Super Gene - Chapter 143: Not under This Cup

Chapter 143: Not under This Cup

Chapter 143: Not under This Cup

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Ji Yanran had been preparing for Starry Cup recently as well and had spent long hours practicing every day. She did not expect to see Han Sen here again.

She saw Han Sen and said nothing. Since he did not show up, it meant he had admitted he was not good enough and she did not want to rub it in.

Han Sen sat across her and said, "Last time I was delayed by something else. Without your number, I was not able to inform you, and I am so sorry about it."

"Why do men always have so many excuses?" Ji Yanran said.

Han Sen opened his mouth and felt it was hard to explain. He had failed to show up indeed, so no explanation seemed good enough.

"Shall we have a match tomorrow?" Han Sen thought for a moment and decided he could only prove himself with his ability.

"Forget it, I do not want to be played again." Ji Yanran had clearly identified Han Sen as a cheater and did not intend to indulge him.

When Han Sen wanted to explain, a few students came to them. One of them saw Han Sen and asked Ji Yanran, "Yanran, who is he?"

"A freshman, I don’t know his name." Ji Yanran did not tell Li Yufeng about Han Sen, afraid that Li might look for trouble.

Li Yufeng nodded and asked Han Sen, "Which department are you in?"

"Archery," replied Han Sen casually.

A thin man sat next to Han Sen, threw one arm around Han’s shoulder and said while squinting, "Brother, if you want to get yourself a girl, you need to be smarter. Now this is our president. How dare you?"

"Anyone could chase after a pretty girl. Why can’t I?" Han Sen seemed very naive.

The thin man grinned, put a spitball on the table, and took a cup to cover the spitball.

Taking two extra cups, he put them upside down and began to move the three cups around so swiftly that it was bedazzling.

After a while, the thin man smiled and said to Han Sen, "If you can tell under which cup the spitball is, you can go out with anyone you choose. If not, get lost and do not show your face in front of our president again."

Ji Yanran did not stop the thin man, because she was interested to know Han Sen’s reply. The thin man had a speed that was among the top 3 in the Hand of G.o.d Society. It was not that easy to tell.

Han Sen looked at the thin man, and put his hand on a cup with a smile. The thin man was overjoyed.

But Han Sen smiled and said, "There's nothing under this cup."

Then Han Sen lifted the cup and there was nothing underneath.

Han Sen put his hand on the next a cup, stroked it and said, "Not under this one either."

The cup was again lifted by Han Sen, and there was nothing on the table.

Han Sen placed a finger on the last cup and said with a smile, "No need to tell you about this one."

The thin man and the rest were embarra.s.sed and even Ji Yanran regarded Han Sen curiously, not expecting him to be so good.

"You are lucky today. Do not let me see you again," snapped the thin man.

"You think this is finished?" Han Sen looked at the thin man, smiling. He was not someone who would not fight back after being bullied.

"What do you want?" The thin man stared at Han Sen.

Without a word, Han Sen put the three cups upside down in front of him and covered the spitball with one cup like the thin man, then quickly moved the three cups around.

Ji Yiran, Li Yufeng and the thin man all knew what Han was trying to do, but felt he was trying to teach fish how to swim.

His speed was much lower than that of the thin man, so the latter even snorted.

Han Sen acted as if he had not heard it and continued to exchange the cups. Then he sat up and looked at the group of people. "As you said, if you could guess right, I don’t care what you do. If not, then f*#k off and stay away from Ji Yanran."

The thin man sneered, reached out and was about to lift one of the cups. "You just don’t understand your limit, do you?"

Han Sen blocked the thin man’s hand, and the latter stared at Han angrily, "What are you doing?"

Han Sen looked at Li Yufeng, smiled and said, "I just want to know if you are sure that you could represent everyone here? If not, please get me someone who could."

The thin man suddenly looked at Li Yufeng. Although he was sure, he did not know whether he could represent Li Yufeng.

Li Yufeng said quietly, "Lift it."

Hearing Li Yufeng’s approval, the thin man was bathed in pride. He said to Han Sen condescendingly, "Boy, I will now show you who the real master is. It’s under this cup."

The thin man lifted the cup in the middle up, full of self-confidence.

But after the cup was lifted, all were stunned, and the thin man looked dreadful. There was nothing under that cup.

"Impossible, this is impossible!" The thin man widened his eyes and looked into the cup he was holding. There was nothing.

Ji Yanran was also puzzled, as she thought that the spitball should be under the middle cup. How could it disappear?

"In case you are not convinced, I will let you try one more time. Pick another one," Han Sen pointed to the two cups left on the table, and said to Li Yufeng.

Li Yufeng snorted and put his hand on one cup. "There is nothing here."

Li Yufeng had learned Han Sen’s way. Since the spitball was not where it should be, and there was no way they were all wrong about where it was, the only possibility was that Han Sen used some method to hide the spitball. Therefore, the two cups left should also be empty.

But when Li Yufeng lifted the cup, he paused, as the spitball was under that cup.

The thin man and the rest were stunned. If Han Sen simply took the spitball away, they would not be surprised, because that was exactly what the thin man had done. And there should be nothing under all three cups. However, the spitball was indeed under a different cup, which appalled everyone.

Ji Yanran looked at Han Sen in surprise and did not know how he could have done that.