Super Gene - Chapter 1225 - Opportunity

Chapter 1225 - Opportunity

Chapter 1225: Opportunity


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Old Huang, why is the emperor bringing so many king spirits and super creatures with him?” In a forest, two humans spoke with each other in a hushed volume.

“The emperor’s son, Thunder Devil King, was bullied. The emperor sought retribution, so he sent a small host of king spirits and super creatures to where the enemy was said to reside. They were all killed,” the elderly man said.

“Who is strong enough to defeat, let alone bully, his son?” the young man said.

“I think it must be another king spirit,” Old Huang said.

“It is a shame humans don’t have someone that strong,” the young man said dismally.

As they walked below the boughs, Old Huang said, “Why is there a clearing here? This was not here before.”

The young man responded by saying, “Yeah, and look at this swollen tree. Should we check it out?”

“We’re out here to work; we shouldn’t be so nosy,” Old Huang said. Then, the two walked away.

But as they walked away, they suddenly screamed in fear. They saw a young man standing ahead of them.

“What’s wrong with you? Scaring us like that! Wait a minute, I haven’t seen you before. When did you come here and where did you come from?” Old Huang asked.

The young man screamed again, but this time, it was a scream born of glee. He shouted, “Han Sen! It’s Han Sen!”

“Little Zhao, do you know this person?” Old Huang asked.

“Are you telling me you don’t know who President Ji’s son-in-law is?” Little Zhao replied.

“I have been stuck in here for decades. Last I recall, the president was called w.a.n.g. I don’t care who this young man is, not after that scare,” Old Huang said.

Little Zhao approached Han Sen and asked, “Why are you here? I didn’t know you became a part of Thunder h.e.l.l Shelter.”

Han Sen smiled and said, “Oh, don’t mind me. I’m just checking the real estate value of this place. But tell me, how large is the attacking host?”

Old Huang said, “I’m not sure. There’s at least six.”

“Do you know where the king spirits and super creatures are?” Han Sen asked.

“They are currently in the Thunder Garden. We can’t go there, though,” Old Huang said.

“Thanks, I appreciate it. In the meantime, I suggest you two steer clear of the shelter.” Han Sen knew the place they were talking about, so he left the two be.

Old Huang wished to say something more, but Han Sen was already gone.

“Stay away from the shelter? What did he mean by that?” Old Huang did not understand.

Little Zhao was excited, as he knew more about Han Sen and his unbelievable feats. He said, “Something big is going to happen, old man. Just you watch.”

“You mean, he’s going to start something in the shelter? Pah! Have you gotten a fever, boy?” Old Huang touched his forehead and went on to say, “Even people who have lived here for a century would not dare to rebel against a spirit. If you’re suggesting this Han Sen would actually try to attack the shelter, you’re being ridiculous.”

“No, I’m not. This Han Sen… he’s different.” Little Zhao’s excitement was difficult to contain.

Han Sen traveled past the forest and equipped a black cloak. He was sneaking into Thunder h.e.l.l Shelter.

The Night Cloak truly was a treasure belonging to Night Empress. With it, Han Sen was able to sneak in without being noticed.

Han Sen went towards the Thunder Garden he had been told about, completely invisible under the eye of the moon. That place was where the king spirits and super creatures lived. There was an abundance of healthy vegetation there.

Before he entered, Han Sen saw a giant beast atop the gate. It was fast asleep. Han Sen could immediately tell it was a super creature. Han Sen snuck inside without trouble, due to it not being able to notice him.

After entering the garden, he saw another two super creatures. Again, without ha.s.sle, he was able to avoid them noticing his presence.

The Night Cloak was amazing, and Han Sen was able to avoid the detection of at least ten king spirits and ten super creatures.

“He really is an emperor! There are so many super creatures and king cla.s.s spirits here. If the emperor himself is going, there is no way I can repel the force he’ll bring with him,” Han Sen thought to himself.

Han Sen suddenly heard two king spirits engage in conversation.

“Is Mister Thunder h.e.l.l going?” a king spirit asked.

“Yes. Mister Thunder h.e.l.l said that the king spirit there used to be incredibly powerful, and he wishes to claim him,” the other king spirit answered.

Han Sen was very happy to hear this. If Thunder h.e.l.l was confirmed to be going, an opportunity might arise.

Han Sen could use the Night Cloak to sneak into the spirit hall. While the emperor was gone, he could nab the spirit stone and ruin everything the emperor sought to accomplish.

Han Sen stayed there for a while longer, but he didn’t hear anything else useful. It was going to be dawn soon, so he decided to leave before he risked being spotted. The Night Cloak was supremely effective at night, but it was useless during the daytime.

Han Sen returned to the underground shelter and combined a sacred-blood thorn scorpion beast soul with the Invisible King Scorpion gem beast soul. Han Sen was going to use everything he could to bring down Thunder h.e.l.l Emperor, and he was going to do all he could to grab his spirit stone. He had no time find another scorpion beast soul for the gem, so that would have to do.

Although Thunder h.e.l.l Emperor was leaving his shelter, he was sure to leave some guards behind to protect the spirit hall.

And with the spirit halls always being bright, Han Sen knew he’d have to fight his way in once he reached it.