Super Gene - Chapter 1396 - Attacking a Spirit

Chapter 1396 - Attacking a Spirit

Chapter 1396: Attacking a Spirit


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

The tornado up-top was soon accompanied by many more, as the searing wind laid waste to the mountain. But then, as Han Sen raced for the sanctuary of the cave, two of the tornados came after him. The spirit had seen him.

Han Sen frowned, unable to escape the blistering speed of the vortexes. As soon as they came for him, they pulled him into the slipstream.

“An unlucky day for mountaineering, don’t you think? Mwahaha! Go to h.e.l.l, little boy.” Han Sen wasn’t sure if the spirit was genuinely angry or just psychotic enough to think the ravaging winds were humorous, but he was seemed to be delighted to watch the bystander human and his baby get swept up into the tornado.

Inside the tornado, Han Sen soon discovered the reason why the wind was black. The wind itself was not colored, but there were streaks and streams of black sand twirling within them. The streams of sand were incredibly sharp, and coming into contact with them was brutal.

The tornado that had trapped Han Sen began to grow in size, and it continued to twirl faster and faster. Steel could have easily been ground to dust inside it.

The spirit no longer paid attention to Han Sen inside there, though, most likely believing the human to have been killed. The spirit thought that if the human had not had his bones twisted by the winds, then he would have been shredded by the black sand. It was a fair belief, too, for no mutant creature should have been able to withstand a single moment inside such a tornado.

Fortunately, Han Sen was a touch more adept than the usual creature. He could fly and move in tandem with the twirling vortex to remain alive, but there was not enough leeway to allow an escape, which was what he desperately wanted to do.

Then, genius struck. He opened up his Bulwark Umbrella, and a bubble-like s.h.i.+eld protected him from the body-shredding winds.

The umbrella was able to withstand any environmental disaster it seemed, and not a single stiff breeze or grain of sand was able to get to Han Sen within its comforting embrace.

But Han Sen still had to hold on to it by the grip, and it was a grip that could escape at any moment’s notice. The wind was truly brutal, and trying to keep the umbrella in his hands was no easy task.

“Luckily, the tornado’s radius is wide. If it was smaller and more concentrated, I doubt I could hold on for as long as I have,” Han Sen thought. There was at least one thing to be grateful for, as sour as the ordeal still was.

The power of a gold geno core was truly incredible. The strongest and most dangerous thing about the tornado was the black sand that twirled around like a black wind. If the sand was eliminated, the tornado wouldn’t be much of a threat.

Han Sen maintained his clutch on the umbrella, but he knew he had to do something. So, inside that violent vortex, he inched his way in the direction of the spirit.

The spirit himself, despite the works of wind being his own machination, was unable to see much. He believed Han Sen would have been killed moments after being swept into the winds, so he moved his focus back to the target he had come to kill: the lizard.

Two primary tornados now ravaged the mountainside, and the spirit focused his concentration on those.

The lizard was atop the mountain, with its claws dug into the stone. Its cauldron still sat upon its head, s.h.i.+ning. It was defying the wind fairly well, but it didn’t seem to do all that much in retaliation. But perhaps that was because it had reached the end of its tether, and it had no s.p.a.ce or strength to do anything else as the wind battered it. And soon after, the black wind and sand began to almost wholly encompa.s.s the creature. The wind streams that carried the sand were like whips, and each pa.s.s they made over the lizard was like a cruel las.h.i.+ng.

It eventually began to settle on the lizard’s body, as well, as if the grains of sand were magnetized to its body. It seemed as if they wanted to suffocate the creature.

More and more sand came down then, to bury the lizard. And before long, it could hardly be seen, and it could no longer move.

“Haha! Another mutant creature notch for my belt.” The spirit, seeing the lizard buried beneath the sand, cackled and ceased his chiming of the bell.

Shortly after, the black wind and tornados all whirled out of existence. The sand of those streams dropped to the ground, blanketing the mountain in black. The spirit was going to ride his camel over to the lizard so he could claim his prize, but something occurred. All of a sudden, the camel squealed in agony.

The spirit saw something appear before him. One of the being’s hands clutched a horn, while the other clutched an umbrella. The horn had been driven through the camel, slicing its belly horizontally, from back to front. Then, all of its guts fell out in a sticky red downpour.

The spirit was bucked off, thrown into the sand that had now been dyed red.

The camel was a mighty thing, but Han Sen had killed it with the greatest of ease. was one of Han Sen’s fortes. What he had done was take refuge in the sand that had cloaked the ground. He hid beneath it, and when the camel trotted past, he leaped up and struck.

Han Sen killed the camel first because he was aware of what the spirit could do, and he had more than a few ideas in regards to how he could counter the spirit’s moves. He didn’t know anything about the camel, so it was best to remove the foe from the board he was most uncertain about first.

That was why he took out the camel so quickly.

“Mutant Creature Wind Camel killed. No beast soul gained. Geno Core destroyed. Consume its flesh to gain zero to ten mutant geno points randomly.”

Han Sen didn’t care about the dismal results of the camel’s killing, though. Right now, he had more important things to concern himself with, like the spirit he had just made an enemy out of. Without relenting, he went for the spirit with his umbrella and horn in hand.

The spirit was incredibly angry, and so he rang his bell to summon more tornados to prevent Han Sen’s approach.

“How dare you kill my camel! Do you not know who you’ve picked a fight with? I am the Sandman!” The spirit was hissing and seething as he spoke, and his hands flailed like mad in a frantic ringing of the bell.

The tornados that sp.a.w.ned were wicked and wild, destroying all that they came into contact with. The spirit could not wait to see Han Sen reduced to dust, but he was quickly delivered a fright when he saw the effects the tornados had on the human.

Nothing. There was no effect. Han Sen cut through the tornado, not having been licked by a single grain of sand.

“Impossible!” Han Sen’s horn had come right before his face.

The spirit used his bell to s.h.i.+eld his pretty face and deflect the horn.

“You can’t kill me!” the spirit said.

Han Sen lifted his umbrella and threw it up into the sky. Then, he used his newly free hand to punch the spirit, right before catching the umbrella once more.

“I don’t like sand. It’s coa.r.s.e and rough and irritating, and it gets everywhere.” Han Sen, umbrella back in hand, ran towards Wind Mountain.

The spirit’s face twitched and warped, but he was unable to move his body.

“Aargh!” After one brief scream, the spirit’s body crumbled into dust.