Super Gene - Chapter 1345 - The Boss of Jade Hill

Chapter 1345 - The Boss of Jade Hill

Chapter 1345: The Boss of Jade Hill


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

The chef approached Han Sen with her cleaver in-hand. Just as Han Sen was about to retaliate with Super Spank, he heard a chilly voice boom from the skies.

“Did you kill the primitive creatures?”

The chef stopped and looked up into the sky. Han Sen lowered his hand and also looked up at the phantom figure that was now addressing them. When his vision cleared, he could see a male spirit hovering high-up in the air. His eyes were fixed on the chef, and his face bore an expression of distaste.

Han Sen thought to himself, “Poor you, ‘bub.’ You pledged allegiance to the chef, and now she’s going to get her *ss handed to her! You chose the wrong side, pal.”

“Who are you?” the chef asked the spirit.

“You killed my creatures, you horrid hag! And you roam these lands without knowing who I am? I am the leader of Jade Hill! These lands you tread belong to me.” The spirit paused briefly. He continued to address the chef, his words simmering with restrained anger. “You killed my creatures, and that means there’s a price to pay. You will cough up!”

The spirit summoned a book in his hands. It was a book that was adorned with a number of strange scrawlings, symbols, and patterns.

He opened the copper-like cover and began to draw with his fingertip.

Due to Han Sen being trapped beneath the bowl, he was unable to see exactly what the spirit was drawing. Beneath the gla.s.s encasing, he could not make use of his Dongxuan Aura.

A second later, though, he was done. And with a blinding font of light, a beast came out of the book. It was a three-meter-long creature that had emerged from the page of that book. It cried out and then flew down towards the chef.

The spirit looked far stronger than the three-horned beast king the chef had slain earlier, so there was every chance she had met her match here.

The chef frowned and threw up her left fist, and from out of nowhere, a fork appeared in her hand. Each pierced through the meaty hide, flesh, and body of the beast that was bearing down on her.

With the creature stuck firmly in place upon her frightening utensil, the chef began to swing her cleaver at the beast with her one free arm.

The beast, however, despite being lodged firmly upon her fork, did not seem to feel any pain. It still tried to attack the chef, flailing helplessly, but it could not reach her.

The chef continued to swing and swing, slicing up the spirit’s newly-sp.a.w.ned creature like a giant sus.h.i.+ roll.

“You are good, but you are also dead.” The self-proclaimed boss of Jade Hill spoke calmly, but his tone was heavy with serious gravitas.

The boss of Jade Hill returned to his book and began conjuring something else.

The chef, disposing of the mutilated creature on her fork, raised her kitchen utensils once more. She was ready to fight and destroy anything that dared come close. When the next creature was summoned, she destroyed it. And this was how it went for some time. Creature after creature was thrown at her, and before long, she could not keep up with the pace at which these creatures were summoned.

The sheep, having seen this, began running away like a hare on fire.

Han Sen was shocked at the spectacle, and he knew he was in for a lot more surprises in the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary. This spirit’s geno core was obviously a book, and he wondered what others might possess.

It also made him more eager to find out which geno core he would receive once he got one, and it spurred him with an even greater desire to max out his ordinary geno points as soon as possible.

“The chef isn’t looking too good. He’s drawing way faster than she can exterminate. It’s a little cheap of this boss-leader guy, if I’m to be honest,” Han Sen thought to himself.

In the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary, if a spirit was unable to take down a shelter, they’d be unable to resp.a.w.n.

If the chef did not already have a shelter to call her own, she was in danger of being vanquished completely. She was in danger of death—an absolute one.

Knowing she could not keep up with the pace of monster sp.a.w.ns, she tried a different tactic. She leaped up into the skies to get up-close-and-personal with the boss of Jade Hill.

The boss conjured a bird and stood upon it as the chef approached. And then the bird began to retreat, further and further away as the boss of Jade Hill stuck to his cheap tricks of summoning creatures to attack the chef who was now doing her best to get him.

The chef had battled her way through legions of creatures, and there were surely far more to come. She was in a bad spot, and the chances of her actually getting close enough to defeat the boss were looking slim.

“I don’t think she’s going to make it. It’s a shame, but I suppose now is the best opportunity I have to get away.” Han Sen, watching the corpses of slain creatures rain from the sky, tried punching his way through the crystal bowl to escape.

Unfortunately, despite using Jadeskin to punch with all his might, there was not even a single crack rendered upon his cage’s surface.

“Why is this bowl so hard? Is it a geno core, perhaps?” Han Sen ventured a guess.

Han Sen was going to try breaking through the bowl with Super Spank next, but then, the bowl suddenly flew back up towards the chef. Now that Han Sen was free, he wasn’t going to question the blessing. He took off running as fast as he could. Killing a spirit would not provide him with a benefit, after all.

He ran in the opposite direction that the sheep had fled, knowing it was best for him to avoid the traitorous fiend.

And as he left, he could hear cries, roars, and the general sounds of a fierce battle high in the sky behind him. That’s not to say he cared much for the trouble he was leaving behind. He was just happy to get away.

Han Sen needed a geno core more than anything, right now.

Everyone appeared to use a geno core to fight, so that put him at a grave disadvantage. Han Sen didn’t think it was very fair. Because he had come to learn of this region well, Han Sen took off in the direction of a large mountain.

A primitive Toxic-Tooth used to live there, but it had been killed by the chef shortly after Han Sen and the sheep joined its employ. At least now the area was clear.

The valley he traversed was home to creatures named Jade Snails. They were slow and weak, but their geno cores and beast souls were good. Wanting to level up and increase his strength, Han Sen fancied taking a bunch of them down.