Super Gene - Chapter 1428 - Big Heavy Egg

Chapter 1428 - Big Heavy Egg

Chapter 1428: Big Heavy Egg


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

After using his Dongxuan Aura to scan what he could of the pit, Han Sen was unable to detect the presence of any creature residing in the dark down there.

If some creature had been disturbed by Han Sen’s coin, and somehow survived, it should have all come scrambling out by now, anyway.

So, apparently having nothing to fear, Han Sen decided to investigate the hole—feet first.

The pit he had created was enormous, and a few klicks deep without a doubt. A haze hung thick in the air after the previous explosion. As Han Sen neared the bottom, he could see how ravaged and frighteningly violent the power he had unleashed really was.

At the bottom of the pit was a tunnel, strangely enough. It was not a natural formation, he could tell, and it seemed to lead in a certain direction.

The light Han Sen had glimpsed probably came from there, and this was confirmed when he saw the same flicker cross his vision as he peered into the tunnel.

After traversing the length of that black stretch, Han Sen found himself wandering into a chamber that was fairly large. It almost looked like a nest, given there was a creature at its center. It was a snake.

It was black and white in color, but the white parts were fluorescent. They were almost like neon bulbs. Acknowledging this, Han Sen quickly—and correctly—determined that they were the lights he had caught sight of briefly earlier.

The creature was a few hundred meters long, however. And strangely, after taking a closer and more accurate look, Han Sen noticed the creature lacked eyes and even a mouth. Truthfully, scaled hide aside, it looked more like an earthworm in shape and form.

At one end, which Han Sen guessed to be the face, there was a crude horn which was also black and white. It didn’t wriggle around on the spot, either, as worms often would. It could move and slither around just like a snake.

Han Sen gave the creature a scan and did not rush over to the earth-dwelling beast. And it was good that he didn’t, because his reading indicated it was a super creature.

It wasn’t stationary, though, and Han Sen made sure not to get in its way. It was slithering to and fro, obviously in search of something.

Han Sen made sure to suppress his breathing and mask his lifeforce, so he could remain in hiding and spy on it for a while. Whatever it was looking for might have been a worthy treasure he could s.n.a.t.c.h for himself.

If the creature noticed he was there, and it was aggressive and prompted the need to fight, Han Sen didn’t think he could kill it. He had to be as sneaky as possible.

Of course, if Han Sen possessed a self geno core that was gemstone cla.s.s, he’d give it a go. But he didn’t and wouldn’t.

After watching for a while, Han Sen fully understood what the snake-worm was up to. It wasn’t searching for anything, actually. It was expanding its little subterranean boudoir.

It appeared to be circling the cavern, but it was actually las.h.i.+ng the walls of its home with its hard scales, cleaving away a meter of earth each time. It did this same thing equally, all around its nest.

And the creature kept on doing this, over and over. Its residence was expanding at a rapid pace.

“Does it want to commit suicide, and it’s building itself a nice grave before it goes?” Han Sen thought to himself.

As Han Sen watched with waning curiosity, something suddenly appeared in the deepest reaches of where the creature had dug. It looked like a porcelain object, and it had a creamy, subdued white color.

When the monster found it, it began digging with renewed vigor. It went faster. It went harder.

The porcelain object was like a pot or some-such, but it was difficult to make out in the flying earth. Initially, due to its shape, Han Sen believed it to be an item that was the handiwork of primitive humans, but as more of it became unearthed, he realized it was actually an egg.

It wasn’t small by any account, either. From what Han Sen could see, it was one meter tall, but most of it was still embedded in the earth the creature was swiping away at.

“Hmm, it’s an egg then? But if it is an egg, does it belong to this weird creature? Or is the creature stealing an egg that belongs to something else?” Han Sen wracked his mind in wonder.

Eventually, the monster dug the egg out in its entirety. But the creature didn’t stop there, and it actually looked entirely uninterested in the item. It simply continued to dig deeper and deeper in the same spot until it was out of sight.

Han Sen’s heart was beating quite rapidly in excitement, and he thought to himself, “Hmm, he’s finally gone. Well, whoever that egg might belong to, it sure looks like it belongs to a super creature. Over there, super geno points are sitting right out in the open, unguarded and ready for the taking!”

Han Sen used his Dongxuan Aura again to make sure the coast was clear. It was, and wherever the snake-worm monster had gone, it was now far away from Han Sen.

“Here goes nothing!” Han Sen braced himself, then leaped over to the egg.

In a frantic rush, Han Sen wished to quickly put it into his Cruel Bottle for an easier escort out.

The Cruel Bottle was not like the gourd, however. It couldn’t suck things in like a vacuum, and he’d have to physically lift the egg and push it in.

Unfortunately for him, try as he might, the egg would not budge.

He had no idea why the egg might have been so heavy, given that its contents were most likely yoke.

He was already exposing himself longer than he wished to, and he fretted profusely over what he should do next. He obviously could not transport it out, but neither could he eat it right then and there.

As Han Sen ransacked his mind for a solution, he heard the black and white monster returning. Fortunately, it was coming back at a mellow pace. Chances were, it had yet to learn of the intruder hungry for the egg.

Han Sen allowed himself one more minute to deal with the egg before escaping, guessing the creature would return by then.

“Should I just give up, then?” Han Sen asked himself.

Finding an unsupervised super egg was incredibly rare, though, and the thought of abandoning it caused him heartburn. The entire situation was comparable to winning the lottery, but later realizing you had already trashed the golden ticket.

Han Sen tried again to push the egg, as it should have been easy to roll. But still, he could not. It was a frighteningly heavy thing.

Just as he was deciding to retreat and leave it be, Han Sen noticed there was something wrong with the egg.

“Where are you trying to take me?” Suddenly, the voice of a woman was heard echoing in the chamber.

A little later, the monster re-appeared, and upon its head was a pretty lady. The monster came straight towards the egg, and when the lady’s eyes took notice of it, she looked surprised.