Super Gene - Chapter 133: Ten Thirty Tonight

Chapter 133: Ten Thirty Tonight

Chapter 133: Ten Thirty Tonight

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"Sen, are you going for it?" s.h.i.+ looked at Han Sen with hidden excitement. He felt even Han Sen’s opponent was Li Yufeng, Han would still win. Although s.h.i.+ had never seen Li Yufeng play, he believed so. Han Sen’s performance so far made him think that Han must be almost invincible in this game.

Lu Meng and Zhang Yang were also looking at Han Sen, awaiting his decision.

"Of course I will," Han Sen said casually.

Ji Yanran was the girlfriend he won with a bet. Although he was too busy to look for her, he would not allow other guys to use himself to impress her.

In the Han Sen’s view, it was fine if Li tried to show off in front of Ji Yanran, but there was no way Han Sen would allow himself to be used in the process.

Hearing Han Sen's answer, s.h.i.+ and Lu were both thrilled. Zhang Yang rubbed his hands together and said, "Now that’s it. Young people should be motivated, and we all support you to defeat Li Yufeng and make Ji Yanran your girlfriend for real."

"Right! If you really have such a gorgeous girlfriend, the entire Room 304 would all feel honored," said s.h.i.+ excitedly.

"Go on the forum and reply him with a time for the duel. Sen has a big chance to beat Li, in my opinion." Lu Meng laughed.

"Chance? Li Yufeng is no match to Sen at all," s.h.i.+ curled his lips downward and said.

Han Sen went to the campus community forum and found the post at the top. After he clicked on it, he replied with a time using his account My-girlfriend-is-Ji-Yanran.

"10:30 pm." Han Sen left just the time and did not even bother to read Li Yufeng’s post.

Han Sen never took any of his schoolmates as a serious match of his.

In a short amount of time, his reply attracted the attention of all the students.

Because Li Yufeng's post had been up for several days, people thought Ji Yanran’s boyfriend was too scared to reply. But today, seeing his reply and the ID name, a student was in shock. Having rubbed his eyes and confirmed several times, he started to spread the news, "Ha-ha, Ji Yanran's boyfriend replied directly with the time of the duel. We have something to watch."

"Really? He did that?"

"So daring. It is Li Yufeng!"

"What about Li Yufeng? I think Ji Yanran’s boyfriend is definitely stronger."

"That is hard to say. After all, Li Yufeng is a professional player and the best on campus. He also had good performance in the contest across the Alliance."

"How do you know that Ji Yanran’s boyfriend is not professional?"

"That makes sense. No one knows who Ji Yanran’s boyfriend is, so he could be a professional player as well."

"Would it be Ouyang Xiaosan?"

"I think not. According to Ouyang Xiaosan’s character, he would not have replied at all."

"If it’s not Ouyang Xiaosan, then who can it be? I really cannot think of anyone in the school who is so strong."

"Could it be a freshman?"

"How can that be? Freshmen are all rookies. If there is such an outstanding person, we should have known when they had the entrance exam."

Soon the duel between Li Yufeng and Ji Yanran’s boyfriend was known by the entire school.

"Yanran, your boyfriend appeared." Qu Lili ran to the training hall, panting.

Ji Yanran paused and bristled, "I said a million times that he is not my boyfriend, so do not call him that."

Qu Lili took Ji Yanran's hand, grinned and said, "I know. I won’t do that again, but your... My-girlfriend-is-Ji-Yanran said online that he would have a duel against Li Yufeng tonight at 10:30."

"Yanran, I envy you that there are two great guys fighting for you, making you quite the princess," Qu Lili said admiringly.

"You can have them both if you want," Ji Yanran said sullenly.

She did not really like Li Yufeng, but Li had been chasing after her for two years. She was quite upset by his pursuit.

As for My-girlfriend-is-Ji-Yanran, he was using such a devious means that Ji Yanran had even less interest in him.

But Ji Yanran was still a little curious and wanted to find out who that person was. In addition to las.h.i.+ng out at him, she also wanted to know who had such a good level as Li Yufeng and Ouyang Xiaosan.

If he is not beyond salvation, she could consider recruiting him into her society so that their ranking this year could be further enhanced.

"I want to, but they did not do it for me," Qu Lili complained. "If there are two men at a duel for me, I will give them a chance."

"You little fool. You said 10:30 tonight, right?" Ji Yanran asked.

"Yes, your boyfriend said that," said Qu Lili.

Ji Yanran was speechless, but she was not about to correct Qu Lili. In fact, the entire school called him that and she was just powerless.

"This time I will find out who you are." Ji Yanran stopped training and went back to get ready to see their duel.

As soon as she watched that person play, she should be able to tell who he was from his style. Unless he was not one of the players on campus, she would have an idea.

After Li Yufeng saw the reply, his eyes lit up and continued his Hand of G.o.d training.

"Boss, Ji Yanran's boyfriend replied," A thin man rushed in and exclaimed.

Li Yufeng suddenly frowned at him, so the thin man quickly corrected himself, "No, the despicable guy replied 10:30 tonight."

"I have seen it." Li Yufeng said casually.

"Boss, you must kick his a.s.s this time, and prove our society’s worth," said the thin man.

"I will not go easy on him," said Li Yufeng coldly.