Super Gene - Chapter 1258 - Geno Core

Chapter 1258 - Geno Core

Chapter 1258: Geno Core


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

Dragon King looked at the jue and said, “That actually depends. Continuing the theme of duality, this thing can be good and bad. If you are a demi-G.o.d, it is good. If you’re not… it can kill you.”

“So, what does that mean? What is it for?” Han Sen wasn’t put-off by the words he had just heard.

Dragon King began to slink and speak mysteriously, saying, “I’m afraid not many people in the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary know what this is. Fortunately for you, I am one of the very few who know. Me and Asura…”

Dragon King suddenly trailed off into silence.

“Is this related to the betrayal of Ancient Devil Emperor?” Han Sen asked.

“It’s not like that.” Dragon King paused for a brief moment, and then went on to say, “This thing has nothing to do with us, but I knew of an artifact that was quite similar.”

“What would that be?” It was painful for Han Sen, being so patient with Dragon King’s slow droning.

“It’s a secret. I’ve told you many secrets in the past, but I’ve never received a single sc.r.a.p that could benefit me as a reward. I’m at the end of my tether! Why should I continue helping you and not expect anything in return?” Dragon King said.

Han Sen eyed Dragon King with a lethal look and asked, “Ah, so you’re no longer afraid to die. Is that what you’re telling me? In that case, perhaps there is a favor I can perform for you.”

Dragon King reb.u.t.ted, “You never planned to fix my body, so death is coming for me, one way or another.”

When Han Sen looked at him and saw clearly the crux of his issue, he conceded to say, “I have actually been looking out for one for you.”

“Don’t give me that c.r.a.p! I know you already found an egg up on that mountain. Do you think I’m stupid?” Dragon King said.

Han Sen smiled and said, “I did find one, yes. But you almost got me killed at the Sky Tree! If our roles were reversed, would you still give me an egg?”

Dragon King had an awkward look descend upon him, and he pleaded once more, “It was a mistake! An honest mistake. Every time you ask me a question, I give you answers to the best of my knowledge. I never try to trick and mislead you.”

Han Sen said, “Well, an apology isn’t good enough. It sure doesn’t suffice, for you to receive a super creature’s egg off me.”

Dragon King pointed at the jue and said, “I’ll tell you what it is if you give me the egg.”

“I’ll consider the proposition, but if we’re talking a trade, the bargain needs to be evaluated. It all depends on whether the secret of this jue is decent. If it’s some sn.o.b’s wine pourer, forget it!” Han Sen said.

“I’m serious when I tell you that this thing is known only by very few people. I know what this is, and if I don’t pa.s.s this knowledge on to you, you’ll only end up harming yourself,” Dragon King said, with a surprisingly alarmed tone.

“Fine. Tell me the secret first. If I deem the knowledge worthy for the trade, I’ll give you the egg. Deal?” Han Sen made his offer.

“No! You say something like this every time, I swear! You have to promise me this time. Pinky promise!” Dragon King spoke with distress.

Han Sen said, “Oh, come on. You make it sound like you’re the only one who knows what this thing does. I am giving you an opportunity here.”

“Are you suggesting you know what it does? If so, why don’t you tell me?” Dragon King said.

Han Sen said, “It’s an item from the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary.”

Dragon King looked shocked, but he balked, “You are smart! But if that’s the extent of your knowledge regarding this thing, what a waste of time to tell me. Knowing that means knowing nothing. You need to know what this thing is truly for. And me? I know.”

“It’s for a sacrificial ritual,” Han Sen then said.

Dragon King, with a look that had been tarred with great disdain, said, “That is not what you call a secret, either!”

“Then tell me what it is for!” Han Sen said, with a raised voice.

“Give me the egg and I’ll tell you,” Dragon King insisted.

Han Sen looked at the jue and once again noted nothing special regarding it.

If it was an item from the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary, it really was not something he wanted to get rid of. But if carrying it around with him brought harm, he didn’t fancy that, either.

Han Sen wanted to know what it was before he started carrying it around with him.

But he couldn’t keep an eye on it 24/7.

“I can promise you, I’ll give you the egg. But only if the information is worth it. I’d sooner destroy the egg than give it to you, if you don’t cough up something of value; remember that.” Han Sen issued a threat.

“You won’t regret this! And I really need a body now. In the past, even if you offered me ten eggs, I wouldn’t have cared.” Dragon King sounded confident.

“But the egg is not on me right now, just keep that in mind. When I return, you can have it. So, tell me,” Han Sen said.

Dragon King said, “It is from the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary, yes. Have you heard of demi-G.o.d genes?”

“Is a jue a demi-G.o.d gene?” Han Sen asked, while observing the jue.

Demi-G.o.d genes were like super genes, but their proper name was Demi-G.o.d Geno Core.

These were genes that could only be obtained by demi-G.o.ds. They were different than other types, like mutant or sacred-blood genes. If a super gene was a computational command, then a Demi-G.o.d Geno Core was a hub that could execute a number of different commands.

The progress of a Geno Core affected the very powers of a demi-G.o.d.

Han Sen did not know much about this, because Demi-G.o.d Geno Cores were a secret to demi-G.o.ds alone. Han Sen had only heard of information about this from the Ji family.

“Yes. It is a Geno Core that was created by a demi-G.o.d creature. I have only seen such a thing once before; where did you find this thing?” Dragon King asked.