Super Gene - Chapter 1432 - Strong Physical Power

Chapter 1432 - Strong Physical Power

Chapter 1432: Strong Physical Power


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Let me fight it.” Han Sen walked in front of the green bug, with his speech directed at Spirit Thirteen.

“It’s all the same.” Spirit Thirteen motioned with his hand for the green bug to take a swing at Han Sen.

Spirit Thirteen was confident that was all it would take. The green bug’s attack and defense were balanced, and it was the baby of a sacred-blood creature, too. The mutant Jade Rat wouldn’t have been able to compete with the green bug even if it possessed a gold geno core.

Although they were of the same tier, their bases were different.

Spirit Thirteen knew Ling Mei’er was cherished by the elder, so he wouldn’t break the bargain they had established if Han Sen beat the opponent.

The elder had given her the black and white King Snake, but it wouldn’t kill for her, and neither would it attempt to conquer a shelter on her behalf. She still had to work hard herself.

Ling Mei’er hadn’t traveled much, and in this place, it was difficult to find a high-tier creature she could tame and convince to join her roster. Even if she did manage to locate one, she needed resources and time. Those were two things she was in a short supply of.

Those of Dark Spirit could read lifeforces with great clarity, but Spirit Thirteen was unable to lift much from Han Sen’s suppressed lifeforce. Because of this, he didn’t exercise much caution when engaging him.

Seeing the insect’s scythe bearing down on him, Han Sen swiftly let out a punch towards it.

“No!” Ling Mei’er screamed, seeing Han Sen willingly do that.

She thought Han Sen was the heir of a super creature, but at the end of the day, a demi-G.o.d creature’s power was still kept in check by the geno core they possessed. Han Sen had only just been born, so there was no guarantee he even had a geno core, and if he did, it’d be a measly bronze one. He could only do combat with a creature with a silver geno core, at best.

Fighting a gold geno core would be a trying task for any individual.

Now that Han Sen was bringing his fist against the scythe, she believed it was highly likely he did not possess a geno core. He might be hurt a lot by the gold geno core.

“This is suicide!” Spirit Thirteen cackled coldly.

The moment Han Sen’s fist came into contact with the scythe, however, it reversed everyone’s expression into one of shock. The big green scythe, after coming down on Han Sen’s brutal fist, shattered into glitter like a flurry of stars.

After Han Sen broke the creature’s geno core, he then moved to bring that lightning-fast fist down on the green bug’s sh.e.l.l. The carapace was immediately destroyed, and the bug swiftly died.

“Sacred-Blood Creature Green Crystal Bug killed. No beast soul gained. The geno core was shattered. The flesh is edible. Consume its flesh to earn zero to ten sacred geno points randomly.”

That was purely an exercise of Han Sen’s simple physical power, and he did not even use Super Spank.

Han Sen had maxed out his ordinary, primitive, mutant, and sacred geno point tallies. Green Crystal Bug would have needed a gemstone geno core to challenge him properly. Now that Han Sen could kill the likes of that with his plain physical power, there was no need to exert much effort and trouble himself.

But this punch had shocked the other two completely. What Han Sen had just done so simply would have required a gemstone geno core sacred-blood creature.

Even Dark Spirit’s super creature heirs required a gold geno core to perform the feat he had.

Ling Mei’er thought Han Sen had just been born, and if that was true, it was a frightening thought that he already had such strength.

Spirit Thirteen looked ill, and he said, “I can’t believe you were able to tame something so wretchedly strong! But I’ll be back.”

Spirit Thirteen flew away after that. King Snake was there guarding her, so he couldn’t do anything bad to her even if he tried to.

“Dollar! You are so good. You must be a baby of the mightiest of super creatures! Was your parent a berserk super creature, I wonder? You’re better than me, even. My parents have sacred-blood genes in them; they weren’t pure super creatures.” Ling Mei’er had run right up to Han Sen to say her piece.

“I guess,” Han Sen said.

Ling Mei’er was the heir of a super creature, but she still only had a bronze geno core. She also lacked social skills, which made her a very easy person for Han Sen to trick. Now, Han Sen was too lazy to even make up a story.

After Han Sen killed Green Crystal Bug, Ling Mei’er really wanted Han Sen to stick around. Unfortunately for her, she didn’t think she had anything that would make him desire to stay with her, especially when she had already started eating his food.

“Mei’er, did you say there was a gold shelter nearby that was unclaimed? Let’s go take it,” Han Sen said.

Ling Mei’er was no longer feeling like much of a master, but she found herself surprisingly happy. She asked Han Sen, “Yes, which one?”

“There’s a few of them?” She did not know anything, so Han Sen would have to do the claiming himself. He proceeded to ask her a few questions, and then he went off to get her a safer place to live in.

Han Sen needed to use a teleporter to return to the Alliance, too. He had to check-in whenever he could, because the family would worry if he was absent for too long.

Inside a shelter in that underground realm, Spirit Thirteen looked horrible. He was getting told off by a Dark Spirit that looked just like him.

“I tamed that Green Crystal Bug for you! How could you lose to Ling Mei’er?” The Dark Spirit man spoke harshly.

“Dad, she somehow found an extremely strong creature that shattered the gold geno core and one-hit killed the bug.” Spirit Thirteen was speaking with a bitter tone.

The Dark Spirit man looked dim, and he replied, “How old is Ling Mei’er? How was it possible for her to tame a creature such as that?”

“Father, what I’m telling you is true. I witnessed it with my own eyes.” Spirit Thirteen was swearing profusely.

“If it is indeed true, it must be because the elder is helping her explicitly.”

Spirit Thirteen heard the remark with shock, and he said, “Do you think the elder gifted her the creature?”

The Dark Spirit man laughed coldly and responded, “Ling Mei’er is as average as they come. The blood of her parents is only half super blood, but she earned all the benefits such genes could provide her. The elder must think she could become a super geno core; otherwise, he wouldn’t have given her his mount Snake King.”

“If the elder is protecting her, then that means I have no chance.” Spirit Thirteen frowned.

“The elder should not be able to break his own law. I will help you get Ling Mei’er to improve our own lineage.” The Dark Spirit man coldly laughed.