Super Gene - Chapter 1256 - Blood River King’s Battle Geno Essence

Chapter 1256 - Blood River King’s Battle Geno Essence

Chapter 1256: Blood River King’s Battle Geno Essence


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

The bubble burst and sprayed Disloyal Knight with blood-colored water.

His blue armor was dyed red, and as much he wanted to continue breaking the rest of the bubbles that were bearing down on Han Sen, he could no longer move.

He had been glued to the ground, with that bloodwater acting as some form of super-adhesive gel.

Disloyal Knight’s feet were locked in place. He struggled to move, but he might as well have been nailed down. He was completely stuck in place.

Disloyal Knight tried to jump, and he seemed to get free for a moment, but the substance was like supremely elastic gum. After ascending a height of a few meters, the gel yanked him back.


Disloyal Knight hit the ground with a snap, courtesy of the gum that had bested him. The glue was now all over his body, and he was down on the ground like a slinking gecko.

Disloyal Knight continued to struggle, but it was all to no avail.

Seeing the bubbles, and what they were capable of, Han Sen commanded Little Angel to fall back. But their numbers were many, and they were quickly filling up their stadium of battle.

Han Sen brought out his Phoenix Sword and Taia. He struck one bubble, unleas.h.i.+ng the flood of red water.

Of course, he now knew what to expect. So, immediately after it burst, he evaded the sticky spillage. Unfortunately, his Phoenix Sword had gotten some on it.

Han Sen pulled out a cloth and tried wiping it clean, but that did not help. As soon as he applied the cloth, the cloth became stuck and was unable to be removed.

“If I introduce this stuff to the Alliance, all the smithies will be out of jobs. Who needs soldering when you can just use this as a dip?” Han Sen mused.

He was not worried, though. He shapes.h.i.+fted into a gold raven.

Han Sen opened his mouth and retaliated with an attack of his own. He spat fire across the arena to counter the bubbles and pop them from a distance.

Han Sen knew water was weak to fire, but he didn’t expect this move to be that useful.

Han Sen breathed fire across Disloyal Knight and his Phoenix Sword, and suddenly, both of them were free, sharp, and battle-able once more.

The mermaid was still firing bubbles towards Han Sen. To get her to stop, he flew directly towards her.

The bubbles were of no threat to Han Sen and his Blood-Pulse Sutra which had opened nine gene locks. When they came into contact with the raging fires that cloaked Han Sen’s burning a.s.sault, the bubbles evaporated into nothing but steam.


The gold raven struck the head of the mermaid, causing the entire statue to shatter. However, it wasn’t a super creature as Han Sen expected it to be, for he received no announcement of its felling.

But in the statue, there was a red gemstone that looked rather like a Life Geno Essence.

Han Sen took it and noticed the presence of a mermaid swirling inside it.

“Obtained Blood River King’s Battle Geno Essence.”

Now Han Sen heard an announcement play.

As much as he wanted to inspect the item, he didn’t quite have the time to do so. The jue flew over to the right statue, inciting the reverse maid to come to life. More action would inevitably unfold.

The legs of this being were encircled with wild waves of bloodwater, and it threw a kick towards Han Sen. Han Sen flapped his wings and soared forward to meet the incoming tide head-on.

When the waves tapped Han Sen’s infernal fires, the substance became steam.


Little Angel flew past the monster and sliced its head clean off. The fish monster shattered like the mermaid had, and it too possessed a gem for the taking.

Han Sen picked it up and saw the image of that very same monster inside it.

“Obtained Blood River King’s Battle Geno Essence.”

“Why are these both here? Why are they achievable in the same manner? Are they Blood River Kings?” Han Sen found himself shocked at the implication.

The jue then flew towards the middle statue, prompting the fishman to come to life like the other two had. Strangely, it did not leap into battle. It stood where it was, staring at Han Sen.

Han Sen thought it was going to speak, but it eventually raised its arms and formed an orb of water between its hands.

The water continued to gather and build, but reached its maximum size fairly swiftly. The arms remained raised, however, as another facet of it began to increase. The power and lifeforce of the water was still growing.

“Kill him!” Whatever the fishman was doing, it was similar to Saving Money. Therefore, Han Sen was quick to realize what was happening. If the fishy fiend maximized its power output, Han Sen didn’t think he’d have what it took to block the attack.

The three of them launched themselves forward, trying to reach the altar so they could kill the enemy. But as they reached their foe, a red s.h.i.+eld suddenly appeared to bar their way.

The three of them battered the s.h.i.+eld as best they could, but they were unable to break it. The fishman was free to build up power without interruption.