Super Gene - Chapter 1281 - The Real Show

Chapter 1281 - The Real Show

Chapter 1281: The Real Show

“What you saw previously was just me stretching out,” Doll said.

“Okay then, skip the opening acts and get on with the real show,” Han Sen said, looking at Doll. If summoning and riding a dragon was just flexing her muscles, then how strong must the spirit have been?

“Can it summon a flock of dragons, maybe?” Han Sen tried guessing what was about to occur.

When the doll moved into the performance that it wished to show-off, Han Sen was amazed.

The doll swung its hand and sliced the dragon’s head clean off.

Han Sen had seen many chefs in action before, but he had never seen one make the effort to cook a dragon.

Her hands were like the finest blades, and they skirted, shaved, and slit the body of the dragon with mesmerizing precision. In a flash, the creature had been gutted. Then, the meat was thrown on to sizzle and cook.

The doll summoned a frying pan out of thin air to cook the meat. This was something else that surprised Han Sen.

Han Sen now knew why there were so many bones scattered across the underground shelter, as well. The master of the shelter must have adored food and been an avid diner of creatures. It was no wonder other creatures did not dare come close.

When the chef brought the dish out to Han Sen, he snapped out of his shock-wrought daze.

“Can I really eat this?” Han Sen asked.

The frightening dragon, that had been summoned from a black vortex, was now food. Han Sen struggled with the concept of it being something he could actually eat.

“Oh, yes! You can eat it,” Doll said.

Han Sen took in a good whiff, and he noted how the finely cooked meat reminded him of his experience in the restaurant named Doria. The marvelous ingredients that composed the meal he had just been given could not easily be found in the Alliance, if at all.

Han Sen put some of the meat in his mouth, and he was given a shock.

The meat was incredibly juicy and succulent, and the sauce that glazed his mouth delivered his tastebuds a substance that was nothing short of ecstasy-inducing.

A second later, after the pause that was brought on by the surprise, Han Sen resumed eating the meat with a ravenous appet.i.te.

Bao’er leapt into Han Sen’s arms after that. She wanted some too, and she made sure to grab a big and juicy piece of meat that hung from a bone.

“Aaah…” Bao’er was in equal delight. She scoffed down the meat and spat out the bone.

Her jaw operated like a machine, as she mowed through all the meat she could. Han Sen’s eyes were actually tearing up, having never tasted something so delicious.

Han Sen ate as much as he could, and as soon as he was done with one portion of meat, Doll delivered another. Eventually, he was too stuffed to go on. But somehow, Bao’er was able to eat more than him, and she went on for a while after.

Han Sen felt as if his stomach was going to explode if he went on much further. And just as he lay back to revel in the wistful memory of that meal, he heard an announcement play.

“Self Geno Point +1.”

Han Sen was surprised, not expecting the meal to give him a self geno point.

During his stint in the Valley of Time, Han Sen had consumed a lot of fruit. He had achieved a staggering nine hundred self geno points and opened nine gene locks of super king spirit mode in the process.

But after that, there weren’t any more effects.

And ever since then, Han Sen had not been able to claim a single self geno point extra. You could imagine the shock, realizing Doll’s food could actually provide him some.

Unfortunately for him, he was too full right now. And if he went on, he wouldn’t be far off eating the entire dragon.

“Can I keep the meat and eat it later?” Han Sen asked.

“You can keep it, but each creature can only provide one self geno point. Eating more at a later time will not provide you any more,” Doll answered.

Han Sen then thought of another question to ask, so he said, “Can you summon another ingredient? Like, at a whim?”

“I can summon a fresh one once a month, but the creature or ingredient is random. But keep in mind that they can also provide you with different types of geno points.”

“Different types of geno points?” Han Sen frowned.

Doll had no answer to this, as she had no idea what they could be, either.

After all, she could only copy others. She didn’t have the knowledge to inform Han Sen about things that were not inherent to her true self.

Han Sen was disappointed by the lengthy time frame between each meal. Still, each meal could be shared. And since there was far more than he could have hoped to eat by himself, he could share it with the rest of his companions, so they could all receive geno points together.

Han Sen didn’t think it would do them any harm.

Before Han Sen could invite the silver fox over to eat, he had already sneaked in and started munching away. So, Han Sen called the rest of the people over to come and eat the meat. Thorn Queen received a self geno point.

“Woo, you madlad! My food is like dog food compared to this stuff!” Xie Qing King exclaimed.

Golden Growler and Meowth ate their fair share, too, while Little Angel only ate a small amount.

Back in the Alliance, Xue Feiyan sent Han Sen a message. She thanked him greatly for saving Xue Yucheng and Xue Chen, and retrieving the item they had been missing all that time. She invited Han Sen over to a vacation planet owned by the Xue family. And then, they sent a s.h.i.+p to pick him up.

It had been a long time since Han Sen had taken a holiday, so he decided to take Ji Yanran and Bao’er.

Before he went, though, Xie Qing King gave him a comic for reading material. It was the second installment in his Overbearing President Love Luv Looove series, and he wanted Han Sen to upload and distribute it on his behalf.

Last time, Han Sen set up an auto-release system. Once a day, a chapter would be released. He had never seen the results or what became of it.