Super Gene - Chapter 1408 - Who Will Open the Coffin?

Chapter 1408 - Who Will Open the Coffin?

Chapter 1408: Who Will Open the Coffin?


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Outer Sky and Sacred Shelter want us to find out what is inside that coffin. That has been our primary objective since setting foot in this place, so turning back now is not an option,” Mister Li explained.

w.a.n.g Zhao and Zhong Sanxiao both looked at each other, and after a moment of silence, the latter spoke. “We have to open the coffin, that much is certain. But it is a needless risk for us all to approach it. Surely, it won’t take the strength of more than one person to go over there and open it alone.”

“What are you trying to say?” Mister Li asked.

Zhong Sanxiao looked at Han Sen and said, “Only one person made it out alive when folks from Sacred came here. And the reason he made it was because of his distance from the coffin. He said he was the furthest away from the coffin when the sh*t hit the fan. So, we should get one person to open the coffin while the rest of us hang back where it is the safest.”

“Sh*t! I see it in his eyes; he wants me to be the one to prod the hornet’s nest!” Han Sen quickly realized.

Although Han Sen wanted to be the one, he wanted to maintain his innocent look and not be forced to open it at the behest of others.

“Brother Han, your luck has carried you on s.h.i.+elded wings thus far. How about you test the mettle of your luck one last time with the coffin. We will satisfy your every desire, if you do. No request will be too outlandish.” Zhong Sanxiao phrased his request carefully, and made sure to make it sound pleasant, but he was well aware that it was a tall order.

Mister Li cut across before Han Sen could respond, though, and said, “How could you even think to place him in such a position? There’s a red creature of some sort on the coffin already. You know the danger of this situation, and no volume of luck can change the odds of him opening the coffin without issue.”

Han Sen had come to like Mister Li a lot. The old man had looked out for him a lot throughout the length and extent of the expedition.

“Thank you, Mister Li. Only an animal could suggest I be the one to go up there.” Han Sen said a whole lot more than this with the icy, dagger-like eyes he gave Zhong Sanxiao.

But Zhong Sanxiao was not happy with this, and he bl.u.s.terously stepped forward to say, “Do you really think a bronze geno core human could survive everything we’ve been through? Do you all really think he survived a solo chase with the wolfpack without a scratch? This guy is up to something, I’m telling you. All is not what it seems with him—or with you.”

Mister Li came to Han Sen’s defense again, saying, “Now listen here; I haven’t known Han Sen for very long. And I agree, he keeps to himself; but if there’s one thing we know for certain, it’s that he’s a good man.”

“Remember when he pushed the door open? He didn’t even hesitate. Even if you are a lucky sod, you’d still wince when pus.h.i.+ng it. He just touched it, fearlessly. He knew it would open, and he knew there’d be a bunch of hungry, s...o...b..ring wolves waiting for us behind it. He tried to get us killed!” Zhong Sanxiao was getting a little ahead of himself.

“I do not fondly seek to look ill on others, but there is something off about Han Sen,” w.a.n.g Zhao confessed his own feelings.

“I’ll throw my hat into that ring, as well. Something is not right with that dude,” Xu Yanmeng chimed in to say.

“If that is how you all feel, then nothing I say can change that. But, if you want Han Sen to be the one to open that coffin, I will be by his side when he does.” Mister Li was stalwart in his defense of Han Sen.

Mister Li gave Han Sen a pat on the shoulder, and he told him, “Little Han, don’t sweat a thing. I won’t let you face danger alone.”

“Mister Li…” Han Sen felt touched by Mister Li.

“Mister Li, you don’t have to…” Zhong Sanxiao said.

“Well, no one else is volunteering. I have made my decision; I will go with Little Han. And you lot can stand back, just in case something happens.” Mister Li was firm in his decision.

“Well, if you’re going, so am I!” Xu Yanmeng puffed his chest in a display of newfound courage, and he marched forward to stand beside Mister Li.

“We have to find out what is inside the coffin,” Old Qiu said.

w.a.n.g Zhao said, “Fine. Let’s go, then. All of us. Mister Li saved our lives once before. If that hasn’t earned him our trust, nothing will.”

“If you agree, then come. But on anyone who goes with us, no oath or bond is laid. You don’t need to go any further than you wish,” Mister Li said.

“Don’t say that!” Xu Yanmeng gave Han Sen a firm gaze, and went on to say, “But if I find out Han Sen is some worm-tongued snake that plans to harm Mister Li, I’ll kill him.”

Han Sen replied, “I’d only hurt you guys if you did something that would warrant a hurting.”

“Bold words.” Xu Yanmeng wasn’t going to trust Han Sen quite so easily as the rest.

Han Sen had pushed open the door earlier to earn himself geno fruit and save everyone from a possibly fatal incident. He hadn’t expected his kindness to be rewarded with suspicion and ire.

Without Mister Li, a fight would have broken out between them already.

Everyone summoned their geno cores next, and when Xu Yanmeng brought out his spear, he pointed it at Han Sen and said, “You’re up-front. If I catch you doing anything dodgy, this’ll be rammed up where the sun doesn’t s.h.i.+ne.”

Mister Li was as chummy as ever with Han Sen, and this speech made him walk side-by-side with him. He patted Han Sen on the shoulder again and told him, “Let’s go together.”

Han Sen could not be bothered to explain anything. If he told them what had occurred during and after the wolf chase, it was highly unlikely they’d believe him.

They all approached the coffin with bated-breath. The creature atop it did not move or make a sound, but everyone remained as silent as they could. You could’ve heard a pin drop.

But Han Sen’s Nine-Life Cat pendant began to burn when they neared it. And the closer Han Sen got, the hotter it burned.