Super Gene - Chapter 1313 - Three Chapters and You’re Out!

Chapter 1313 - Three Chapters and You’re Out!

Chapter 1313: Three Chapters and You’re Out!


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

A big white sphere appeared before Xie Qing King’s eyes. The feet of his nemesis were continuing their descent, but they came into contact with the orb which plus.h.i.+ly pushed down on Xie Qing King’s face to cus.h.i.+on the blow. He was still alive.

Gold General raised his legs once more. Even if a ball-like cus.h.i.+on had come to soften the blow, he thought it curious how it had not been broken by his supercharged curb stomp.

After lifting up his leg, the squishy white thing returned to its spherical shape as if it had not been harmed in the slightest. The orb then began to circle around Xie Qing King, hoping to protect him from any further hits.

s...o...b..ll had spent most of his time with Xie Qing King, and they had fought alongside each other under dire circ.u.mstances once before. He was worried for his wellbeing, and despite being a scaredy-cat, even s...o...b..ll wasn’t going to stand idly by while his friend suffered such terrible wrath.

s...o...b..ll used to find himself getting bullied in the shelter when he first came into Han Sen’s care. After befriending Xie Qing King, though, this negative treatment stopped. And ever since then, it was only Bao’er who took the occasional time out to exercise her frustrations and bully s...o...b..ll.

s...o...b..ll was afraid of stepping out, risking his life for others. But he couldn’t bear the thought of letting Xie Qing King die when he had the chance to do something. So, with a grand mustering of courage, he s.h.i.+elded himself in the white sphere, ran out to Xie Qing King, and tried to be as spry as he could to protect him.

Woof! Woof! Woof!

The furry creature’s fear was greater than ever now that he was in harm’s way, but he still jovially barked at Xie Qing King to let him know that he was there, and in delight at knowing that his initial rescue had been a success.

But Xie Qing King was injured too badly to respond, and he couldn’t stand up, either.

Gold General looked at the white orb with much disdain and tried to curb stomp Xie Qing King again. s...o...b..ll quickly dashed beneath where the foot was to land and blocked the attempt. The ball was pushed down a great deal, but it did not break.

Gold General did this many times, and he tried stomping the white sphere multiple times in a row. As much as he was surprised, he was frustrated at his inability to break the white orb that taunted him.

Again and again, he stomped on the white sphere like a raving lunatic. But still, the orb held strong.

Gold General then tried something else, and he pulled out a golden spike from beneath his gauntlets. It was like a terrifying c.o.c.ktail stick.

As if he was going to fiercely pop a balloon, he leaped towards the white ball and drove the spike into it like a stake would be driven into the heart of an incapacitated vampire before it woke.

The sphere was flattened, but not to the point it could pop just yet. Acknowledging the need for more strength, Gold General pushed down harder on the orb.

Like a mist of chalk, white dust began to clog the immediate vicinity as Gold General continued to press his sharp golden prod into s...o...b..ll’s s...o...b..ll. After an extra loud pang sound, the orb popped open to reveal the furry little critter that had been pestering Gold General. It came rolling out the orb roughly.

Gold General kicked s...o...b..ll away, as if he was simple vermin that was no longer worth his time.

The kick was a rough one, though. s...o...b..ll was sent coursing through a number of concrete walls before coming to a stop, s.h.i.+vering on the precipice of death.

The Holy Rhino immediately applied a heal on the creature, but it’d take a while for it to get back on its feet. And a restoration of its courage was another matter entirely.

Gold General now walked over to the Holy Rhino and tried to kill it, as it had initially sought to do.

“Stop!” A voice sounded from directly behind the general.

Gold General turned to see the bloodied, broken-bodied Xie Qing King standing there. His eyes gleamed with silver, wanting to make one last effort before submitting to the cold embrace of death.

“Yes.” Gold General threw a punch towards Xie Qing King’s head, in one last bid to destroy the noggin he so much loathed.

Xie Qing King was trembling with the last bit of power he wished to exhaust on his foe. He also knew there’d be no turning back now, as an attempt to dodge or block the attack would be futile.

One of s...o...b..ll’s eyes had been squished like jelly after the kick it received earlier, and now, with its other one half-open, it looked at Xie Qing King and barked in sadness.

And unable to dodge the attack, all Xie Qing King could do now was hope he had bought the Holy Rhino enough time to supply everyone with what they needed, and for Han Sen to possibly return before it was too late.

Seeing the fist bear down on him, ready to finish him off, Xie Qing King looked at it with wide eyes. He wanted to see that which was trying to kill him; he wasn’t going to turn away. And as he watched it come, he watched as another fist reached out from nowhere and blocked it.

Gold General was as shocked as Xie Qing King was, acknowledging it was Xie Qing King’s own hand that had somehow stopped the hit despite his grievous injuries.

Xie Qing King grabbed the fist and smiled with a seething hiss.

“In my comic, sh*t characters like you don’t survive more than three chapters,” Xie Qing King said, as his lips formed a faint smirk.

“Yes.” Gold General threw another fist at Xie Qing King.

Xie Qing King grabbed this fist, too, and said, “I was going to be nice and let you live, despite the fact you’re some emperor’s yes-man jellyfish. But then you go and hit my little homey over there? Bruh, you done goofed. It’s time to write you out of this. I’ll see you on the cutting room floor.”

After that, Xie Qing King’s body blazed with a silver light unlike anything anyone had ever witnessed before.

“No.” Gold General could feel Xie Qing King unleas.h.i.+ng the true extent of his powers, and he could quickly feel that strength overwhelming his own.

His hands were like chains, latched tightly around his fists. There was no escape.

Gold General, in his panic, tried to do all that he could to break free. He began swinging his legs like a madman in a bid to escape.

Gold General was happy that Xie Qing King had not tried to dodge his fierce kneeing, but that slight modic.u.m of joy turned to shock and fright a second later.

His knee was only one inch away from striking Xie Qing King’s belly, but it could go no further.

No matter what he tried, his knee kept stopping one inch short of its target.

“No!” Gold General was terrified. Loss was something he rarely felt, and more than anything right now, all he wanted to do was leave.

He wanted to leave, but Xie Qing King’s grasp was too tight and forbade him from doing so.

“No!” Gold General could not repel the power, and he was dragged closer and closer into the silver sun before him.


Gold General was pulled into the silver star, resulting in a devastating explosion that turned the entire sky silver.

“Argh!” Gold General let out one last scream of agony. A second later, it was cut short.

Moment Queen herself was shocked seeing this, and she watched as half the shelter was turned to gravel and dirt by the release of that power.

Everyone fell back seeing this. A giant crater was all that remained where that power had been unleashed, and at its center stood Xie Qing King. And that was all.

Next, Xie Qing King pulled out a cigar and lit it. With a deep inhale and a puff of outward smoke, he said, “Oh, I know what the ladies like. And to all you who seek to push their luck like the Golden Dong did? Listen up, because you don’t get to fight the author and expect to win, boys and girls. ”

Xie Qing King gave s...o...b..ll a thumbs up.

s...o...b..ll came crawling out of the rubble, wis.h.i.+ng to give a reply. But then, he saw Xie Qing King suddenly collapse as a stream of silver blood began to pour out of him.