Super Gene - Chapter 1315 - Godslayer Legend

Chapter 1315 - Godslayer Legend

Chapter 1315: G.o.dslayer Legend


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Moment Queen had been looking for the true spirit, but in her constant re-watches of the video she had recorded in her mind, she did notice something.

With every bug that became Cup Demon Emperor, she saw another smaller bug writhe around them. It was like a little football, but its dominant color was black, and it possessed a cup on its back.

It was camouflaged well, so it didn’t stick out. That was why spotting it had been so difficult and it had taken so long, but whenever a bug became a cup, that little one was around it.

Unfortunately, finding it was difficult, and she didn’t think she could keep an eye on it alone.

Before the bugs became copies of Cup Demon Emperor, the little bug that possessed a cup on its back was similar to a chimney that was emitting black smoke.

It disappeared quickly, and then, the bugs that were around it would become those copies of Cup Demon Emperor.

“That must be it!” Moment Queen watched it intently now, with her own two eyes. She was able to spot it every now and again, emitting the black smoke like a puff of perfume. And then, when this occurred, she’d see the big bugs in its vicinity transform and take on the shape of Cup Demon Emperor.

She didn’t take action just yet, though. It’d be impossible for her to walk up and kill it, considering how agile it was. She knew she should take her time and not be so hasty.

Seeing the little girl do her thing, Moment Queen decided to teleport next to her.

Then, over the fraction of a second, she went elsewhere right past her. But just before she did this, her lips swiftly moved to speak and provide Zero the intel she sought to impart.

With how quickly she was going, any onlookers would only see Moment Queen hurriedly speed right past her.

The bug knight Moment Queen was still dealing with eventually caught up to her, spitting out silk in an attempt to trap her.

Moment Queen evaded everything it tried to do effortlessly, and unbeknownst to her opponent, she was still secretly keeping an eye on the little girl and her own dilemma.

But more importantly, she was keeping track of where the black bug with a cup on its back was scurrying to.

Suddenly, Moment Queen teleported to the black bug and used her geno sword to stab it.


Moment Queen was incredibly fast, and before the eyes of the opponent, it was as if she had vanished into thin air.

Unfortunately, her sword was unable to pierce the sh.e.l.l of the little bug. And while that was dismaying, it was enough. That was because she had left an ugly white mark across the carapace, which worked against its black camouflage.

The bug was maddened by what she had tried to do, though. Like the exhaust of a humvee or the flue of an upset volcano, it began emitting its black smoke everywhere.

Moment Queen quickly dashed away from the smoke, not wanting to hang around and find out what effects it might have on her. But the bug wasn’t keen to let her transgression slide. With great anger, it made the decision to chase after Moment Queen, but it was all too late. A Bone Dagger had pinned it in its place.

The bug squealed and squirmed for a couple of seconds, before exploding into a thick, soupy, red haze. When the bug died, all the Cup Demon Emperor copies went with it. They all went up in a puff of smoke.

And then, in tandem, the enemies that had come to the shelter sought to flee the battle. In great terror and fright, the host that had come to conquer the shelter began running away in every direction they could.

Moment Queen immediately started killing them as they went, and picked off any stragglers she could.

In Cup Demon Shelter, there was a robed spirit staring at a can. Inside the can were three black bugs with cups on their backs.

“The heir of G.o.dslayer Luo has revealed himself. My Cup Demon has died; send word. I am sure the emperors of this realm will relish the opportunity to aid me.” The spirit smiled. And then, many black bugs began to fly out from underneath his fingers.

In Moving Star Shelter, s...o...b..ll and Xie Qing King clutched each other tightly as they were electrocuted back to full health.

They were the ones who had been injured the most, and the silver fox was keen—almost too keen—to help them recover.

“I’m groovy! I’m fit as a fiddle!” Xie Qing King pleaded, beneath the brutality of the electricity he was being forced to endure.

Unheeding, the silver fox continued shocking them both back to full health.

Woof! s...o...b..ll said, in a half-squeal.

Moment Queen performed a quick headcount and noted not many had died, primarily through the healing distributed by the Holy Rhino and the silver fox. Unfortunately, the shelter itself was in wild disarray. There was little of it left following the carnage.

They had managed to kill seven creatures all in all, but the strongest of them had been vaporized by Xie Qing King. There was not a trace of its body left to be found.

The black-haired lady Zero was busy preparing food, as everyone regained some happiness in the jovial mood brought on by victory. Moment Queen stared at the girl for a while, thinking about how much she admired her. She knew the girl was the purple-haired lady.

Even Dry Bone King looked at her with admiration.

They were all shocked by Zero’s performance that day, and how after all the time they had spent together, they had not known the full extent of what she could do. She wasn’t just the near-mute cook Han Sen kept as a companion. There was something special about her, that was for sure.

Across the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary, black bugs were individually being sent to emperor shelters.

“Gu Demon, what are you up to?” an emperor asked, while looking at the bug.

The bug then displayed a video of Zero fighting ten Cup Demon Emperors, all at once.

“G.o.dslayer Luo?” the emperor said, as he stared at Zero with a sudden feeling of contempt.

“The heir of G.o.dslayer Luo has come.”

“I would like to see the true extent of his power.”

“The time for revenge has come.”

Across all the emperor shelters, their rulers all looked to be in shock.