Super Gene - Chapter 1358 - Demon Heart Ring

Chapter 1358 - Demon Heart Ring

Chapter 1358: Demon Heart Ring


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Shelters in the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary were different than those of the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary. Aside from the geno core you could obtain from a claimed shelter, an additional geno core could be retrieved from a treasure chest if the shelter was previously unclaimed.

Moment Queen had yet to recover from her injuries, but she was still able to control the shelter.

Han Sen, Dragon Lady, and Cheap Sheep visited the vault where the treasure chests were supposed to reside. Upon opening the door and giddily stepping inside, they were presented with three treasure chests beside each other.

The design of the chests was very different than they had initially expected. They weren’t containers; instead, they were more like pedestals that extended all the way from the ground and into the ceiling. They looked like pillars, that way.

One of them was silver, indicating it possessed a silver geno core. The other two were bronze, undoubtedly containing bronze geno cores.

Han Sen went straight for the silver pedestal, an action that went unopposed. After all, if it wasn’t for him, they might have all died under the sinister gaze of the psychotic butler.

Han Sen pressed his hand against the pedestal, and it began to descend.

There was no b.u.t.ton, and the pedestal did not descend under the force of Han Sen’s hand; instead, it was an operation performed by Moment Queen.

Atop the pillar was something hovering in a magical light. It was a purple ring.

Han Sen grabbed the ring and heard an announcement play:

“Silver Geno Core obtained: Demon Heart Ring.”

When Han Sen reviewed the information that came along with it, he was pleasantly surprised.

Demon Heart Ring: Dark Element Geno Core

Dark elemental geno cores were extremely rare, and so were the geno points. It was fortunate Han Sen had gathered all that he could in the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary.

Han Sen left the bronze geno cores for Dragon Lady and, begrudgingly, Cheap Sheep. They were of no worth to Han Sen, now that he had a silver one.

Dragon Lady received a set of armor, while Cheap Sheep received a mirror. The mirror was able to concentrate light and deal damage via the reflection—a neat item, but wholly useless for Han Sen to even consider stealing.

Han Sen researched the two silver geno cores he had received, and he learned that the Butler Doll could petrify opponents.

The Demon Heart Ring was able to fortify the heart of its wearer. Unfortunately, it came with a trade-off. Its usage would damage the body, so Han Sen wouldn’t be able to wear it very long. It was a situational item.

Weary, Han Sen decided to return to the Alliance. His mother, Ji Yanran, and Little Yan were delighted and greatly relieved to see him again. Han Sen contacted his good friends, who all went on to congratulate his successful ascension as a demi-G.o.d, and his ability to return.

He didn’t stay there for long, though. He didn’t want to risk an attack on his shelter during his absence. Before he was comfortable leaving there for a time, he’d have to become much stronger.

Even ordinary geno points were able to increase one’s fitness a great deal.

One hundred ordinary geno points could increase a person’s fitness level by two thousand. One hundred primitive geno points could increase a person’s fitness by four thousand. One hundred super geno points could increase a person’s fitness by thirty thousand.

If Han Sen was able to max out his ordinary geno points, he’d have reached a fitness figure of ten thousand. Once he got to that point, he could fight primitive creatures without much of an issue.

Killing ordinary creatures was not a difficult task for Han Sen, and he was able to keep using the egg in his post-return hunting ventures. He was able to max out that figure in no time.

Han Sen’s poisonous meat trick hadn’t worked, it also turned out. Whatever creature lurked in the deep depths of that pit was still alive.

Cheap Sheep was getting cozy with the prospect of Han Sen being his boss, and he accepted the role of being Bao’er’s plaything. The sheep wasn’t the strongest of allies one could have, but Han Sen had developed a bit of a soft spot for him. He’d feel bad about kicking the sheep out, so he allowed him to stay.

There was only one condition for him being allowed to remain in Han Sen’s company, though. Cheap Sheep was not allowed to call Han Sen boss. Every time Han Sen heard it, a s.h.i.+ver and a chill would strike his spine like lightning.

When he maxed out his ordinary geno points, Han Sen decided to follow Dragon Lady to the shelter she had once mentioned.

Because Jade Hill did not have many primitive creatures, and they always seemed to travel in a group, it was best if they ventured out together as one, as well.

Dragon Lady was already in a group, one Han Sen was gladly invited to join, given his recent performance. With that group, he was sure to do well.

Han Sen did not think himself invincible, and he knew his hyper geno arts and geno cores weren’t good enough to face whatever challenge came his way, so he thought the prospect of having a few buddies to back him up would be a great idea.

Bao’er rode Cheap Sheep as they traveled away from Jade Hill.

Dragon Lady was familiar with the region they were headed, so any potential hotspots were avoided. She knew the best routes to take, too.

But on the fourth day, two meteors streaked across the sky. And then, all of a sudden, a blizzard blasted a frightful freeze across the land. It made for a terrifying journey, in awful conditions.

They still pushed on, but on their way, they encountered many ordinary creatures that had been frozen solid. It was horrifying to see, and so Han Sen made sure to keep Jadeskin active and hold Bao’er to ensure her warmth. To make matters worse, an avalanche began rumbling down towards them.

“Oh, no! Someone is fighting.” Dragon Lady summoned a transparent bowl to s.h.i.+eld them from the tide of snow that was descending upon them.

It wasn’t a second too soon, either. Immediately after she did so, the snow buried the bowl completely.

Han Sen could not tell how thick the snow was, but it was incredibly cold in there.