Super Gene - Chapter 1246 - Battle Gene Beast Soul

Chapter 1246 - Battle Gene Beast Soul

Chapter 1246: Battle Gene Beast Soul


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

After the silver fox gobbled up and swallowed the hand, nothing much happened. Little Silver shook for a minute, then simply walked over to Han Sen’s sleeping quarters and took a nap.

Han Sen used his Dongxuan Aura to examine the silver fox’s lifeforce after a brief worry that something might have been wrong, but from what he could tell, all was fine.

“Zero, you open the final fruit.” Han Sen then pushed the fruit that contained the hammer over to Zero.

Zero accepted it and crushed it, prompting a light to shoot into her head.

It must have been a beast soul, if it could go straight into the Sea of Soul. Han Sen had originally thought the hammer might have been some sort of geno treasure, so this came as a bit of a surprise to him.

Zero then pa.s.sed the hammer beast soul back to Han Sen.

“Super-cla.s.s Thunder Hammer [battle gene type] beast soul obtained.”

Han Sen had no clue what that was. He had researched many different types of beast souls in the past, but never before had he come across something like this.

Han Sen gave the hammer a better look up-close. It was a fairly plain, blue hammer, that had a symbol of lightning inscribed upon it. The head was a simple square block.

Han Sen sought to summon it, but before he could, another announcement sounded.

“Would you like to absorb the Battle Gene Thunder Hammer?”

This was the first time Han Sen had experienced something like this, so it was quite startling. It made his jaw drop.

He didn’t think any harm could come from accepting, so he chose to absorb it.

Then, the Thunder Hammer that resided in his Sea of Soul turned into a lightning bolt. It shot into his body, giving Han Sen an intense electrocution.

The electrical current exhausted quickly, though. It went away as swiftly as it came, but strangely, the hammer was now absent.

Han Sen checked out his body, but nothing appeared to have changed. What’s more, he hadn’t received the thunder-derived superpowers he expected to have been bestowed upon him.

“How dreadfully dull. What was that thing supposed to do, exactly?” Han Sen mulled to himself, with simmering frustration. So, he tried throwing a punch.

While doing so, Han Sen simulated the silver fox’s lightning power. Fortunately, this brought him the answers he sought, for when the whips of lightning manifested, they became a mighty hammer crudely built from thunder. It struck a nearby pillar.


The thunder hammer left a giant crater in the st.u.r.dy stone, which flickered with a residual pool of electricity.

Han Sen was gobsmacked, witnessing the power of that thump he had delivered unto the pillar.

The pillars of an emperor shelter were incredibly strong, and they could resist most mighty blows. And yet, with a small flick of his wrist, Han Sen had delivered it such extreme damage. It was nearly frightening to comprehend what he could do with some real effort.

For a small punch like the one he had just performed on the pillar, it really put into perspective the power of the beast soul.

And furthermore, Han Sen put no genuine focus on his casting. He didn’t even expect the hammer to manifest in the lightning, but it had popped up and walloped the pillar, all the same. This was far greater than any of Han Sen’s thunder hyper geno arts, that was for sure.

Wanting to test it out a few more times, Han Sen did. When he got a fairer grasp on it, Han Sen noticed he was able to channel the hammer explicitly when he desired to. The hammer wrought of thunder and lightning could just appear whenever he willed it to. Despite being far easier to use than a hyper geno art, it was far stronger, too.

“Does that mean I have a thunder hyper geno art of sorts, now? I didn’t even need to practice it, and yet it is already supremely powerful,” Han Sen thought.

Practicing hyper geno arts took a lot of time, and in recent times, he had spent more time researching and practicing hyper geno arts than going out to hunt.

Now, after obtaining this beast soul, it felt as if he didn’t need anything else.

But it was a thunder battle gene beast soul, and Han Sen only wished it had matched the elements he favored.

“Where might I find more of these battle gene beast souls, I wonder? If I get a few hundred more of these things, I’ll never have to practice hyper geno arts ever again,” Han Sen thought to himself.

Of course, he knew that might be impossible. Prior to this discovery, humanity had no records of such a beast soul existing. So, his finding one was a remarkable thing to begin with.

Han Sen was delighted with the Thunder Hammer he had received. It had quickly become his most powerful attack, but he just found it lame that it was a.s.sociated with the thunder element.

Han Sen’s Dongxuan Sutra had hit its seventh tier, but even if he simulated the silver fox’s powers, it still wouldn’t be as strong as what Little Silver could perform. That put their power gulf in perspective.

“When my Dongxuan Sutra has opened ten gene locks, I will be able to simulate the silver fox’s power to their full extent. Then, I will become unstoppable and unfathomably mighty.” Han Sen was extremely giddy, developing these thoughts and fantasies.

Han Sen exited the hall, and as he did so, he saw Ghost Eye and Dry Bone King approach.

“Master, we have found a super creature at a nearby lake that is east of here,” Dry Bone King reported.

Ghost Eye kept jumping on the spot, performing monkey screams and howls. Han Sen surmised he was trying to tell him that he was the one who had discovered it.

“Well done,” Han Sen said to compliment them.

Han Sen had sent them out to find super creatures, despite not expecting there to be any in the surrounding area.

Ghost Eye and Dry Bone King then took Han Sen over to the lake they mentioned. Han Sen wanted to kill the creature in the hopes of obtaining geno points.

By this point, Han Sen was dying to move on to the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary. There were many reasons, but above all, he sought answers. He knew many of the answers to his burning questions could be found there.

Each member of the Han Sen family shared a similar issue: they always kept their problems to themselves.

To be blunt, they were each stubborn.

Luo Lan and Han Sen’s father were like that. It was something Han Sen recognized, despite it being a trait of his own, too. He just didn’t realize the same issue applied to him.