Super Gene - Chapter 1302 - Ten Gene Locks Opened

Chapter 1302 - Ten Gene Locks Opened

Chapter 1302: Ten Gene Locks Opened


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Lotus Empress followed Han Sen to the underground shelter. She brought Empty Witch and a super creature comprised of vines with her, too; the latter being named Green Vine. They were also told to adhere to Han Sen’s authority whenever needed.

Lotus Empress still required Han Sen’s help, as she had dubiously explained during their initial conversation, and it prompted the formalities for a trade. It was something Han Sen agreed to. Before he opened ten gene locks, the Night Gem would allow even him to defeat No G.o.d Emperor easily.

Regardless, Han Sen asked her about his body. She told him that when a body was attuned to and focused on one gene lock, gene locks were easier to open. If a person could be proficient across a number of elements, the lack of an anchor made the process of opening gene locks much more difficult.

Han Sen was stuck in a rut due to this, and over an extensive amount of time, no matter what he tried, he had been unable to open his tenth gene lock. It was revealed that it would take something like a Holy Baby Fruit to help.

But Han Sen was only able to eat nine of them, and being lucky enough to eat the real one was all down to the role of the dice. It would all be down to luck for most beings.

After news of what had occurred in Evil Lotus Shelter spread, it felt as if the very foundation of the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary had been violently shaken. The thought of that vast number of emperors and super creatures being sacrificed was crazy to imagine, but it was a sad reality to most, with the rapid expansion of humanity.

With Moving Star Emperor having been among those sacrificed, Han Sen was able to happily expand his growing empire and a.s.sert dominion over his shelters and lands.

No G.o.d Shelter was nowhere close to there, and news about him had been scant since the day of the sacrifice. Regardless of what he was up to, he didn’t show.

Han Sen took Purple Emperor with him, and they did what they could until they reached Cup Demon Shelter. Then, they stopped their advance.

Cup Demon Emperor was the third Son of G.o.d. He was very powerful, and thinking he wouldn’t be able to defeat the spirit, Han Sen thought he should play things a little safer and not invoke his ire just yet.

Han Sen wanted to open his tenth gene lock next, focusing on that first and foremost. So, he shelved his plans for expansion until the day he grew stronger.

Han Sen consulted Lotus Empress, and then decided upon opening Jadeskin’s tenth gene lock.

He did not want to open the Blood-Pulse Sutra’s tenth gene lock just yet, as its benefits weren’t all that profound. They mainly strengthened his genes and provided him super sperm to benefit his future descendants. For the here-and-now, it was best avoided.

And Han Sen wanted to level up the Dongxuan Sutra by himself, as that was his bread and b.u.t.ter, his pride and joy. Therefore, it made the most sense to open Jadeskin’s tenth gene lock.

Han Sen kept seven of the fruits and gave the rest out to his companions.

And of course, Han Sen held on to the real one he had collected before No G.o.d Emperor gate-crashed the event like a big party p.o.o.per.

While he went to a secluded spot to enjoy every last morsel of the genuine fruit, he told Zero and silver fox to go outside and guard the area. After consuming the juicy fruit, he quickly cast Jadeskin and allowed it to absorb.

As soon as this occurred, he felt as if his body was crystallizing. The longer Jadeskin ran, the more Han Sen’s body became like crystal. He was swiftly becoming what looked like a sculpture of ice.

Han Sen’s brains and organs could be seen via his body’s transparency, and even they too were starting to appear crystallized.

Eventually, he became a statue devoid of any lifeforce. It took a while for something else to occur, and when it did, the crystal began to adopt the creamy color of jade.


A crack began to creep across the creamy jade, until it split and zig-zagged across the entirety of Han Sen’s new, statuesque form.


The jade shattered, revealing Han Sen’s true self once more.

Han Sen felt as if he had just been reborn, and every aspect of his body had been replaced. His hair shone with the sparkling beauty of starlight. Han Sen’s entire body was glowing, and he looked rather weird.

Even a demi-G.o.d wouldn’t have been able to tell if Han Sen was a living person. It wasn’t because Han Sen was dead, though; it was because his lifeforce was now hidden inside his body. It had been cloaked.

Han Sen opened his eyes, which now held the glittering beauty of jewelry. The Holy Baby Fruit had indeed helped him open the tenth gene lock of Jadeskin.

It might have only been one gene lock up, but the difference between a being with nine gene locks and a being with ten gene locks was staggering. And Han Sen could feel the power inside him now, almost to the point of scaring himself. It was frightening how mighty he had become.

After opening this tenth gene lock, his senses were incredibly powerful, too, but in a different way than they were with the Dongxuan Sutra.

From what Han Sen could see now, the world looked different.

Han Sen donned his armor and went outside, escaping the notice of Zero and the silver fox without even trying. To get them to notice him, Han Sen had to speak.

“Zero, attack me with your Bone Dagger,” Han Sen asked.

Zero seemed to hesitate, not wanting to hurt him. He saw this, so he told her, “Don’t worry, Little Silver is here.”

Zero nodded, and then a red light came flying towards Han Sen. He felt as if he was unable to dodge it. But Zero was aiming at his arm, not wanting to deal grievous harm to him.

Han Sen raised his hand to cut across and deflect the red light. When he did this, it was as if the Bone Dagger itself was decloaked. It was the dagger itself that manifested like a small red light.

Han Sen gave it back to her. When she killed Saint Fan, Han Sen could not even detect its presence, but now, Han Sen could do far more than notice its coming. He could catch it!