Super Gene - Chapter 1232 - Lightning Stone

Chapter 1232 - Lightning Stone

Chapter 1232: Lightning Stone


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

In the well, there was a flickering bolt of lightning. It was different from normal lightning, and the end of the bolt seemed to be stemming from something solid. It was a blue stone.

The blue stone was like crystal, and he could see lightning inside and out of it.

The lightning was strange, though. Each flash only illuminated a small portion of the area around the stone. Outside of its immediate proximity was darkness and nothing more. If Han Sen had not been led as close as he was now, he wouldn’t have been able to make it out in that stifling darkness.

Water Fairy had generated a bubble for Han Sen to sit within, so he could breathe and talk underwater.

“What is this thing?” Han Sen asked as he pointed towards the lightning stone.

The lightning stone was very large, around the size of a house. Curiously, there were many holes in its exterior that could provide Han Sen access.

Water Fairy entered the bubble and took Han Sen’s arm, saying, “I’m not sure what it is, but it sure seems to be br.i.m.m.i.n.g with power, don’t you think? Be careful going close, though, as the holes occasionally beam with the lightning. It won’t leave the confines of the crystal as long as its undisturbed, thankfully. You most probably heard the sound of thunder outside, did you not? It was that. Like an explosive exhaust of lightning and thunder.”

“Show me how to trigger the lightshow,” Han Sen said.

Water Fairy nodded and waved her hand, then a wave of water went towards the stone.

When her water touched the stone, blue lightning spat out from its holes. The lightning lashed out like hungry vines, which then wrapped around the exterior of the stone and produced a thunderous roar.

When the water came into contact with the lightning, the wave was broken.

When the water was gone, the lightning began to calm and go back to its simmering status as if nothing had transpired.

Han Sen looked at the stone with a hearty mixture of surprise and fervent inquisitiveness. It was strong, but it did not show signs of possessing a lifeforce. The lightning seemed to be genuine.

If it was just lightning, though, why would it have the awareness to prevent something from approaching?

“You said the water wouldn’t allow the presence of dirt, so how is this stone here in the water?” Han Sen asked.

Water Fairy frowned and said, “Normally, Sky Pure Water cannot contain dirt. And if an item that is unclean is present, the Sky Pure Water displaces both the unclean item and the water surrounding the item. It really is strange, even to me, that this lightning stone is here in the midst of the water.”

Han Sen observed the stone a bit more and then told her, “Take me closer.”

Water Fairy responded to this with shock, and she quickly exclaimed, “But that lightning is so strong, I don’t think we can withstand it!”

“I only want to get a closer peek, that’s it. Take me there, and if I can’t withstand it, then you can pull me back.” Han Sen smiled.

“I won’t disappoint you,” Water Fairy said with renewed confidence. She looked happy, and then she took the bubble closer to the danger zone.

Han Sen used his Dongxuan Aura to simulate Thunder h.e.l.l Emperor’s black lightning, wanting to see if he could get right into the stone.

There could be a treasure inside, one that belonged to Thunder h.e.l.l. If that was the case, Han Sen thought the lightning would only acknowledge the presence of the now-deceased spirit, and a simulation of his power would be the next best thing.

When the bubble got closer, though, the stone began to spew blue lightning to seal off each point of entry possible.

The bubble connected with one whip of lightning and immediately broke. In response, Han Sen turned and struck the blue lightning with the black lightning he now commanded.


The reaction was not what Han Sen expected, and he was literally shocked. The electricity that coursed through him was excruciatingly painful, and it sent him flying backward. Fortunately, Water Fairy managed to catch him with another bubble. If she hadn’t, he’d have been blasted back out of the well.

Han Sen looked at his hand, noticing the presence of blue lightning flickering across it. The black lightning was no match, it seemed.

“Strange. There doesn’t seem to be any a.s.sociation between the blue and black lightning. Was it just my simulation that failed? Did the stone fail to recognize me as Thunder h.e.l.l?” Han Sen thought to himself.

His hand still jolted with the presence of lightning that was still there, and every time it sparked, a new mark was left. It started to make Han Sen feel numb.

Opting to try something else, Han Sen decided to simulate the silver fox’s lightning. He was intrigued by the stone, and he really wanted to get rid of the blue lightning that was inhibiting his examinations and possible treasure collection.

And with the silver lightning, the breakthrough he was looking for was achieved. The blue lightning moved away from Han Sen. It seemed as if the cords of blue were afraid of the silver lightning that Han Sen had created.

“Master, the blue lightning is retreating! It is returning back to the stone, as if it is afraid of something,” Water Fairy said,

“Take me back to the hole again.” Han Sen hadn’t expected the silver fox’s abilities to have such far-reaching positive effects.

Han Sen did notice that Thunder h.e.l.l’s lightning was different than the silver fox’s. Thunder h.e.l.l’s lightning was all about pure destruction and the taking of lives; the silver fox was about saving lives instead. It could be used to heal others, after all.

The blue lightning was afraid of Little Silver’s lightning, or at least, that was what Han Sen guessed.

Water Fairy delivered him to the stone as he had requested, and when Han Sen reached it, the hole had already begun building up a discharge to lash and keep him away. In response, Han Sen summoned his silver lightning again, which made the blue lightning retreat.

Han Sen was delighted, and this really was the result he was looking for. He told Water Fairy to wait where she was, while he jumped into the hole that the silver lightning had opened.