Super Gene - Chapter 1388 - Unsealed

Chapter 1388 - Unsealed

Chapter 1388: Unsealed


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

If someone was killed in a geno core fight, that meant one party was far too powerful. To kill the heir of a super creature so simply, and without fanfare, spoke volumes about the strength of the elusive owner of the Crystal Core.

The babies of a super creature were stronger than their predecessors, and that held true for any species of creature. Still, their self geno cores were still tiered, starting off bronze and in need of reinforcement.

The geno core that belonged to Black Mountain G.o.d had, despite being bronze, often been compared to the strength of a gold geno core that was usually possessed by a mutant creature. He had accomplished much with his Heart Wheel, and he had even been known to survive encounters with sacred-blood creatures that possessed gemstone geno cores.

The fact he had now been vanquished by someone in the same tier as him was frightening. It was almost unheard of.

Black Mountain G.o.d had been killed unceremoniously, and Sky Lord from Sacred Shelter eagerly wished to find out who had committed this atrocity. Unfortunately for all those who sought vengeance, the only person to have ever seen the person who possessed the Crystal Core was dead.

It was a subject that became much-discussed in the days ahead. Across the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary, the topic of the fight and what manner of being could have conjured such a terrifying geno core was at the tip of everyone’s tongue.

There were many guesses, too, of course. Most of them were aimed at presuming the owner of such a geno core was either the son of some emperor or the descendant of a berserk super creature. Not even G.o.dslayer Luo possessed such fearsome power.

Han Sen cared little for the gossip, though. And after that nifty trick with the egg, he had become enamored with it. Still, he could never get it to replicate what it had done. He couldn’t convince the skeleton to emerge like a bony pigmy from h.e.l.l.

“Does it need to be imbued with more power or something? Or does it need to be damaged sufficiently?” Han Sen stabbed a few guesses.

If it did have to be broken, Han Sen wasn’t willing to break it himself. There was always the possibility the skeleton was growing, and the idea of prematurely awakening it didn’t bode well.

So, Han Sen went off to research the Heart Wheel that had become encased in ice.

The Heart Wheel was known to be a cruel circular blade, but it was a lifeless block of ice now, more than anything. It had been completely sealed, and with the pigmy having returned to the egg, its unsealing was a complete mystery to Han Sen.

“Can the egg unseal it, perhaps?” Han Sen summoned his egg and placed it on the ice.

It worked. The ice began to quickly thaw and melt away. Soon after, its gold sheen returned, and the weapon looked as mighty as it first did, gleaming in the desert sun.

“The egg can soften things and the skeleton can harden things. Interesting,” Han Sen thought to himself.

What had happened to the Heart Wheel was a shame, however. It was a remarkable geno core, but due to its master having been killed, it would remain as a bronze geno core for the rest of time.

The fact that the bronze geno core of a super creature could compare to the power of a gold geno core was an astounding fact, which surprised Han Sen.

It was even more of a shame that he most likely couldn’t make use of the Heart Wheel. Or at least, he couldn’t use it w.i.l.l.y-nilly. It was a widely recognized geno core, and if people saw Han Sen in possession of it, it wouldn’t take much effort to put two and two together.

So, Han Sen went to the spirit hall, and there, he found Red Pony and Sta.r.s.ea Beast drinking milk.

Han Sen still did not know what manner of power the red pony possessed. And as for the Sta.r.s.ea Beast, it was too young to do much. The Sta.r.s.ea Orb it had possessed was only bronze.

It soon began to dawn on Han Sen that he had no firepower. There was no proper muscle bolstering his ranks. Cheap Sheep could hardly even fight, and just went “baa” at the sight of someone stronger than he was.

“Should I get Cheap Sheep to obey Sacred Shelter? Maybe I won’t even have to fight; through the misfortune that follows him, he’d bring it down without me having to do anything. The thing is a walking thundercloud, after all,” Han Sen mused, in half-jest.

Even if he wanted to do that, Sacred Shelter was a grand distance away from where they were. Han Sen didn’t even know which direction it was in.

With the sheep being as weak as he was, he’d probably be looked down upon, too. He’d make for a nice slice of mutton and little more, Han Sen ultimately figured.

“When I finally do reach Sacred Shelter, I’ll make sure to bring Cheap Sheep. Maybe I can still work his curse on the wretched denizens of that place.” Han Sen entertained the idea and decided it was worth a shot. He could pull the sheep out of hot water if things didn’t go according to plan.

“Hey, you two: do you know what it means to return a favor?” Han Sen directed his voice to Sta.r.s.ea Beast and Red Pony.

Han Sen had planned to let them practice and train themselves in the safety of the shelter and land they occupied. Beginning training while they were young would yield the best results, after all.

“As a creature, you need to get better. This current milk-drinking laziness is a shameful display. You need to chip-in and earn your bread, prove yourself valuable a.s.sets of the community and more. This requires hard work, that is true, but it is for the betterment of us all, and yourselves, most of all.”

Han Sen then led them outside the shelter to slay a few primitive creatures so he could max out his geno point tally.

“Little Red, go after that thing! Little Star, prepare to heal your milk-buddy. And heal him completely; I don’t want to see a single scar or scabbing left on him, okay?” While Han Sen was having fun being a coach, he heard the sound of fighting echoing in the distance. He turned to take a look in the direction it was coming from, and he found himself quite shocked.