Super Gene - Chapter 1377 - The Shelter’s New Master

Chapter 1377 - The Shelter’s New Master

Chapter 1377: The Shelter’s New Master


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

The white tiger with six ears and Metal Demon looked ill. They preferred to share the shelter with a weak human than accept the cruel rulers.h.i.+p of a spirit.

While they were confident in tackling the one that had first confronted them, they had not expected him to have backup on the way. Their presence there now scared them.

What’s more, the reinforcements had entered the hall through its only exit. They had to fight, no matter what. Even if they sought to flee, they’d have to battle their way out.

“I’ll spare your lives if you subject yourselves to my will and accept me as your new master. And as for you…” The spirit turned his head to address Han Sen now, and he said, “Well, I can’t grant you the same generosity. Humans must die.”

“You’re getting ahead of yourself, don’t you think? You’re already talking as if you own us.” Han Sen smirked.

“No, but your delicate, petty existence rests in the mighty palm of my hand.” The spirit drew his blue greatsword and pointed it at Han Sen.

“The deal is unchanged. You two take on Tall and Small, and I’ll get the big cheese.” Han Sen issued a command and immediately cast a gold beam of light towards the advancing spirit.

The blonde spirit swung his greatsword at the beam.

Six-Ear and Metal Demon, still allied with Han Sen, did as ordered. They both went to engage the two spirits that had come to support their master.

They did not think Han Sen could beat the spirit, though. In fact, they were planning on fleeing. All they hoped was that Han Sen had what it took to occupy their primary enemy long enough so they could escape.

Tall and Small both smiled, like ghastly twins. They swung their hammers with alarming ferocity, ruining the scape of the hall in their bids to make jelly out of the creatures that tried for them.

And with each shockwave came a debilitating effect the creatures were unable to avoid or withstand. Like the momentarily disturbed surface of a gentle pond, a pulsing ring flowed out from each strike. When those shockwaves reached the creatures, their movements slowed and made them more susceptible to being hit.

The creatures looked at Han Sen whenever they could, hoping he could continue keeping their enemy busy.

But when they saw what he had done, they were in utter shock.

The blonde spirit had been tied up by a golden cord, like a strung hunk of pork. With a horn he swiveled in-hand, he was casually approaching the spirit. Shortly after, that same horn was plunged deep into the blonde spirit’s heart.

Tall and Small caught a glimpse of what had just transpired in the short amount of time they had spent in combat, and they quickly suffered a pang of shock mixed with a dollop of fear.

They turned around, wis.h.i.+ng to run. Since they were no longer swinging their hammers to slow down their opponents, the two creatures were able to chase after and nip at their behinds.

“Listen up, you primitive screwhead. Lesson number one: know who you’re dealing with before you start swinging that puny little sword of yours around,” Han Sen callously said, as he slowly and excruciatingly pushed the horn deeper into the blonde spirit’s heart.

The spirit was in too much pain to respond, and he died swiftly after. His entire body shattered.

Han Sen knew it was not over yet, though. The spirit wasn’t completely dead, and there was a large chance he’d return as soon as he had mustered his courage back to try again.

As for the tiger and roboman creature, Han Sen did not go after them and the enemies they were hounding down. Instead, he immediately called for Moment Queen to claim the shelter.

Shortly after, the place was rebooted and fully operational once more. There were still others in the shelter who had not vied for owners.h.i.+p, and they eagerly awaited learning who the new master would be.

Unfortunately, the two creatures were unable to catch up with Tall and Small. They returned to the spirit hall shortly after, empty-handed.

“Will you hold up your end of the bargain?” Metal Demon asked Han Sen.

When they made the deal, they hadn’t realized Han Sen was strong enough to so easily slay the blonde spirit like he had. As such, they wanted to treat him with respect.

“Of course. The mine and the garden are yours, but you two are now responsible for the well-being of the shelter, as much as I,” Han Sen said.

Han Sen did not mind having two mutant cla.s.s allies by his side.

“Of course. And if the spirits dare show their face again, we’ll be here to fend them off.” The two creatures were incredibly happy, as they had become unsure whether or not Han Sen would stay true to the deal they had struck. If he did not, with the strength he possessed, there’d be little they could do to change his mind, after all.

The way Han Sen had killed that spirit made them almost afraid to interact with him.

They then had a discussion on how best to proceed in controlling the shelter, and how it should be operated. The others in the courtyards were worried about what would become of them, too.

They still did not know who the new master was, and most of them were leaning towards escape. If a powerful spirit had taken over, they could all kiss their freedom goodbye.

The person with the most worry there, however, was another human.

There was another demi-G.o.d there, and his name was Su Mianhua. He was a professor of genetics in the Alliance. When he came to the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary, he was fortuitous enough to sp.a.w.n nearby.

Nan Litian found him and knew who he was. Shortly after, he was led to the shelter, where he was granted accommodation. He had even been provided much free flesh to level up at a greater pace.

But it was not all peachy. Su Mianhua had been imprisoned in the shelter and not even allowed to return to the Alliance. He had been forced to remain inside the shelter to do research on Nan Litian’s behalf.

Su Mianhua knew Nan Litian often went out to murder creatures for the sole purpose of getting him to do more research. But while the requirement to do research had been forced upon him, over time, he had grown to enjoy it. It became a hobby of sorts, and he was really into it.

The technology in the sanctuaries was fairly primitive, but he had made grand advancements in the time he had spent there. He needed more time and more materials, though. He had run low on supplies recently, so he was quite interested in whether or not a new leader would tolerate his hobby. If the new owner was a creature, there’d be a high chance he would be killed outright.

After the many years of research, while he had collected many geno points, he had done no combat training. He would be hopeless in a fight, so if he was cast out of the shelter, it’d be as good as a death sentence.

All the spirits and creatures stared at the spirit hall, ready for the announcement of who their next leader was.