Super Gene - Chapter 136: A Babe

Chapter 136: A Babe

Chapter 136: A Babe

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Zhao Lianhua looked depressed. "Liu, I do not even know who this person is. Where should I start looking?"

Liu Jianguo paused and said, "Go look anyway. In any case, we must have him. He is too important for us. With him, we would soar and it would be much easier for you to seek sponsors.h.i.+p in the future."

"I will try," Zhao Lianhua said helplessly.

He knew this guy would have a great influence on them, but it was not easy to find someone based just on an ID.

When Li Yufeng recovered from surprise and wanted to invite the guy to fight again, he found that his opponent was already offline. He was at loss and did not move for a long time.

Blackhawk went mad. It was at night but many continued to talk about the duel.

"What a speed! F*#king awesome."

"Ha-ha, after watching the duel, I know that my years of playing that game were wasted."

"Even Li Yufeng was wiped out. Ji Yanran’s boyfriend was just amazing. Who is he anyway?"

"You have to ask Ji Yanran."

"Twenty points, Li was not his match at all."

"It is too easy to beat you... ha-ha..."

"My Yanran... Could he really be her boyfriend?"

"You really have to ask her yourself."


Ji Yanran also wanted to know who her boyfriend was, but she did not.

After logging out of the game, she had contacted a lot of friends, wanting to find out who that person was. However, almost everyone she called would tell her with a trace of gloating, "You have to ask yourself who your boyfriend is."

"How do I know who my boyfriend is!" Ji Yanran blurted out after hearing that reply a lot of times, feeling she was out of her mind after she realized what she had said.

In Room 304, Han Sen was surrounded by s.h.i.+ Zhikang, Lu Meng and Zhang Yang.

"Sen, four dishes and a soup in the cafeteria. One dish less than that and I will out you," Lu Meng said with a grin.

"All four dishes need to be meat. If I see anything green, I will expose you first," s.h.i.+ added.

"Sen, you deserve to be my destined opponent." Zhang Yang’s eyes were full of sparks.

"Let’s go eat then. I'm hungry anyway," Han Sen smiled and said.

The four walked toward a cafeteria. Blackhawk was the size of a small city and all cafeterias ran 24/7. There was no need to worry about where to eat.

But after the four went out, they constantly heard people on the street talking about the duel.

"Sen, just go ahead and admit it’s you. With your skills at the game, maybe Ji Yanran will fall in love with you, and we can all benefit from that by asking her to introduce her friends to us," s.h.i.+ whispered.

"She is my girlfriend," Han Sen said.

s.h.i.+ made a contemptuous gesture at him.

Ji Yanran was not the kind of girl that would fall for a good player. Or else Li Yufeng would not have had to chase after her for two years. Everyone knew that.

The four went to the nearest cafeteria, ordered a few dishes and chatted over drinks.

While eating, s.h.i.+ suddenly lowered his voice and said to the rest, glancing in one direction, "There is a babe over there, the innocent kind. So pretty! And the other two with her are not bad either."

"s.h.i.+, we don’t trust your taste." Lu Meng laughed.

Han Sen and Zhang Yang also laughed. They had all witnessed s.h.i.+’s judgment. A tough lady six feet tall was a little beauty in his eyes.

But you could not blame him either, as he was too tall himself indeed.

"Really... Oh... The babe looked at me, and smiled at me. Here she comes..." s.h.i.+ flushed.

His roommates then felt a bit surprised. It looked like someone really was approaching them. They turned to look and saw an innocent, sweet girl with a great body walking toward them. It looked like she was a freshman like themselves.

"Brother Han," under the excited gaze of s.h.i.+, she walked to Han Sen and called in a sweet voice, making s.h.i.+ want to kill Han Sen.

"Mengmeng, why are you here?" Han Sen recognized w.a.n.g Mengmeng.

"I came to eat with my cla.s.smates and did not expect to meet you here. Let me introduce them. These are my cla.s.smates and roommates, Li Zhenzhen and w.a.n.g Chun." w.a.n.g Mengmeng introduced the two girls following her to Han Sen.

"h.e.l.lo." Han Sen shook hands with the two girls, and introduced his three roommates.

"Since we are all friends now, shall we sit together?" s.h.i.+ pulled the chairs and invited the girls.

"Well, we happen to have something to ask," w.a.n.g Mengmeng blushed and said.

"What's the matter? We will do anything for you," promised s.h.i.+.

w.a.n.g Chun looked at s.h.i.+ and seemed very happy, "It would be great if you could help. We are looking for people to join our society. Have you already registered at some societies? If not, can you join us?"

"Well, we did not register yet, so you have come to the right people. With us, your society will do so well. Right, which society are you talking about?" s.h.i.+ quickly said, making faces to his roommates to ask them to play along. Judging from the three girls’ looks, it was easy to tell that the society they were in must have lots of babes.

"We are with Heavy Warframe Society," said w.a.n.g Chun.

s.h.i.+ almost choked on the water he just drank.

Warframe Society was considered a temple of monks, where members were almost all guys. And Heavy Warframe Society would be Shaolin Temple among all temples, where girls were probably nowhere to be seen. The guys had not expected the girls to be members of Heavy Warframe Society.

The reason why Heavy Warframe Society was independent from Warframe Society was that heavy warframes were much bigger in size than average warframes and were much harder to operate. Ordinary soldiers did not need to use heavy warframes, and 99.99 percent of those who operated heavy warframes were male.