Super Gene - Chapter 1304 - Endless Sea

Chapter 1304 - Endless Sea

Chapter 1304: Endless Sea


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

When Han Sen saw the Endless Sea, he was taken aback. He was mesmerized by the sea that hung overhead, with fish swimming below its glittering waves as if all was normal.

Han Sen thought the primary threat would be those sea creatures.

Ordinary super creatures could not force them away from the ground, but the presence of a berserk super creature could always rattle them enough to find themselves plunging upwards.

Han Sen strode across the ground as the fish king escorted them from above. It made Han Sen wonder if the Endless Sea’s power was true. After all, the fish king seemed to be unconcerned.

“Fish King, catch me!” Han Sen wanted to see what would happen if he jumped.

Fish King lined up with Han Sen, so he could cus.h.i.+on the fall and be a vessel for Han Sen to sail upon.

Then, after his feet left the ground, he felt an invisible force tug him upwards to the sea.

He felt as if gravity was turned on its head and flipped, but then he had trouble re-orienting himself. Bao’er also made sure to go with him. Han Sen used Jadeskin, but he still fell fast. Han Sen grabbed Bao’er and aimed at the fish king’s back, making sure not to miss.

After landing, Han Sen was above the sea. It was like the blue sky and the earth had traded places with each other.

It was a strange and rather amusing thing, watching Lotus Empress walk on the ground. To him, she was treading a ceiling upside down.

“Let fish king take us! It’s faster this way,” Han Sen called out to her, to hurry along the proceedings.

Lotus Empress thought it would be best, too, so she jumped up/down and landed on the fish king’s back.

The red bird still frequented Bao’er’s company, and it had tagged along for this little adventure. It fluttered its little wings and lifted itself to hover above the baby’s head. Then, it transformed itself into a fish and swam alongside the fish king.

After turning into a fish and taking a brief swim, it hopped out of the water, turned back into a bird, and flew back to its perch on Bao’er’s head.

Han Sen was surprised as he had been the first time he found the little creature, quite surprised something could wholly transform like that.

It had kept following Han Sen and Bao’er for the longest time, ever since it was first found in the pond with Xie Qing King. But aside from the ability to transform between a bird and a fish, it hadn’t proven useful in any other capacity. It was pretty much a useless tagalong.

The fish king continued taking them to the island they wished to reach, but after a while, a sudden shadow coursed below the waves.

The fish king swung its tail, firing a gold light into the sea. Then it took itself airborne.

There was a big, seemingly hostile creature tailing the fish king. It looked like a shark with two heads, and it had left the water in a similar flight, too.

Unfortunately, its intelligence was lacking. It tried to bite the fish king. It was only a super creature with nine gene locks open, so it was a futile attempt from the get-go.

The fish king swung its tail to smack the creature away, and it was reminiscent of an old-fas.h.i.+oned face-slapping. Mind you, it was stronger than the average one. And it occurred multiple times until the nasty squelch of a broken watermelon sounded. One of the heads was broken.

The other shark head screamed in a display of fright. Then it tried to swim away.

Han Sen didn’t want to let it go, though. He finished the job with a sword, lopping the second head clean off.

“Super Creature Two-Headed Shark killed. No beast soul gained. The flesh of this creature is inedible, but you may harvest its Life Geno Essence. Consume its Life Geno Essence to gain zero to ten super geno points randomly.”

Han Sen wanted to grab its Life Geno Essence, but the fish was sinking very fast. It was sinking far faster than was normal, as if it had been latched to an abyssal vortex that dragged it down quick.

The bird suddenly turned back into a fish, though. Then it dove into the sea.

Not long after, the fish came back with a Life Geno Essence in its mouth.

“Not bad. It looks like you’re good for something, at least.” Han Sen was surprised, as not even the fish king was willing to go down for it.

The fish turned back into a bird and landed on Han Sen’s shoulder, then it tweeted to him.

“Let’s return to the ground. If something bad happens to the fish king, there’s nowhere we’ll be able to stand,” Lotus said.

Han Sen nodded in agreement, then the fish king flew up and delivered them to the land. After landing, the gravity was switched. It was the sea that was overhead now.

The fish king returned to the sea and continued following them, just in case it had to catch them. After a half day of travel, nothing else bothered them.

But suddenly, a large group of fish came swimming their way.

They kept on jumping up towards the surface. They looked like three-meter-long swordfish, but they behaved like hungry piranhas.

“Are they coming to us?” Han Sen wondered with a frown.

“They are the Endless Swordfish; quite common. Their ranks range from ordinary to super cla.s.s, but they aren’t hostile. There must be a reason why they’re all scrambling in this direction, though.” Lotus Empress was frowning, too.