Super Gene - Chapter 1307 - Violent Hitting

Chapter 1307 - Violent Hitting

Chapter 1307: Violent Hitting


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Before Han Sen could answer, the elephant was back on its feet, charging towards him. To keep his teacher from getting hurt, Han Sen pushed Bai Yishan out of the way. Then, with his fist primed, he launched a punch directly into the elephant’s st.u.r.dy head.

The elephant came to a sudden stop. It didn’t fly away or even reel back. Like a car driving head-on into a concrete wall, it hit Han Sen’s fist and stopped still. Silence returned to the ears of all there for a moment, right before the elephant slumped to the ground.


Another crater was formed as it dropped.

The Obsidian Elephant’s body was incredibly strong. It stood up and looked at Han Sen with angry eyes that burned with a flame of hatred. Han Sen could sense the elephant’s power growing, but strangely, its body was growing smaller.

The progress of its metamorphosis went with its heartbeat, and after the tenth beat, the elephant’s size had reduced to that of a cow.

The obsidian body was hardier than ever now, due to its more condensed size.

“It has opened ten gene locks!” Lotus Empress called out.

Han Sen acknowledged this, realizing that it had only opened its last gene lock after he had delivered the brutal hit it had just received.

Bai Yishan had long studied this elephant, but it was like a foreign creature now. It was surging with a power unlike anything he had ever seen before, and the terror made it difficult for him to observe the event.

Bai Yishan had also forgotten he was standing on what had become the arena for the two t.i.tans to fight upon. He was in harm’s way, and he knew he had to remove himself from Han Sen’s side for a time.

Fortunately, the elephant was not attuned with a specific element that unleashed wide-spread damage. The creature was purely physical, and thus, Bai Yishan had not been caught in the cross-fire.

“Help me out by taking care of Professor Bai!” Han Sen issued the command to Lotus Empress.

Lotus Empress then cast her protective lotuses to s.h.i.+eld Bai Yishan.

With Jadeskin firing on all cylinders, Han Sen was ready to fight the elephant. It was his first ten versus ten gene lock battle, and he was hyped.

The conditions of this fight would be ideal, as well. The elephant wasn’t a tricky being, and it relied purely on physical strength. It was the perfect environment for Han Sen to test the extent of his power.

But unfortunately for him, the elephant did not come. Instead, it started to retreat, stepping backwards ever so slightly.

Or at least, that’s what it seemed like at first. The elephant looked to be as angry as ever, and its intent was to get a better run-up. After walking back a good distance, it was as if a levee had broken. The elephant came racing down towards Han Sen with the speed of a bullet train.

Before it had opened its tenth gene lock, the elephant’s might had been handicapped by its lesser speed. Now, speed was no longer an issue for it. In fact, it was coming towards Han Sen at a speed greater than anything he had fought against before.

Han Sen did not need to rely solely on his fists, though. And he was confident he could still take it on, even at its own game. To test his mettle, he stood where he was, looked down, and put his head forward. He was going to b.u.t.t heads with the rampaging beast.


The two forces of nature collided. Han Sen fell backwards a bit and patted his forehead. He could not feel pain; he could not feel anything, in fact. How little harm he had been dealt was actually quite creepy, despite the relief.

He didn’t have time to dwell on or admire the extent of his might, however. After stumbling back a few steps, the elephant was keen to try its luck once more. It raced towards Han Sen again, like an arrow.

Wanting to try something else to flex the might of his ten gene locks, Han Sen ran forward to meet with the elephant halfway.

Han Sen and the elephant went at each other like this for a long time. The region around started to look like a ruined and charred h.e.l.lscape. Rocks were broken, trees were uprooted, and large chunks of land were cast and flung into the air, to be dragged into the sea above. It was a mesmerizing sight to watch unfold.

The stamping of their feet was enough to ruin and upturn the ground underfoot, as well.

“You can do it, Dad!” Bao’er called out, in support of Han Sen. She waved her bottle around as if it were a foam finger.

Bai Yishan was frozen in shock. The Obsidian Elephant possessed a power unlike anything he had ever seen before, and he knew full well it had opened its tenth gene lock.

But with that being said, he wouldn’t be too surprised if Han Sen overcame such a foe. He was, after all, the person who had taken down an emperor shelter. It didn’t detract from the awe-generating spectacle that was their battle, though. It was incredible to watch him fight as he was.

“How in the sanctuaries did he become that strong? He’s like a demi-G.o.d that has cheated his way into the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary. This is amazing!” Bai Yishan’s mind reveled in admiration for Han Sen.

He had researched and worked on his Elephant Sutra for the longest time, and even if he was successful in creating a brilliant hyper geno art, the technique alone wouldn’t make a person as strong as Han Sen was.

Pang! Pang! Pang!

Han Sen’s forehead was a little red and sore, but the elephant’s forehead was starting to bleed.

Lotus Empress was in shock, too. Few emperors possessed the strength Han Sen did.

The Obsidian Elephant now sought to return to the mountain it had initially descended from, fearful that it might lose.

Han Sen thought about giving chase, but before he could commit to doing so, he saw the sea above become upset. The water was quickly thrown into turmoil, as something emerged from the blue and tried to grab the elephant Han Sen had been fighting.

The monster was incredibly quick, and in a flash, it was on the elephant’s head.

When Han Sen saw it, he was shocked.

It was a pitch-black bird that had come.