, but you never allow yourselves to be tricked, either.”

“My grandfather is Han Jinzhi, but he was only a small officer. He’s not the one you keep referring to.” Han Sen sighed.

Han Sen had picked up on one thing for sure; something had happened between Han Jinzhi and Gu Qingcheng. That was why Gu Qingcheng didn’t like Han Sen very much. It probably boiled down to him being a descendant of Han Jinzhi.

Gu Qingcheng looked at Han Sen with disdain and said, “Don’t talk c.r.a.p. That old fox might be able to fool others, but I’m the only one he never could. You didn’t get tricked by the holy child into doing something stupid, however. Not bad.”

“You know she is awake, don’t you?” Han Sen asked Gu Qingcheng.

She nodded and said, “It is best not to believe anything she says. Otherwise, you’ll end up dead before you know it, without a clue how it came about.”

“Then, what were you doing while you were away from the shelter?” Han Sen asked.

“Modifying the emperor cla.s.s geno core storage. I required a rare geno component. I was the only one in Elysium Shelter who could retrieve it.” Gu Qingcheng actually looked happy. “The geno core storage’s modifications should be finished soon. Then, you may enter with the holy child.”

“At least the woman in the painting didn’t lie about this,” Han Sen thought to himself.