Super Gene - Chapter 1234 - Saint Fan is Coming

Chapter 1234 - Saint Fan is Coming

Chapter 1234: Saint Fan is Coming


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Dragon King thought the geno plant would still take another forty years to mature, so that meant forty days for Han Sen and his waterdrops. In forty days, he could obtain the items it was going to yield.

He still wasn’t sure what the hand or the hammer items were, but Dragon King seemed certain that the knight was a Twin Knight, despite the peculiarity of it being born on this tree.

Han Sen didn’t want to leave empty-handed, though. He wanted to wait there until the fruit could mature.

Han Sen moved the underground shelter to a well-hidden place not too far from Thunder h.e.l.l Shelter. If they were unable to defend Thunder h.e.l.l Shelter, when the not-so-far-away hostiles came to attack, they could retreat to the underground shelter and make a daring escape.

Han Sen left the well and told Water Fairy to keep an eye on it, and make sure no one intruded. He then went to one of the palaces in the shelter to do some reading.

Han Sen wanted to figure out what manner of information the Xuan Men fellow had given him. He had already had it translated into the modern language, so now he could read it all with simplicity.

There was info regarding the Xuantian Technique, on which the Dongxuan Sutra had been based. The Xuantian Technique was good, but it was quite different than the finalized Dongxuan Sutra.

The Xuantian Technique was the original skill, but the Dongxuan Sutra had been created by Dongxuan Zi after he broke through the vacuum.

Han Sen decided to learn the Xuantian Technique, while applying what he had learned through his time with the Dongxuan Sutra.

There was a lot Han Sen would be able to learn from it, despite it not being in its entirely original format. The Xuantian Technique was ancient, and over the ages, parts of it had been modified.

Han Sen learned a lot from it, and he noticed that many hyper geno arts could be easily blended with it. Han Sen selected one to practice with and used the Dongxuan Sutra as a base. He was still able to use a hyper geno art that had been combined with the Xuantian Technique.

He didn’t have much time, though. So, Han Sen only picked one, thinking he could use it against Saint Fan if he ever had to fight him.

Han Sen decided to practice a skill called Xuanmi Movement, which had its origins based on Xuantian Movement. Dongxuan Movement was based on Xuantian Movement, as well.

But Dongxuan Movement had been modified a lot for the Dongxuan Sutra, making it a much greater fit. Xuanmi Movement was terrific, and it was very adaptable, in how it could combine with modern skills.

Han Sen used Xuanmi Movement with Dongxuan Movement to try it out, and he found it to be rather easy. In less than two days, he had already become proficient with it.

After a while, Han Sen also finished going through the information provided to him by Professor Long. After reclining back to think through what he had read, Han Sen finally thought he had figured out a way in which he could combine speeding up time and teleportation. But for this, he would have to start creating a brand new hyper geno art.

“Speeding up time and teleportation? This could actually work,” Han Sen said to himself.

Han Sen continued his research for the next few days, and he stayed away from the Alliance in case Saint Fan showed up.

Half a month pa.s.sed with no sign of an enemy force. The emperor tree in the well had not yet matured, either. Ghost Eye, however, came running back to the shelter in a strange panic.

“Saint Fan is here!” Dry Bone translated what Ghost Eye had to say, amidst his panting.

When Han Sen heard, he raced out of his room to prepare. Everyone else abandoned what they were doing and went to join him.

Queen and Zero were the only humans there, as the rest were in the underground shelter.

For a fight like this, most humans would be little more than cannon fodder.

“What do we face?” Baby Ghost asked. He had managed to open three gene locks after starting from scratch, but he was still in no condition to fight what now faced them.

Ghost Eye was making a noise, pointing at something in the distance. He had very good eyesight, which was why Han Sen selected him as a scout.

Dry Bone King translated what he had to say again, “Saint Fan, with his army in tow, is five hundred miles away. He has seen five super creatures and three king spirits accompanying him. But to pad out the forces, swathes of smaller creatures have come, too. With the emperor himself showing his face, do you think we should fall back?”

Dry Bone King added the last sentence himself, as he doubted their strength in repelling such a foe. If his father had failed to defeat Saint Fan Emperor, there was no chance he could.

“Whatchu’ afraid of, son? We haven’t got nothing to fear. We’ve got the greater hand here,” Xie Qing King said, as he puffed on a cigar.

“He is an emperor. Realistically, now would be the time for us to go. We can always come back. Living to fight another day sounds worthwhile to me,” Baby Ghost said.

Water Fairy chimed in to say, “You should stop arguing and just do whatever our master tells us.”

Everyone turned to look at Han Sen.

“These colors don’t run. I’m fighting, no matter what. But that doesn’t mean I’m without an escape plan, if things truly turn awry. If their forces are overwhelming, we can return to the underground shelter,” Han Sen said.

Han Sen did not want to lose the emperor tree just yet, and the last thing he wanted was for an emperor to easily claim the goodies he himself had fought to obtain.

Han Sen could deal with the king spirits and super creatures without much issue. It was the emperor himself that presented the problem. He wasn’t sure how he’d muster what it would take to bring the emperor down.

Ordinary king spirits could not fight him, and Purple Emperor wasn’t a true emperor yet, either.

“Purple Emperor can fight with my berserk gold raven beast soul, and I myself have super king spirit mode and Little Angel. All hope is not lost, and at the very least, fleeing will remain a viable option. I can escape whenever I wish,” Han Sen mulled to himself.