Super Gene - Chapter 1221 - Born Emperor

Chapter 1221 - Born Emperor

Chapter 1221: Born Emperor


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Looking at the spirit stone directly before him, Han Sen quickly fell into the grasp of greed. He flew towards the forehead of the statue and to grab the stone. Han Sen knew he would have to grab it before it completely formed and the spirit was given shape.

The creatures roared at the intruder that soared above them as if he was humiliating their G.o.d.

Not that Han Sen cared for their audible complaints; he just sped up in his rush to take the spirit stone. This could very well be the only chance he would have to take control of a newly-born emperor. It was an amazingly rare opportunity, one he’d be foolish to ignore.

The creatures moved to stop his intrusion, but much to their dismay, they were all slower than the human.

Han Sen’s fingers felt as if they were just about to touch the spirit stone when suddenly, a sharp purple light surged out of the crystal.

When Han Sen touched the light, it was sharp and made him bleed. The beam of light took the shape of a blade and extended from the stone.

He hurriedly brought his hand back and healed. When he next looked at the spirit stone, he saw the figure of a humanoid-shape gathering.

Han Sen could not see the spirit’s face, but the purple smoke that built it formed wings on the humanoid figure’s back. It was looking like the hazy, disturbing image of a reaper.

The newly-born spirit lunged towards Han Sen. It was still three meters away, but the sword had already traversed that distance and tried to cut him.

Han Sen wielded Phoenix Sword and Taia, and he tried to block the attack. It was successful, but the strike was too strong and it knocked him to the ground.

The sword forged of light did not disappear as the spirit finished his lunge. The sword did not need the hand of a user, and it was relentless, controlled by the mind of its operator.

The power came against Han Sen’s swords again, and he held strong as it pushed and inched its way closer and closer to his chest.


The reaper-looking king spirit tried to slash Han Sen again.

Han Sen’s eyes turned white along with the rest of his body. His hair flowed down to brush the ground, like a creamy cascade of milk.

Han Sen lifted his swords and threw away the first blade of light. Then, with Taia, Han Sen knocked another one away.


The purple blades of light were shattered beneath Han Sen’s supreme surge of power, and so was the white light that carried Taia.

Loads of super creatures stepped forward to take advantage of any opening they could find to maul the human intruder. Seeing this, Han Sen knew it was time to call in backup. He summoned Disloyal Knight, Little Angel, and Thorn Queen.

Disloyal Knight used its halo to weaken the surrounding creatures and the newborn king spirit.

“Thorn, restrain those creatures!” Han Sen shouted over the chaos. Then, he and Little Angel pushed on to tackle the king spirit.

Thorn Queen used her Equinox Flower. A wall of thorns emerged from the ground to subdue the approaching army of creatures.

Han Sen, in the meantime, moved on the king spirit alongside Little Angel. He had realized the king spirit was unusually strong, and it was probably of an emperor status, all things considered.

But Han Sen had gone up against Sky King not so long ago, and there was a clear and discernible difference between the two. This king spirit was not in Sky King’s league, that was for sure.

Han Sen thought it might be because its ten gene locks had not yet been opened, or perhaps the man had stunted its growth by absorbing the spirit’s nutrition.

Whatever the case might be, Han Sen was sure of one thing above all—he could kill it. Creatures were everywhere, anyway, and fighting his way out would be difficult enough task by itself. So, he planned to take it down and perhaps earn another servant in the process.

Han Sen and Little Angel approached the king spirit with care, as it summoned more blades of light in an attempt to cut them down.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The purple light and holy light collided in a dizzying array of sparks. The king spirit, however, had no trouble in suppressing the two.

After an evil blade of light was shattered, it’d reform easily and come at them again, putting Han Sen and Little Angel at a disadvantage. More and more blades were summoned, and the spirit started to gain ground. With less and less s.p.a.ce to dodge, Han Sen was in trouble.

“He must be a born emperor; there can no longer be any doubt about that!” The spirit had most certainly opened ten of its gene locks. A super creature with nine gene locks open was not even close to the level of power Han Sen was having to deal with.

It was probably an insufficient amount of nutrients that had kept this spirit from becoming as strong as Sky King.

The born emperor used his purple blades like mad, filling the entire tower with them. They cut down anything and everything they touched.

“Little Angel, it’s time we combine!” Han Sen ran over to her.

Little Angel ran towards him, too. When they met up, Little Angel’s wings embraced Han Sen, and the two moved to lock lips and kiss.

The purple blades of light came towards them relentlessly, and now, hundreds were all coming at once.


A crazy white light exploded out of them, destroying each and every one. The purple pieces scattered everywhere.

Then, a beautiful white figure with angel wings and a halo emerged from the blinding flash, wielding a transparent greatsword over its head.


The greatsword was brought down on the newborn king spirit.