Super Gene - Chapter 1336 - The Third Contract Between Humans and Spirits

Chapter 1336 - The Third Contract Between Humans and Spirits

Chapter 1336: The Third Contract Between Humans and Spirits


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

Undead Emperor was given a lot of information about Han Sen by the other spirits, so his expectations had already been realistically set. The spirits called upon Undead Emperor to help slay Han Sen due to his undying body, but just like always, the results shocked them.

The previously-thought-to-be-indestructible body of Undead Emperor was utterly annihilated by Han Sen’s slap.

Mankind had won that round, as well. And after Han Sen claimed the mountain, humanity began to celebrate another job well done. But all of a sudden, a light shone in the sky high above.

The ground began to shake, quake, and rumble. Tears formed across the region, through subterranean explosions. It was like a coming apocalypse, and it frightened the onlookers.

Aside from where Han Sen was, the land was churned into utter ruin and carnage. The mountains around collapsed into themselves, sinking down into black pits. Eventually, only Sky Mountain remained, surrounded by abyssal depths.

The humans that saw this felt a great chill. Where the encompa.s.sing regions went, they had no clue, but the only relief they could feel was the belief they had been spared somehow.

“There are words written across the black reaches that surround us!” a person called out.

When the people turned to take a look, they read it out. It said, “We fight in three days. Yours sincerely, The King.”

Everyone looked at the chasm with worry. It was a sinister way to send a message, and even though they had full confidence in Han Sen, they couldn’t help but feel afraid.

Han Sen was their only lifeline. If he was defeated, things would go back to how they once were, as n.o.body else could carry his flame.

The news that The King had challenged Han Sen was all over the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary. While this greatly excited the spirits, humans were less enthusiastic about the concept.

If a human like Han Sen was defeated, progress in the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary would revert back to zero. Mankind would lose their entire grip on what they had obtained there thus far, and would most likely be treated even worse.

And with the spectacle that accompanied the invitation, of entire lands being sunken, the fear of Han Sen losing grew. They started to believe Han Sen did not have what it took to defeat The King.

The three days pa.s.sed by quickly, and all that while, humans worried. But now, the day for that fateful fight had come.

On the day of battle, Han Sen ventured to the peak of Sky Mountain and stood proudly. He waited there for The King to show. Although humans were tinged with a bit more worry than the spirits, they were all excited to see and hear what the result would be.

Eventually, a body that looked like The King arrived. And after that, the area turned black. n.o.body could see or hear a thing. A second later, everything returned to how it was.

When they looked up again, they were all shocked at what they saw. Han Sen and The King were gone; neither of them could be seen, and the mountaintop had vanished as well.

The trail of a battle was found, though, one that extended all the way to the Endless Sea. Although no one had seen the battle unfold, the markings of what had occurred looked bad. It must have been a brutal tussle.

When the wake of combat reached the Endless Sea, none dared traverse the place. The gravity issue was bad enough, but the tsunamis that raged were frightening.

Seven days later, the rage of the Endless Sea was quelled.

Although nothing of the fight could actually be seen, it was hailed as the most epic and legendary fight every performed by a human. The Alliance decided to call it the “Final Fight.”

But no one yet knew who won the battle. The Alliance said Han Sen had won, but the spirits said The King had won.

The battle had stopped, and Han Sen and The King established a contract.

There were three core pillars of the contract.

It stated that humans who were sent to spirit shelters were allowed to return to the Alliance.

Han Sen would also provide spirits near-absolute freedom, as long as they did not venture past Sky Mountain and left those lands alone.

To the east of Sky Mountain was land solely belonging to mankind. Spirits were not allowed to go there.

A lot of factions agreed with the contents of the contract, and it seemed like the best of both worlds. At the very least, it meant every surpa.s.ser had been freed.

Han Sen had also secured a million miles square of land for humans to occupy and live freely in.

The Alliance was worried that if Han Sen died or had to leave the sanctuary, they would lose everything he had secured. As a result, they greatly agreed with the terms of the contract.

The King became a hero to the spirits of the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary. When Undead Emperor was killed, all hope was lost. And yet, The King did not shy away from the battle. He went up and battled Han Sen alone. And hearing humans were no longer allowed to go past Sky Mountain, they were delighted.

Some people believed The King might have actually been the elusive Dollar, but few agreed with that theory. Spirits did not believe The King was a human, and humans did not believe Dollar was a spirit.

Han Sen knew the contract had no power, though. When he ascended to the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary, it would be rendered nullified. He only hoped the terms could be respected, going forward.

So, Han Sen used this opportunity to bring Ji Yanran and his mother to the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary.

His mother was sent to a place in the human lands, whereas Ji Yanran was sent to a shelter that belonged to the dominion of spirits. But because of the terms of the contract, Ji Yanran was allowed to return to the Alliance and let Han Sen know where she was. Then, Han Sen was able to go there and bring her to where it was safe.

Han Sen gave the pair a bunch of Life Geno Essences to give them a headstart.

Han Sen did not aid the other humans much, though. He wanted them to become strong by themselves, for that would be true strength they’d be earning.

Han Sen’s subordinates became guards for shelters, but they wouldn’t join any battles.

Han Sen brought a few of the people he knew back to the underground shelter, too, unbeknownst to some.

Han Sen let his mother handle many things there, while he took the time to focus on what was necessary for him, if he wished to reach the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary.

Han Sen also wondered over what Dragon King had told him, about the special gene lock that might or might not exist. He had opened the tenth gene lock on three of his abilities, but he didn’t feel anything remotely close to what Dragon King had described to him.

Han Sen wished to figure it out before ascending, which aligned with the Alliance’s desire of wanting him to remain for a while, too.

When Han Sen returned home, he received a letter. Much to his surprise, it had been written with an actual pen.

Han Sen opened the envelope, and soon after, he began to tremble.