Super Gene - Chapter 1452 - Shell King

Chapter 1452 - Shell King

Chapter 1452: Sh.e.l.l King


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

There was a wall behind Han Sen that was a few hundred meters long. And suddenly, a large crack had developed horizontally across it. It was like a crevice to h.e.l.l, and a red light bled out from its opening, as if it was ready to swallow all that gazed upon it.

The wall was a giant Stonesh.e.l.l, and the mini Han Sen had previously been dealing with were all fixed to its body.

The giant Stonesh.e.l.l King opened up its few-hundred-meter-long body, and the meat that swiftly flooded out was like a tidal wave.

Han Sen was unable to dodge, and he soon found himself tongue-tied.

The Redhead Cricket was also snared, and the two were dragged back toward the sh.e.l.l.

There was a liquid coating the meat, and it worked like an adhesive. It prevented the Redhead Cricket from escaping. The cricket used its ruby-colored saw to try to shred its way free.

The ruby saw was surprisingly effective, too, as it chipped away much of the meat holding it in place. But more of that meat came from elsewhere, catching the ruby saw.

Like a grinder, the saw began to spin, but it was soon clogged. The meat came in from behind and slowed it down more and more until it was jammed and rendered ineffective.

Han Sen waved Taia at the meat that had grabbed hold of him, and he got himself free.

The liquid did not work on Han Sen’s super king spirit body.

As quick as he could, Han Sen gripped Bao’er tighter and tried flying away to get out of that cave. But the water-like flesh tried to stop and consume them once more.

Han Sen dodged as best as he could, but he was eventually grabbed by the meat.

The meat was like a sleeping bag, and it managed to wrap up Han Sen and Bao’er both. With his limbs all tied up, Han Sen found himself unable to do anything that might help him escape now.

The red meat was like the tide of the sea, was.h.i.+ng out and pulling back into the ocean that was the sh.e.l.l. The few-hundred-meter-long crevice that formed its mouth was like a veritable h.e.l.lmouth. And it was ready to swallow Han Sen and the cricket.

Han Sen did not know in what way the Stonesh.e.l.l King could kill its prey, as the meat could only trap him. And it was difficult for Han Sen to tell whether or not he was inside the sh.e.l.l.

Han Sen was unable to escape the meat, as it was a super creature’s body. Han Sen had nowhere near enough strength to break free at his current stage.

The weakest of super creatures had one-hundred-thousand fitness, and right now, Han Sen only had a fitness level of forty-thousand. Not even super king spirit mode could balance those odds.

But because Han Sen had escaped the meat at first and gained a bit of distance before being grabbed back, the cricket was the first to end up in the sh.e.l.l. And inside there, Han Sen could see a big white ball residing in its center.

It must have been the pearl possessed by the sh.e.l.l king. It was a few meters wide, like one large orb. When the cricket was pulled inside, that pearl lit up with an ominous, red-colored glow.

The red light inside the sh.e.l.l looked alive, in a suppressed and mysterious manner.

The red light s.h.i.+ned on the cricket, turning the would-be victim a shade of red, too. And soon after, its hardy body was like steel dropped into a vat of acid. It began to melt and fizz away.

Han Sen was horrified upon seeing this. If the cricket had no chance of withstanding such a wretched power, then he wouldn’t last a second.

The soft meat was pulling him in quickly, and Han Sen did not have the time to get away.

He struggled the best he could, thinking, “Over… it’s all over. I even dragged Bao’er into this.”

Han Sen looked at Bao’er, and he was surprised to see she had managed to get away from the meat. Her eyes were fixed on the red, h.e.l.lish object inside the sh.e.l.l.

“Bao’er, throw the Grenade Mushroom inside!” Han Sen transferred the super beast soul Grenade Mushroom to her.

“Why?” Bao’er asked, with a look of confusion.

Han Sen was only two meters from certain doom. He didn’t have the time to explain, so he shouted, “Just throw it in!”

Bao’er blinked and summoned the super Grenade Mushroom. Then, she lobbed it inside the sh.e.l.l.

The moment Han Sen was about to be dragged inside, the grenade rolled along the plush meat of the interior.

Han Sen thought he could escape when it exploded. But when the mushroom hit the meat, it must have been too soft. The mushroom didn’t detonate.

“Oh sh*t!” Han Sen screamed, as he was dragged into the sh.e.l.l.

The red light s.h.i.+ned on him, and immediately, he felt his skin bubble as if he was being fried alive. It felt terrible.

With no hesitation, Han Sen summoned his Bulwark Umbrella. But the red light was able to melt the umbrella as well, and its s.h.i.+elding wouldn’t last very long.

“Bronze geno cores are too weak, but still, holding on for a few seconds against the powers of a super geno core is nothing to scoff at,” Han Sen said to himself, while his mind raced for a way he might escape this predicament. Unfortunately, his entire body was tied up and he couldn’t even wiggle his fingers.

Bao’er looked uncomfortable, too, and she tried getting herself snug beneath the umbrella.

“Dad, the light is annoying. Let’s get out of here,” Bao’er pleaded.

Han Sen gave a wry smile, as he wanted to leave, as well. He told Bao’er, “You get out of here first, I’ll catch up with you later.”

“If Dad doesn’t leave, then I won’t leave.” Bao’er shook her head.

Han Sen wished to say something more, but he suddenly felt loose. He felt as if he was miraculously made free again.

Han Sen was delighted by this, but the sudden release didn’t mean he was free; it was because the sh.e.l.l had already closed. The meat let him go so the light could incinerate him a little faster.

The cricket was released, too. It desperately tried to claw the sh.e.l.l to get free, but its ruby saw was still wrapped up. It seemed even the sh.e.l.l king was afraid of the insect using that to slice its way out.

Bulwark Umbrella began to develop a few holes, and Han Sen did not have much time. He knew he had to do something.

Han Sen summoned his Crystal Egg, pulled his arm back, and launched it towards the Grenade Mushroom.