Super Gene - Chapter 1242 - Obtaining the Holy Rhino’s Allegiance

Chapter 1242 - Obtaining the Holy Rhino’s Allegiance

Chapter 1242: Obtaining the Holy Rhino’s Allegiance


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Holy Rhino seemed to agree to Han Sen’s offer. It roared and then entered the Cruel Bottle.

Han Sen was delighted about this, so he put a lid on it. For the rhino, this was similar to humans taking refuge in the Alliance, away from the sanctuaries where the motions and terms of a contract were always in play. For the duration it was in the bottle, the rhino was safe.

Saint Fan now couldn’t kill the rhino for switching its allegiance, but if Han Sen wanted to enlist Holy Rhino as an ally in the future, he knew he’d have to take down Saint Fan once and for all.

Unfortunately for Han Sen, he could not yet kill Saint Fan. If anything, that frightening spirit was more powerful than ever. It was highly likely the rest of the super creatures inhabiting Saint Fan Shelter would be absorbed to become a part of him.

Saint Fan must have known he had been poisoned, too. Han Sen couldn’t waltz in and expect to play the same trick on him, as Saint Fan would have most likely deployed a precaution to avoid it happening again.

The Invisible Toxic King Scorpion glyph was a powerful item he had developed, but Han Sen still had to get in close and deal proper damage to the spirit to put the poisons to work. If Saint Fan had combined with a host of additional king spirits and super creatures, getting up close and personal would be harder than ever.

Still, Han Sen could take solace in the fact that he and his people had each emerged from the battle as they had entered. Although his companions were weary, Han Sen had not lost a single one. Furthermore, the silver fox had come back to him. Of course, Han Sen acknowledged how terrifyingly close the situation had been to disaster before the furry thing had leaped in to save the day. If it hadn’t come back at that precise moment, Saint Fan would have killed them all before the toxins took effect.

As evidenced by the delay that day, the toxins really did take a good amount of time to work on powerful foes. But, with the battle over, everyone returned to the shelter. Queen went straight back to practicing, as she had been unable to help at all in the fight.

There was a stark line between having a death wish and being willing to die in aid and service of others in the face of extreme adversity. Death was around the next corner, if she wished it to be, but a true cause to bring about death was a rarity.

After this, though, she was given a renewed perspective. She could see the contrast between her and Han Sen’s strength, and she had a better grasp on how much weaker she was and how much further she had to go if she wished to compete and be of help like the rest of his companions.

Humans had only occupied the sanctuaries for two hundred years, while spirits and creatures had been there far longer. It was natural for humans to be weaker to begin with, and it was always difficult to find footing in each greater sanctuary.

Han Sen was delighted to have the silver fox return, but the others weren’t.

The silver fox had used its lightning to heal the wounds of Han Sen’s, which had them all writhing on the ground in agony. They half-believed Han Sen had turned on them!

After the healing, Han Sen went to take a look at the Three-Life Tree alongside the silver fox.

The silver fox showed interest in the hand, but nothing else.

Unfortunately, the silver fox could not speak. As a result, Han Sen was still clueless about the treasure the tree was giving birth to.

“If Saint Fan wants it, it must be good! Can it hurry up and grow a little faster?” Han Sen gave the tree another waterdrop while pondering the circ.u.mstances.

Saint Fan had been delivered a serious blow, so it wasn’t likely he’d show his face anytime soon. Thinking this, Han Sen decided to return to the Alliance for a time.

Han Sen read a bunch of books and went to the virtual community to practice with others.

“Coach, you fancy a fight?” Immediately after Han Sen entered, Ms. Perfume sent him a message.

Complying, Han Sen sent her an invite. She was, after all, Qin Xuan behind the online handle. She frequently matched with him, and despite losing every single time, she was always improving.

Qin Xuan was still practicing Empirical Sword, and it was a one-of-a-kind technique. Its focus went beyond merely dis.h.i.+ng out power. There had been a beauty in its crafting, and its existence was like poetry.

Han Sen could simulate the energy flow, but if he did not have the heart for it, he couldn’t perform it.

Qin Taixuan had not told her it was actually Han Sen behind the online username “A Soldier on the Wars.h.i.+p,” and so, Qin Xuan was still happy to just call him “Coach.”

In a cla.s.sic arena, Qin Xuan kept slas.h.i.+ng towards Han Sen at full steam without reprieve.

Han Sen did not evade her attacks, and instead, he just used his sword to block.

Qin Xuan’s great-grandfather’s username was “A King with Seventy-Two Wives.” If Qin Xuan could not complete the practice required of Empirical Sword and beat Han Sen, then Qin Xuan would not be able to control the skill.

So Han Sen did not hold back. As a result, Qin Xuan lost every single time.

But Han Sen was as surprised as he ever was with her determination. Failure never stopped Qin Xuan, and she would always bounce back with vigor and s.p.u.n.k.

Perhaps it was because of Empirical Sword, because the skill required a strong heart and firm courage to master.

Her great-grandfather told Han Sen that Empirical Sword was something to display one’s power and might, but without a strong heart, the sword could break. You had to strike and forego any element of defense. Han Sen was supposed to be her whetstone, for her to use and be kept sharp with.

The strength of the heart was reflected upon the sword.

“Coach, are you a demi-G.o.d?” Qin Xuan asked.

“No, I’m only a surpa.s.ser,” Han Sen answered.

Qin Xuan was surprised to learn this, provided it was the truth. She said, “People as talented as you are surpa.s.sers? How difficult must it be to become a demi-G.o.d?”

“Perfection is not always required,” Han Sen said.

She was even more surprised now, and she said, “Are you going to max out your super geno points before ascending?”

Han Sen nodded.

Qin Xuan was extra excited to hear this, and she giddily said, “Which shelter are you at? I have almost maxed out my super geno points, so perhaps we will be able to meet up when I get to the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary!”

“The Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary is a big place. When you get there, focus on what it will take for you to survive. Don’t concern yourself with me or anyone else.”

“Who knows, though? I might actually end up with you. I’m quite a fortunate person.” Qin Xuan laughed.

Han Sen shook his head and did not respond. He knew Qin Xuan was actually more mature than him, so he wasn’t too worried about how well she’d fare when she made the jump.

But Han Sen did not think Qin Xuan would be lucky enough to sp.a.w.n on his shelter, as the chances of that were far too low for consideration.