Super Gene - Chapter 1464 - A Sword Skill That Can Change a Lot

Chapter 1464 - A Sword Skill That Can Change a Lot

Chapter 1464: A Sword Skill That Can Change a Lot


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

There many pretty women in the world, but the prettiest one had to be the mystic woman.

The face of the woman before him was the very same as hers. Even her eyes and her eyebrows were the same as the mystic woman’s. For all intents and purposes, they were identical.

“Are you playing with me?” Han Sen frowned, looking at the green-clothed woman.

The green-clothed woman did not respond, and she merely used her umbrella like a sword. Then, she cast Heart Sword, the technique she had learned from Han Sen.

The skill’s performance flowed like water, driven through a pa.s.sion of hatred and overwhelming sadness.

Han Sen used Taia to block the umbrella, but it kept on coming at him. He had to keep stepping back, clearly at a disadvantage.

Han Sen wondered, after seeing her performance, whether the mystic woman used a sword too. Regardless, she was obscenely powerful. He had even witnessed her slaying mighty super creatures in a single strike. She was far stronger than Han Sen, whatever the case might have been.

The green-clothed woman used Heart Sword, but her speed and power were definitely inferior to the mystic woman’s abilities. Her power was comparable to Han Sen’s, and performance-wise, you wouldn’t think she and the mystic woman were the same person.

The green-clothed woman kept on attacking, though, not giving Han Sen the opportunity to catch his breath.

Han Sen used Taia and attacked back with his own Heart Sword.

It was different than the green-clothed woman’s Heart Sword. Han Sen’s display of the skill was strong. There were rhythm and order to it all, despite it also looking like he was messing around. He struck at her during every crucial opportunity he was offered, catching her by complete surprise every time.

The green-clothed woman boxed Han Sen into a corner on a number of occasions. But in every single instance of this, he was able to slip away and send her reeling into a dangerous spot of her own.

Not long after, she realized she was the one at a disadvantage. She was being suppressed by Han Sen.

She wanted to fight back, but Han Sen was always there. Seeing her sword skills getting suppressed, she found it more and more difficult to maintain her combination of hatred and sadness.

“Are you that woman?” Han Sen was the one with the advantage now, and so he was in the position to ask questions.

When Han Sen said this, though, he noticed it wasn’t a very good question. He didn’t even know what the woman’s name was, after all. Phrasing such a question, in the heat of such a moment, wasn’t easy to do.

The green-clothed woman did not speak. She changed the skill she was employing via the umbrella into one he had never seen before.

After that, the green-clothed woman regained her advantage. The tables had turned once more, and it was Han Sen who was being suppressed.

This sword skill was very different than Heart Sword. This skill was so free, it was reminiscent of the clouds in the sky. It was impossible to determine how she would strike and from where.

If Han Sen’s skills were all pre-determined and set, then the woman’s skills were undefined and always changing.

Her sword skills were so free. They looked complex and complicated, almost as if they were composed on the spot. But there was a thread of unity and clarity underlining it all, as if was not a random composition. She used this skill, whatever it was, very well.

No matter how Han Sen struck, the woman was able to block each and every time. He thought he could break her attacks, but it looked surprisingly dangerous to risk it.

“This is so powerful. Who can have a brain that smart; one that can produce such a complicated skill?” Han Sen was taken aback by her performance of this.

Han Sen had mastered Heavenly Go and the Dongxuan Sutra, so he was very good at predicting the enemy. But seeing this skill now, even he was thrown for a loop. The constant changes in the skill were striking, and difficult to decipher and keep up with.

The movements of this skill were never expected.

Han Sen was losing, but he was not afraid. In fact, he was quite happy. He realized there weren’t any other sword skills out there that were more suitable to him than this.

With his Dongxuan Sutra and Heavenly Go, this skill was perfect for him. It’d be the exact sort of technique he’d need; one that could constantly change and flow.

Han Sen waved Taia, not wanting to beat her. He just wanted to see how far and broad the changes of that skill could go.

The skill didn’t disappoint him. The possible alterations were endless and limitless.

Han Sen kept on fighting her, and as he did so, he thought about the changes and possibilities.

There were so many changes, Han Sen was unable to remember them all. He had to find the rule or algorithm that dictated the changes that were possible if he wanted to learn the skill properly and in secret.

Han Sen watched her for so long, but this rule escaped him. He couldn’t figure it out, and the constant changes made it seem as if she had combined every skill in the entire world into one. It was as if she was using every sword skill ever created.

“This is a good skill. Who could possibly be smart enough to create this technique?” Han Sen admired it a lot.

He didn’t think the woman had made the skill herself because when he saw her use Heart Sword, she didn’t look like a very generous person. This wasn’t a matter of talent; if you weren’t a generous being, you simply couldn’t create a skill like this.


The tip of the umbrella made contact with Han Sen. It produced a wound that bled.

“Good skill. What is the name of it? Who created it?” Han Sen used Taia again to strike, and he risked his life to do it. It made the green-clothed woman, who thus far had the advantage, stagger back a little. It kept Han Sen in the game.

“Why? Am I not capable of creating this?” the green-clothed woman asked. Her hands did not stop moving, and her ever-changing sword skill went back to suppressing Han Sen.

“This is not a skill for women. Only a man with a generous heart could create something like this.” Han Sen kept on swinging Taia to fend off the changing sword skill.

When the green-clothed woman heard Han Sen say this, her face changed. The umbrella raged with powerful attacks now, more than ever.

Han Sen was. .h.i.t again, and the blood from the wound splashed his face.

Under the constant barrage of attacks he was facing, this was the sixth strike that had nicked him. But Han Sen didn’t feel much pain. He was more excited than ever.

And it was then that, through the woman’s blitzing rage, Han Sen saw a unifying thread that connected the entire skill.