Super Gene - Chapter 140: Meeting Ji Yanran Again

Chapter 140: Meeting Ji Yanran Again

Chapter 140: Meeting Ji Yanran Again

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"You are a student?" Luo Xiangyang asked.

"h.e.l.lo, I am Han Sen. I have just entered the Heavy Warframe Society. Are you also in our society? I have never met you. Your skills are amazing. Could you teach me when you have time?" Han Sen said with a smile.

"You just entered the Heavy Warframe Society? You are a freshman?" Luo Xiangyang could not believe that he was just sparring with a freshman.

"Yes, I joined our society seven or eight days ago," replied Han Sen.

"Have you ever driven a heavy warframe before?"

"No. Before I was using the training warframes at school to practice and only had the opportunity to use a heavy warframe after I joined the society. It is much harder than using a training warframe and I have not made much progress. You on the other hand are so much better. I had to shapes.h.i.+ft using a beast soul to hang in there," explained Han Sen.

Although in Han’s view, this schoolmate seemed a bit older, Han Sen had to admit that he was skilled.

Luo Xiangyang's thought sullenly, "You only touched a heavy warframe for the first time a few days ago and now you can fight me! If you are calling this not much progress, then everyone in my society should probably kill themselves."

"What is your department? How did you join the Heavy Warframe Society?" Luo Xiangyang believed if he could poach this guy and get him to join Warframe Society instead, then Warframe Society could probably be in the top 10, no, top 5 in the Alliance.

"I am in the Department of Archery and a friend introduced me to join our society," Han Sen said.

"Archery Department?" Luo Xiangyang regretted so much that he had never looked into that department full of specially enrolled students. Had he looked, he would have never let a talent go somewhere like Heavy Warframe Society.

When Luo Xiangyang was thinking about how to persuade Han Sen to quit Heavy Warframe Society and join Warframe Society, Han’s comlink rang.

Han Sen only thought Luo Xiangyang was a senior, so he answered the call.

"Brother, I need to run now. Let’s have another go next time," Han Sen hung up and said, waving to Luo.

Not having had the time to start his persuasion before Han Sen took off, Luo thought to himself, "Anyway, now that I know who he is, I can always come back later."

Looking at the three heavy warframes, Luo Xiangyang did not intend to move them away any more. Since Han Sen was still here, he will let Han use them and move these warframes when Han transferred to Warframe Society.

Luo Xiangyang was really glad when he left the 7th warehouse, celebrating the fact that he had found such a genius. No longer discontent about the fact that Wei gave the warehouse to someone else, he was focused on the idea of getting Han Sen to join Warframe Society. As a freshman, Han Sen still had years left in Blackhawk. Maybe in these years, he could build a champion team in the Alliance.

After coming out of the 7th warehouse, Han Sen went to a cafeteria. His roommates asked him to bring them some snacks and Han Sen was also hungry himself after his warframe fight.

This cafeteria was very close to their dormitory and had great fruit juices. Han Sen almost had a juice here every day.

But the juices were particularly sought-after and always sold out early. Han Sen forgot about the time when fighting Luo Xiangyang and only came after being reminded by his roommates.

When he arrived at the place, he was surprised to see there was only one bottle of juice left and quickly swiped to pay for it.

But when he finished the payment and was reaching for the bottle of juice, another hand grabbed the bottle.

Han Sen quickly looked up and saw that person looking back at him.

"You!" the two called out almost at the same time.

Han Sen saw the sweet face in front of him and was slightly surprised, not expecting to see Ji Yanran here.

Apparently, Ji Yanran was also surprised to see him. She frowned and asked, "Why are you here?"

"I am a Blackhawk student, and have, of course, come here to eat," Han Sen replied.

"Didn’t think you would be admitted." Ji Yanran curled her lips and looked at Han Sen’s hand on the bottle. "Let go."

"You are the one who should let go. I paid first," said Han Sen.

Ji Yanran gave him a glance full of disdain. "Your pickup line is too old. Let go, or I will yell."

"What do you mean by pickup line? Why do I need that? Have you seen anyone using a pickup line on his girlfriend?" Han Sen said.

Ji Yanran disagreed, "You have the nerve to mention that, cheater."

"Who cheated?" Han Sen frowned.

"If you did not cheat, why didn’t you come to find me?" Ji Yanran had identified Han Sen as a cheater because he did not dare to come to her.

"I did not have time," said Han Sen.

"Oh, save it please." Ji Yanran rolled her pretty eyes.

"Suit yourself, but I really did pay first for the juice." Han Sen did not bother to explain.

"I grabbed it first, and I paid as well. Please come early next time." Ji Yanran said with a smile.

Looking at Ji Yanran, Han Sen suddenly bowed his head, stretched out his tongue and pretended to lick her hand on the bottle.

Ji Yanran screamed and cringed.

"Please come early next time." Han Sen grabbed the bottle, waved his hand at her and walked away with a grin.

"What a shameless guy." Ji Yanran bit her lips and saw Han Sen taking the juice away sullenly.

When she saw Han Sen go away to buy other things, she had an idea, so she took a detour and approached him from another side. When he put the juice down to reach for something else, she grabbed the bottle and turned away.

"Hey, how can you do that?" Han Sen was carrying his roommates’ snacks with both hands and had to look at Ji Yanran who was already away.

"A tooth for a tooth." Ji Yanran stuck out her little pink tongue and made a face before she happily walked away.