Super Gene - Chapter 1286 - Blowing Up the Lake

Chapter 1286 - Blowing Up the Lake

Chapter 1286: Blowing Up the Lake


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

All the humans, spirits, and creatures of the shelter were able to become a part of Saint Fan Emperor, reduced to a bulbous, fleshy ma.s.s whenever the wretched spirit desired the transformation.

Many of the elder people considered committing suicide to avoid such a ghastly fate. But they knew that if they tried, Saint Fan would have them resurrected and forced to endure a punishment far greater than any that a grueling death could deal them.

Rodman was more hopeless than ever, acknowledging the grizzly doom that might inevitably await him. Mustering the strength to march on as a slave, each and every day, with a wicked noose such as that above their heads was a monumental achievement; especially with the knowledge that not even the mercy of death could ever be obtained.

For the human residents of Saint Fan Shelter, hope was nothing more than a hazy memory of some ancient concept they were once familiar with. It was a distant stranger that never ventured there anymore.

Like he did every other day, Rodman went to fetch water for the flowers. The waters might as well have been prison walls, and he wished for nothing more than to view the sky above with perfect clarity. Having to see the sky through the dreamy current of the water made it seem unreal.

But then, all of a sudden, Rodman noticed the flicker of a foreign shadow. He could immediately tell it was a human; a young man, no less.

He recognized this because the young man was wearing a battlesuit that belonged to the Alliance.

Rodman had seen something similar to this two years ago, and it wasn’t exactly customary for spirits to don the garb of humans. But it was lovely to see, as it was a reminder of home.

“Has he come from another shelter? If he has, he needs to make himself scarce. If the spirits see him… he’s going to have a bad time.” As Rodman thought of this, more dark figures started to come into sight.

He saw a shadow shaped like a big dinosaur, a spirit that looked like a skeleton, and many others. Rodman was disappointed by this, though, thinking the young man was probably a slave to the spirits that were accompanying him.

Rodman wished it was one big bunch of humans he had seen; perhaps that would restore some of the hope that had long since abandoned him.

“I think too much, same as always. What a fool I am, to think people can be free in this wretched realm. Ugh, I should have just stayed home and become a family man.” Rodman almost laughed, but he knew it was a laugh brought on by the years of torture and slavery. He had been driven mad over the years, or so he felt. But just as he thought to disregard the shadows that seemed to be headed his way, the young man did something.

The young man had turned to say something to the spirits and creatures that had come with him, and they seemed to diligently listen and do whatever it was they were instructed to do.

“Is this an illusion brought on by the spores of that latest funky flower?” Rodman rubbed his eyes to make sure what he saw was legit.

“Why would spirits and creatures listen to the commands issued by a human? I really need to watch myself with those plants. They even gave me a rash last week,” Rodman thought, realizing his vision was unimpaired.

It was strange, seeing the young man there, standing atop the lake. He wasn’t quite sure what they were planning, but regardless, he had never seen anything like this transpire before.

After a short while of discussion, the group split-up. When Rodman watched what happened next, he slapped his own jaw in disbelief. Rodman had only seen super creatures and king spirits possess the power he was now witnessing.

“What are they doing, gathering up power like that?” Rodman pondered.

He had lived here for more than a few decades, and this was the first time he had ever seen anyone venture this close. Venturing near and causing trouble seemed like a fool’s errand, but he had the sneaking suspicion they wouldn’t be doing what they were if they didn’t have a plan.

A ma.s.sive light erupted across the whole lake, and that was when Rodman noticed something.


What he saw then was something he’d likely never forget.

The lake water had been dyed with a strange color, and then it blew up. An explosion occurred, and all the water of the lake went with it. Only faint raindrops followed after that.

Rodman could now see the outside world fully. He could see the sky, rain, and gra.s.s again; and there, he saw the young man. It wasn’t just a human with a pleasant face, it was a human with a pleasant face and confidence. It was a young man who looked happy and carefree, and not one who was miserable and hopeless.

In Saint Fan Shelter, sadness was the primary craft of human expression. A miserable thing, but alas that was it.

“Okay, lads! It’s time for an even greater display of your powers!”

Rodman heard the declaration the young man issued, and then the spirits and creatures rampaged forward.

“Are they actually obeying this young man? Who in the sanctuaries is he?!” Rodman was frozen stiff, suspended by sheer disbelief.

The next second, an angry voice sounded from the shelter.

“Who blew up my lake?!” Saint Fan madly cried out.

“Human Emperor Han Sen, you scrub.”

Rodman heard this and then thought, “Can humans truly rival emperors in strength? Is this the sort of stuff I’ve been missing out on during my years in this sordid armpit of the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary?”

But suddenly, Rodman lost all control of his body. He was pulled over towards Saint Fan.

It wasn’t just him, either. Every living thing was drawn towards the enraged spirit, from the creatures to the plants.

“Is this young man enough of a threat for Saint Fan to draw everything to him?” Rodman wondered, but he believed it. And it was this belief that made him happy, even with the wretched circ.u.mstance that was about to befall him.

Rodman was drawn to and became a part of Saint Fan and lost all control of his body.

Whether it was a fortunate thing or not, though, his mind was still his own. He could see and mull over everything that was about to happen.