Super Gene - Chapter 1237 - Fighting Saint Fan

Chapter 1237 - Fighting Saint Fan

Chapter 1237: Fighting Saint Fan


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Dry Bone King looked dismayed, but it was no surprise. He was talented with the heart bone, and he could break the hearts of his enemies in their chests, but it wouldn’t be long before they were back on their feet. The dismay came as no surprise, for they were all fighting unbeatable foes.

Xie Qing King’s heart had sunk even lower, though. He could kill any king spirit there he desired, but they’d each be resurrected in no time.

Little Angel’s greatsword continued to hack down the super creatures she went up against. But whenever she beheaded an opponent, the head would soon roll up and get st.i.tched back on.

No matter how powerful they were, fighting was a useless uphill struggle against enemies that couldn’t be destroyed.

The only ones making genuine progress on the battlefield were Thorn Queen and Water Fairy. Thorn Queen was able to use vines to trap and subdue creatures. Even if they could be healed, beneath the nasty entrapment of th.o.r.n.y ropes, they were out of the game.

Water Fairy had a similar move, but she used water bubbles to encase and suffocate enemies.

Xie Qing King broke another foe’s head, but lo and behold, it resp.a.w.ned the next second.

He turned around, picked up s...o...b..ll, who was idly spectating by the side, and threw it towards the arisen king spirit.

The king spirit used his s.h.i.+eld to block, but it was quickly broken by Xie Qing King, allowing s...o...b..ll to get in close.

s...o...b..ll squealed and flashed with a white light, which momentarily blinded the king spirit. The spirit felt as if it had been a victim of a hundred flashbang grenades, and it felt as if his world was spinning amidst the blinding light.

“Haha! Brains before brawn, you numpty!” Xie Qing King called to the ball s...o...b..ll had trapped the king spirit within, and then kicked it away like a corner kick.

The ball hit a nearby wall with terrible force, and it bounced all the way back to Xie Qing King. With a smile, he was happy to comply and kick it back once more.

Xie Qing King looked as if he was actually having fun, playing soccer by himself.

“Brother Xie Qing, help!” Dry Bone King suddenly called from across the field.

His bone heart was useless, and close-quarter combat was where Dry Bone King was least proficient. Even Baby Ghost could not do ought for him.


The white ball was kicked away by Xie Qing King, one last time with frightening power. It drilled through a cliffside and became lodged deep inside.

“Coming!” Xie Qing King grabbed s...o...b..ll and ran over to the monster that was hara.s.sing Dry Bone King.

To make use of s...o...b..ll, he had to get in close. But that could be difficult if the opponent knew what to expect. So, Xie Qing King just charged towards it and punched the foe to knock it off-balance.

The silver light broke the molten lava casing that protected the monster, and then, Xie Qing King shoved s...o...b..ll onto the fiery beast.

s...o...b..ll flashed white again, trapping the monster inside another white ball.

Xie Qing King immediately kicked the white ball away, as if to score a penalty kick.

Saint Fan had become aware of what Xie Qing King was doing now, and when he saw him run towards another creature, he frowned.

They had found a way to get around his healing and resurrection expertise.

Seeing Xie Qing King continue going about this, Saint Fan disengaged Han Sen and went towards the tricksy and ill-dressed spirit. Swiftly, he managed to s.n.a.t.c.h s...o...b..ll away from Xie Qing King.

Saint Fan Emperor knew the fluffy little creature could end up tipping the scales of the battle.

“Good timing!” Xie Qing King flashed with a silver light, then took the opportunity to punch Saint Fan.


Xie Qing King put all his strength into that punch, and he managed to rocket his fist through Saint Fan’s armor and body.

Han Sen was delighted to see this, so he and Purple Emperor leaped onto the dazed emperor to deal more damage and kill him before he could recover.

Han Sen’s talons shredded Saint Fan’s wounds into gnarly bits as Purple Emperor slashed the wound from another side.

He looked as if he was going to be ripped apart, but Saint Fan smiled as if he couldn’t care less.

All three of them suddenly had a bad feeling.

Xie Qing King’s arm, Han Sen’s talons, and Purple Emperor’s sword suddenly became a part of Saint Fan’s renewed flesh. He had healed, with the three of them connected to him.

“Oh, no!” Han Sen wished to pull his talons away, but he felt great pain in doing so, as if he was trying to tear his own arm off.

Xie Qing King was the same, too. But fortunately, Purple Emperor was able to let go of his sword and fall back for a moment.

“What is this sick sh*t?” Xie Qing King looked incredibly angry, and he repeatedly pummeled Saint Fan’s head.

Saint Fan didn’t attempt to dodge, though, and he just let this occur. It was strange, because eventually, Xie Qing King’s fists penetrated his skull and battered Saint Fan’s brain.

But the next second, it made sense, and it made Xie Qing King look even worse. The head of Saint Fan healed, trapping Xie Qing King’s hand inside his brain.

Xie Qing King wished to pull his hand away, but he felt a headache come on. It prompted him to start sweating profusely.