Super Gene - Chapter 1311 - Cup Demon Comes

Chapter 1311 - Cup Demon Comes

Chapter 1311: Cup Demon Comes


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Moving Star Shelter was riddled with bugs. It had been besieged and overwhelmed by a torrent of insects. There were ladybugs on the ground, like tanks to shelter infantry, and giant flying centipedes hovering and clogging the sky.

A variety of toxic insects, of varying proportions, dimensions, and powers, were coming from all around. If there was one constant between them all, it was that they were each a mighty creature that could take more than a few hits with a swatter to down.

Dry Bone King, Qing Jun King, and Blue Dinosaur were engaged in battle with the fiends. They were defending the shelter valiantly. Unfortunately, many of the buildings that filled the grounds of Moving Star Shelter had been toppled and broken into ruin.

Moment Queen was currently fighting a knight that rode atop one of the bugs in the sky.

And as she fought, so too did a lightning fox with ten electrified tails. This furry creature was engaged in combat with an emperor spirit.

Purple Emperor battled a blue centipede, and he arced the skies with b.l.o.o.d.y trails as he swiped the foe.

Moment Queen looked up higher from where she was, and she saw an emperor clad in chitin-forged armor. He looked down on the chaos that unfolded below and smiled in wretched delight.

There was a gold, humanoid super creature standing beside him.

“D*mmit!” Moment Queen sputtered out.

Cup Demon Emperor had come to the shelter alongside an entourage of four additional emperor spirits, each with ten gene locks open. The host of creatures that accompanied them were nothing short of mighty, either.

The silver fox and Purple Emperor were able to engage and keep one emperor busy each.

Cup Demon and the berserk Gold General did not engage in the proceedings of the battlefield yet, though. As if they commanded the charge, they just watched and enjoyed the anarchic display down below.

Moment Queen was in the midst of combat against a duo of super creatures that had both opened nine gene locks. The rider was called Bug Knight, and the super creature it rode upon was called Toxic Bug.

The swarm of virulent insects almost choked the skies with their numbers, and the host was so thick, it was as if they formed a net over the entire shelter and the area surrounding it. Those who had been occupying the shelter were stuck fighting for their lives, whether they liked it or not.

All the occupants aside from the silver fox and Purple Emperor, that was. If things turned too awry and they either had to flee or die, only those two would likely be able to make an escape.

Moment Queen could only hope Han Sen would heed her call and return soon, but with how fast things were going wrong and how far away her master had traveled, she believed she’d be dead alongside the rest when he finally made it back.

s...o...b..ll was, of course, hiding as all this transpired. Blue Dinosaur was doing its best to withstand the punis.h.i.+ng might of the three super creatures that had made it their target.

Baby Ghost was still weak, despite the time that had elapsed since his suffering, but he wasn’t idle. He was currently being chased around by a snake-like super creature that had nine gene locks open.

Holy Rhino was the one beacon of hope for the tired battlers that did their best to defend the shelter. It repeatedly flashed its heals across the battlescape, doing its best to aid each of its allies.

The swarm of enemies and the damage they dealt would eventually catch up with them, but thus far, the only reason they were all still standing was because of the healing the Holy Rhino was able to dish out.

“Kill that rhino.” Cup Demon smiled as he issued the command, knowing the felling of the rhino would be enough to crush their morale and lead to their submitting.

“Yes.” Gold General did as it was bidden, and began its approach to the rhino.

Moment Queen saw him heading for their most valuable ally, but painfully realized they did not have the manpower to spare to save it. Gold General could not be stopped.

Seeing the Gold General about to strike the Holy Rhino, a silver light streaked by it.

Taking notice of this silver phantom, Gold General turned around to see the light zip upwards into the skies above him.

“You shouldn’t be here!” the silver light cried out, as its form manifested in front of Gold General.

“Yes.” Gold General smiled.

Gold General’s body was bulky, and he looked heavy and c.u.mbersome. But its appearance betrayed its true nature, which made it faster than most would imagine.

Xie Qing King was the silver light, and he roared as he threw a silver-wreathed punch at the golden fist that was also headed his way.


The collision of their punches generated a most spectacular, balance-upsetting shockwave across the battlefield. Xie Qing King himself was sent backwards, barreling across the ground and through a building which then fell apart on top of him.

“Yes.” Gold General then resumed its approach to the Holy Rhino.


The rubble that composed a destroyed building was sent flying all around like artillery, as a bloodied Xie Qing King emerged from the ruins.

The silver light that fueled the mad spirit was growing in volume.

“*sshole! You better pay for my s.h.i.+rt you just tore. This was a special crafting of the Alliance; 60% cotton, 40% polyester, boy!” Xie Qing King leaped into the air with a fist primed to knock Gold General’s head clean off its anchoring shoulders.

The silver light was so strong, it sent ripples through the fabric of the s.p.a.ce they occupied.

The Gold General did not feel threatened, though, and he turned to repeat his previous performance. He threw a punch to meet with the new one that was coming.


The silver light was like a super volcano, spitting out a torrent of lava that could melt the hardiest of metals. And so, this silver leaped onto the Gold General in a bid to ravage its body.

“This isn’t even my final form!” Xie Qing King was gasping after unleas.h.i.+ng that amount of power, but he did his best to keep his cool and spout a one-liner like his favorite humans from fiction did.

But when the silver light faded, it revealed Gold General who was simply hovering in the air unharmed.

Xie Qing King was stunned. The most powerful attack he could unleash was proven ineffective against the foe; this was something that had never happened before.

“Yes.” Gold General’s eyes blazed with the fire of murder, and he launched a punch targeting Xie Qing King’s head.

“Alu-Alu-Alu!” Xie Qing King used his silver light to deflect the incoming fist.

In the midst of the collision that ensued, more buildings collapsed. Pillars broke apart and tumbled over.


Xie Qing King was thrown far backwards into a palace, the impact prompting him to spit out more blood.