Super Gene - Chapter 1254 - Jue

Chapter 1254 - Jue

Chapter 1254: Jue


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Inside the pot, amidst the broken sh.e.l.l, was a bronze goblet: a jue.

The surface of the jue was decorated with an array of beautiful engravings and symbols. It was filled to the brim with an alcohol that looked like warm, red wine. The jue was submerged in the water of the pot, but the water did not mix with the red concoction inside the jue. It remained separate.

Han Sen had initially wanted to eat the egg, but he did not expect that this would emerge from it. The jue did not have a lifeforce, and it was more akin to a physical item than a creature.

Han Sen stared at it. All he knew was that it was a goblet or vessel for pouring alcohol, and that some people said it could be used for rituals of sorts. Aside from that, Han Sen didn’t know much about what it was, exactly. It looked like an ancient jue, from time immemorial, due to it being perched on a small tripod.

Han Sen couldn’t believe it that the egg had contained a jue.

It didn’t move while in the pot. It remained where it was like an inanimate object, as the water around it continued to boil and vaporize.

Not long after, the last of the water boiled off. The red liquid remained where it was in the jue, having not been disturbed by the water one bit. No matter how hot it had gotten, or how wild the water of the pot had bubbled, the substance inside was fine.

The pot was now completely dry, and the jue remained exactly the same as it had been.

Han Sen gave the alcohol inside the jue a good sniff, and he was taken aback by how pleasant its fragrance was. He wasn’t much of a drinker, but he most certainly wanted to partake in that drink.

The jue creeped him out, though. And he wasn’t so silly as to start drinking without knowing any better.

Bao’er was different, however. She had finally shown some interest in the contents of the egg, and after crawling over to the jue, she reached in and grabbed it.

“Careful.” Han Sen still didn’t know what was inside the jue, and if the beverage inside was poison, it would be a poor decision to drink it.

Han Sen wanted to take the jue away from Bao’er, just in case, but before he could reach for it, she drank it all.

“Bao’er, are you okay?” Han Sen asked with concern, finally pulling the jue away from her.

Bao’er’s face looked red and flushed, as if she was drunk.

Han Sen examined her a little closer. She was indeed drunk, but that aside, she did not look at all harmed. The contents of the jue seemed to have caused no damage.

Han Sen held the jue in front of him, waiting for it to move or at least do something. Unfortunately, nothing occurred.

The pot was burning hot, being atop the fire for so long, but the jue was surprisingly cool to the touch.

“It has no lifeforce, and it isn’t aggressive. It doesn’t do anything. Did this thing really come out of that egg?” Han Sen couldn’t imagine a Mama or Papa Jue producing Baby Jue eggs.

But still, there was a prevailing absence of danger. Bao’er continued to appear unaffected and just went to sleep, drunk.

She didn’t wake up until half a day later.

“Are you okay?” Han Sen asked.

“I’m fine.” Bao’er looked to the jue that was still in Han Sen’s hand and said, “I want more of that drink.”

“This sort of drink is reserved only for adults. Children can’t drink alcohol,” Han Sen explained.

It seemed as if the alcohol had special properties he himself was keen to explore. He was indeed quite curious regarding its origins.

Han Sen remained there for many days, watching the jue intently. He wasn’t missing anything, though, as he had repeatedly checked on the whereabouts of Yaksha and Blood River King. They were still inside Blood River Shelter.

Three days later, Han Sen’s curiosity got the better of him. He grabbed a bottle of alcohol and poured it into the jue. The alcohol originally looked white, but it turned the sickly color of blood upon entering.

The jue smelled so very strong, and the scent was heavier than any white wine he had ever known. It prompted Han Sen’s saliva to go renegade.

Bao’er tried her best to grab the jue that was held out of the reach of her arms, so Han Sen pulled her by the clothes and lifted her up.

As Bao’er was in the air, her arms flailed in the direction of the jue. She was desperate for more.

“You’re just a kid. Let me drink it first.” Han Sen picked up the jue.

Han Sen enjoyed another hearty waft of its fragrance, loving it. Han Sen now knew the red wine was not harmful, so he had no qualms with drinking it.

Han Sen felt a sensational warmth descend his throat. The pores on his skin felt rejuvenated, as if he had just stepped out of a hot spring.

“That’s a nice drink.” Han Sen did not know much about alcohol, but he knew this was a belter. Han Sen licked his lips, having enjoyed every last drop.

As Han Sen reflected on the mesmerizing flavor he had just experienced, an announcement suddenly played.

“The sacrificial wine has been consumed. The sacrificial ritual now begins.”

“What?” Han Sen noticed his body begin to flare up with a red color.

He saw an array of symbols get etched across his body, not too unlike the jue. Then, the entire cave turned red. Han Sen did not know why nothing occurred when Bao’er drank it, but something bad seemed to be happening with him.

And amidst all this, he looked at Bao’er who was still in his arms and noticed how she was still perfectly fine.


Most of Han Sen’s body was set ablaze as the red symbols branded themselves across his skin.