Super Gene - Chapter 1355 - Bronze Shelter

Chapter 1355 - Bronze Shelter

Chapter 1355: Bronze Shelter


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

When Han Sen’s eyes caught the image of Cheap Sheep, his face turned dark. And being called “boss” was irritating. If he heard the sheep say “bub” again, he’d lose his mind.

The sheep was a traitor, coward, and a bringer of trouble. Just seeing it trot over, Han Sen wanted to kick it away.

Arriving before them, Cheap Sheep merrily said, “Bosses; gurrrl, bub; I have found a bronze shelter not too far from here. It is unoccupied.”

“And where is this so-called shelter?” Han Sen released the clenched fist he had been ready to hurl. A bronze shelter might have been a shelter of the lowest tier, but any shelter you commanded was better than no shelter.

If there was a shelter like that, Han Sen really could come and go as he pleased.

“It’s situated deep inside a cave, near the Jade Hills. I can take you there,” Cheap Sheep said.

Han Sen and Chef looked at each other and nodded; they were both in agreement of where they should head next. Han Sen was still rather worried about a potential curse that might have followed the sheep around, but nothing bad seemed to happen after their encounter that day.

Cheap Sheep led them with the happiest spring in his step, and he said, “Bosses, when you claim the shelter, you can give me as many geno cores as you please!”

“Shut up! I’m not your f*cking boss.” Han Sen was getting worked up, being repeatedly referred to as boss.

The volatile reaction was unexpected, though, and it made the sheep jump in fright. After that, it kept its mouth shut. Cheap Sheep only opened it to graze occasionally as they traveled.

After a while of walking, Cheap Sheep rustled a few bushes and said, “This is it, bub.”

Han Sen looked inside the cave and frowned. It was long, but the ceiling was low, and he’d have to crawl if he wanted to make his way through.

“There’s a shelter beyond this? Are you pulling my leg? If you are, I’ll cut yours off.” Han Sen hammered the threat in with s.p.a.ced syllables.

“Boss Bub, I’m really loyal! I swear upon my wooly coat, I’m not lying!” Cheap Sheep pleaded.

After a brief discussion with Chef, Han Sen decided to follow after the sheep. He was going to go forward anyway, with or without them.

The ground of the cave was mainly comprised of dirt, but it was solid, nonetheless. After ten minutes of crawling, the cave opened up into a typical rock tunnel. At that point they were able to stand up, as well.

The trail took them deeper underground, but where they were going and how long they would have to walk, they could not tell.

It was fortunate Han Sen and Chef’s vision were excellent, for not even the faintest glimmer of sunlight pierced that black veil. Their eyes provided them night-vision.

“How much further to go?” Han Sen frowned.

Cheap Sheep answered, “We’re almost there; we’re just over half way!”

Han Sen dubiously allowed the sheep to continue leading them, and much to his relief—and to the sheep’s continued health—they arrived half an hour later.

“Boss! It’s here!” The sheep raised one of its hooves, pointing directly ahead of them. Han Sen looked forward and saw a castle of stone.

Han Sen appraised the area they had arrived in. The tunnels and caverns had opened up to reveal them standing in a valley someplace. The cliffsides around them were ma.s.sive, and the sky was a thick, straight line that sat atop them, as if they were the legs of a table.

The castle itself was comprised of grey stone, and certain elements of its design made it appear more like a well-fortified manor or mansion.

Chef went ahead first. She had been in the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary for a while, and in that time, she had not once had the opportunity to claim a shelter. Cheap Sheep quickly tailed her, thinking she would take better care of him than Han Sen would.

Han Sen, deeming the area safe, also followed from behind. And judging the shelter from its fairly unkempt, rugged exterior, he well and truly believed it to be a bronze-cla.s.s shelter. Han Sen only had a bronze geno core, so claiming a silver shelter would be rather silly.

Chef pushed against the door of the shelter, and they came to some sort of lobby. Before them was a large rectangular table. It was very long, like a dining table for the rich in their excessively large estates. There was one seat at each end, and five seats on the left and right sides of it.

Upon the table was silverware. There were pots, trays, crockery, and cutlery. Fruit and meat were piled on the plates, and a pot of something was cooking above a fire.

Han Sen and Bao’er began to drool, and they felt their bones ache for the comfort this place was sure to provide them. It had been a long time since they had been someplace so nice. Not wanting Bao’er to run off, though, Han Sen tightened his grip around her.

However, Cheap Sheep had told them the shelter was unclaimed. If that was true, why was there a fire going, with food being cooked?

“Did someone take this place before we got here?” Han Sen wondered, before shouting out, “Anyone home?! We’re here to borrow some brown sugar.”

After Han Sen’s call, no reply came.

“Let’s check further inside,” Dragon Lady Chef said, sharing his concern.

Han Sen and Cheap Sheep followed after her, and after a brief poke about, they found no one else there.

The shelter was comprised of four floors and twenty rooms, and despite checking out each location, they found no one there. Furthermore, there were no statues or teleporters.

“Are you sure this is a shelter?” Han Sen asked, after they returned to the lobby.

Dragon Lady started to say something, too, but suddenly, there was a large pang sound. The doors to the outside pulled themselves shut, and the candles lit up.