Super Gene - Chapter 1415 - Challenge

Chapter 1415 - Challenge

Chapter 1415: Challenge


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

“No, no; there is no need to answer. Come, we can talk when you return,” Yu Miao said, stepping in front of Han Sen, near G.o.ddess.

“Excuse me? You said we would share the discovery together, and that it was a joint effort. We were to co-operate on this matter.” G.o.ddess’s face was swiftly turning sour upon hearing this.

“Our co-operative venture is done now. Yu Xuan, take him away, will you?” Yu Miao coldly said.

“I won’t let you get away with this so easily.” G.o.ddess had known a fight might break out if only one person from a particular team made it out. The collaborative effort was little more than a farce.

Han Sen had prepared a speech for what he uncovered, but he was barely given the opportunity to speak.

Yu Xuan’s pace with Han Sen was incredibly quick, as he pulled him away. The area swiftly turned into chaos, as the spirits and creatures of Outer Sky and Sacred clashed arms.

Yu Xuan summoned a s.h.i.+p, and he used it to drive Han Sen away to a safer location. It wasn’t long before they approached an old, big, yet grand shelter. He arrived there at an alarming speed.

“You just need to tell us what happened inside the shelter from beginning to end. Tell us everything, and the reward is yours.” Yu Xuan was worried Han Sen might soon die as the others had before, so he wanted to get Han Sen talking as soon as possible.

Yu Xuan quickly a.s.sembled a panel, and Han Sen told them everything he could. He avoided the more sensitive points by skirting around them or making things up, but for the most part, he told them what had transpired in the shelter.

Han Sen described the tower to them and told them how a man had died after reading a line of text. He also told Yu Xuan about the Wall of Destiny and the wolfpacks that had hounded them after it. He even told them about the coffin, and how all his team had died beside it.

There were certain things Han Sen made sure not to mention, however.

These included him being the one to push the wall open, the shadow he had encountered, Mister Li being the leader of Blood Legion, and the presence of a Nine-Life Cat.

After Han Sen recounted his tale to them, the spirit next to Yu Xuan opened an eye directly in his forehead. The eye glowed with a mysterious, otherworldly hue, and it gazed at Han Sen. The look from the eye was invasive, and Han Sen could sense it purveying what it could of his mind.

“F*ck! They want to read my memories to see if I am telling the truth.” Han Sen was shocked, and he hadn’t expected this to occur.

However, Cat G.o.d whispered to him, “Close your eyes and do not resist. Pretend to be in pain and I will handle this matter.”

Han Sen closed his eyes and scrunched his face with exaggeration, pretending he was in pain.

Eventually, that invasive feeling came to an end.

The spirit closed his third eye and turned to the others, saying, “He wasn’t lying. Everything he said was the truth.”

“Then it seems we have failed once more, or at least, our efforts were for naught. The coffin was empty? D*mn.” Yu Xuan sighed.

While Han Sen stood there before them, vacant-minded looking, Yu Xuan asked the spirit beside him, “What’s wrong with him?”

The spirit answered, “My truth-seeing eye broke his memories. His mind might have some trouble, going forward. With luck, he won’t become r.e.t.a.r.ded, but I fear his memories will be lost.”

“Memory loss might be for the best, I suppose. We can’t afford this news leaking beyond the shelter,” Yu Xuan said.

Han Sen wasn’t permanently damaged, following that. His IQ suffered a drop, but his memory of the events that transpired was mostly gone. A few days later, he was mostly okay.

Yu Xuan provided Han Sen with the geno fruits he was promised and had a spirit take him home.

They didn’t kill Han Sen because they believed his memory had been lost, and they were worried other humans would shy away from helping them in the future if they started killing people who did what they asked.

“When I’m an emperor, I’m going to burn them down to the ground. They’re all as wretched each other” Han Sen was angry after returning to Shadow Shelter. When he got back, he went straight to the Alliance, in case others came looking for him.

The next time he went hunting, however, Han Sen decided he’d strictly use super king spirit mode in case creatures from Outer Sky would see him out and about okay.

After Han Sen consumed all the geno fruit he was given, he was able to max out his sacred geno point tally. He also had an additional ten remaining. Han Sen still needed mutant geno points, but killing any mutant creatures he came across would be a trivial task now.

Han Sen entered the Geno Core Storage using his Crystal Core.

Not a single creature showed up to challenge him, which was rather strange, he thought.

“I thought I need to be challenged at least once a month. Why is no one stepping up to the plate?” Han Sen asked Rockman.

Rockman answered, “There are no challengers.”

Han Sen asked him the question again, but he received the exact same answer. He asked it again with different phrasing, but the answer wouldn’t change.

Because Han Sen put on a terrifying performance and outright killed his last opponent, none were willing to challenge him. He was too frightening a foe, and challenging him was asking for death.

He had killed Black Mountain G.o.d and Heart Wheel with no remorse. He hadn’t even been given the chance to flee. No one wanted to risk their life by fighting him.

Not even the spirits that could resp.a.w.n dared challenge Han Sen, as they believed he had the power to destroy spirit stones.

“Can I challenge them, instead?” Han Sen asked, seeing the geno cores from Outer Sky Shelter and Sacred Shelter. He was feeling angry.

“You can, but you are already number one. There is no benefit to be gained by challenging those who are weaker than you,” Rockman answered.

One of the geno cores from Sacred Shelter was lit up on the leaderboard, indicating he was available to fight. Without hesitating, Han Sen challenged him.

But in less than a second, his invitation was declined.

“I thought you said I could challenge them?” Han Sen asked Rockman.

Rockman said, “You can, but if the opponent has already reached their quota, they can decline challenges.”

Han Sen was feeling rather disheartened by this, but then Rockman told him, “Bronze Geno Core Rank Nine Ghost Eye has sent you a challenge.”