Super Gene - Chapter 1405 - Killing Hezhi

Chapter 1405 - Killing Hezhi

Chapter 1405: Killing Hezhi


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen was not worried at the thought that someone might come to steal his geno fruit. Mister Li, Old Qiu, Xu Yanmeng, w.a.n.g Zhao, and Zhong Sanxiao already had gemstone geno cores and would not need his geno fruit.

Only Hezhi would need the sacred fruit Han Sen possessed, so it might not have come as an absolute surprise for him. And indeed, Hezhi had been waiting for this opportunity. He was a bit of an outsider himself, and he wasn’t closely a.s.sociated with the others who were on the expedition, anyway. Now that he had caught Han Sen alone, it was his time to strike.

Han Sen looked at his metal wolf geno core and said, “You used this to get away?”

Hezhi said, “Yes. My geno core is called Ditto, and it can take on the form of any creature it wishes to.”

“That’s a fairly brilliant geno core you have, but it’s a shame…” Han Sen stressed an exaggerated sigh.

“What’s a shame?” When Hezhi said that, the wolf slowly began to approach Han Sen.

“Upgrading that geno core to the best it could be might yield some impressive results, but it’s a shame your ascension will come to an end here,” Han Sen said, his threat made clear.

“I was going to leave you alive after taking your spoils; I’ll take that as permission to silence you for good.” When Hezhi said this, the wolf immediately jumped towards Han Sen with its maw open.

Han Sen used his Gold Dragon Lock in response, immediately tying up the airborne wolf.

The wolf was quickly bound, and it dropped to the ground like a stone. It did its best to squirm free, but it was clearly having trouble.

“You have a gold geno core?!” Hezhi’s face swiftly turned sour.

“Yeah, but it’s no big deal,” Han Sen said.

“Yeah… you’re right. It isn’t,” Hezhi suppressed the sudden flash of fear he had been stricken with, and he summoned a purple sword.

It was three-feet-long, and many strange writings had been inscribed across the length of its blade.

Hezhi waved his sword, which sent beams of light shaped like the characters on the sword shooting towards Han Sen like a number of lasers.

Han Sen opened up his Bulwark Umbrella to block the barrage of plasma rounds. All the lights exploded against the protective s.h.i.+elding of the umbrella.

Han Sen had eaten a great many sacred geno fruits, so gold geno cores weren’t able to deal half as much damage now.

“How have you managed to obtain so many gold geno cores?” Hezhi thought the umbrella was a gold geno core, too.

It was only bronze, but that spoke volumes about its efficiency. Han Sen did not respond, though; he simply summoned his Crystal Core and tossed the egg at the unsuspecting bandit.

“You were lying this whole time. You are a liar; a big fat liar! You are a demi-G.o.d with gold geno cores.” Hezhi was angered by his mistake, and he swung his sword towards the egg that was headed his way.

The crystal egg was able to dodge each and every plasma round headed coming towards it, prompting Hezhi to swing his sword directly at it.


The sword beat the egg down to the ground, but it ricocheted off the floor at an even greater speed. It walloped his body with the might and swiftness of a bullet.

He had been unable to dodge, and after it struck his leg like lightning, it bounced right back to Han Sen.

Han Sen had become very proficient in wielding the egg, and when the egg was returned, Han Sen went back to wielding his umbrella. Then, he began walking forward towards Hezhi.

Feeling nothing occur when he was. .h.i.t by the egg, Hezhi still possessed his confidence. He stepped forward, swinging more and more plasma rounds at Han Sen.

The light-bullets exploded in a haze of sparks against the umbrella, though, and he was still unable to deal damage to the opponent he once thought would be a cakewalk.

Hezhi gritted his teeth and continued trying to attack. But this time, Han Sen did not even use his umbrella. He simply stood where he was and let his foe try his best.

Hezhi brought his sword down directly on Han Sen’s body, but the results astounded him. It did nothing, and the sword itself began to bend like rubber.

He stared at his sword in disbelief, unable to grasp why this might have happened. So, next, Hezhi used his fist to strike Han Sen.

And again, Han Sen did not dodge. He simply stood where he was and allowed Hezhi to do his worst.

The moment Hezhi’s fist came into contact with Han Sen’s skin, however, chills shot through his body, and cold sweat poured from his forehead. He watched as his own fist bent upwards against Han Sen, as if he was made of sponge.

Then, like an eerie ghost, Han Sen reached out his hand towards his once-pompous opponent. Han Sen was too close, and with a futile reaction, Hezhi brought up his arm to deflect Han Sen’s hand.

But Han Sen simply grabbed the man’s arms and ran his hand down to Hezhi’s clenched fist. Han Sen latched on and did not let go, as if he was sucking Hezhi’s soul dry.


Hezhi’s body was delivered one strike, and then it shattered and crumbled into fertilizer for the wretched garden.

As this occurred, the geno core was also destroyed. The sword he was wielding, however, dropped to the ground with a heavy clanging sound.

Han Sen swiftly moved to pick it up. It was a gold geno core, and Han Sen needed a replacement for his horn. He quickly pocketed it by placing it in his Sea of Soul.

Just as Han Sen was about to turn and leave, he heard more sounds.

When Han Sen turned to take a look at what lay ahead, a human-shaped tree was shambling its way over to him.

“Is this thing alive?” Han Sen asked himself, as he stepped back in caution.

The tree was not that strong, and it gave the illusion of being an ordinary plant like all the rest.

But it came to a stop near the mound of dust on the ground that was once Hezhi.

Han Sen realized the tree was coming for the man whose sequence structure he had just destroyed. The roots of the tree moved atop the mound of dust, and then, it all got absorbed.