Super Gene - Chapter 122: The Most Mysterious Afternoon

Chapter 122: The Most Mysterious Afternoon

Chapter 122: The Most Mysterious Afternoon

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"Boss, today I'm free. Do you want to play a few rounds of Hand of G.o.d?" When Lu Meng and s.h.i.+ Zhikang went out, Han Sen took the initiative and suggested to Zhang Yang.

"Sure." Zhang Yang entered the game and sent Han Sen an invite.

Hansen clicked on "agree" and entered Zhang’s game room with eyes glaring and a hint of smile on his face.

When he was playing with his roommates, he usually only focused on the spots on his own side instead of stealing the ones on the other side.

In order to make Zhang look for someone else to play with, Han Sen was ready to disarm him completely and see if he could keep being happy.

From lunch to dinner, Han Sen and Zhang Yang had played numerous rounds in four or five hours.

The preparation time included, one round would take a little more than minute. And the two were at it the entire afternoon.

From the beginning to the end, Zhang had not even touched a single spot. Literally zero. Even so, he still hung in there the entire afternoon.

Han Sen was almost driven out of his mind, but eventually Zhang Yang gave in first. It seemed his blood had cooled down.

"Ahem, Sen, it’s time for dinner." Zhang Yang’s words almost moved Han Sen to tears.

"OK, boss, we will go to dinner." Han Sen quickly turned off his comlink. He would throw up if he kept playing.

He really admired Zhang Yang for being so committed. If Han Sen was in his place, Han would probably have lost interest within an hour, while Zhang played in excitement the entire afternoon.

But since this afternoon, Zhang Yang had stopped bugging him to play Hand of G.o.d, which gave Han Sen some relief.

This was curious to Lu Meng and s.h.i.+ Zhikang, who did not know what had happened in the afternoon that could stop Zhang Yang.

But Han Sen and Zhang Yang remained silent about what had happened that afternoon and it was referred to by Lu Meng and s.h.i.+ Zhikang as "the most mysterious afternoon in Room 304."

And Lu Meng and s.h.i.+ Zhikang nevered play with Han Sen again, who could even put a stop to Zhang Yang’s enthusiasm.

Han Sen did not play the versus mode of Hand of G.o.d often. There were too many limitations and he preferred the single-player version, which could better exercise his arms.

Han Sen had been very interested in operating warframes recently. A warframe was a semi-mechanical semi-biochemical humanoid weapon. Compared with tanks, warframes had excellent maneuverability and could adapt themselves better to different terrains, while the requirements for their operation were also very high.

When Han Sen was in the integrated compulsory education system, his school did not have a warframe for students to operate. Therefore, Han Sen was interested but never had the chance to try. To his joy, Blackhawk had some warframes for teaching purposes.

In the first three months, there was a training session of warframe driving and Han Sen had learned the basics of driving a warframe then. He had also been practicing after that.

In the battlefield, a warframe was the most fundamental fighting unit, because generally no soldier would go fighting wearing bulletproof suits and carrying guns. Even in a street fight, soldiers would always be in warframes.

Hence Han Sen felt it was necessary for him to practice operating warframes. In case he was sent to the front, this skill might save his life.

If he could do well with a warframe, fighter aircrafts would be even easier. As for interstellar wars.h.i.+ps, Blackhawk had but an old one for show and the operation of wars.h.i.+ps could only be practiced using virtual reality.


While Han Sen was still practicing on a warframe, he suddenly heard the tone of money transfer. Checking through his comlink, he saw ten million added to his account, which shocked him. Before he could see who it was from, his comlink rang.

"Sen, did you get the money?" It was Lin Beifeng’s voice.

"So much?" Han Sen was slightly surprised, not realizing the Jadesh.e.l.l beast souls were worth so much. Originally, he thought it would be nice if he could make three or four million.

"We earned about 20 million so I rounded it up for you. Sen, next time you go to Glory Shelter, we will buy some beast souls in Steel Armor Shelter to sell there. This way we could make money on both ends and earn even more, " said Lin.

"I'm not going anytime soon. When I do, I’ll call you." Han Sen thought about the hards.h.i.+ps of going back and forth and temporarily dispelled the idea of ​​going to Glory Shelter. At the moment he really had no time to go.

His curriculum was intense at this point and he was still working on the semi-annual a.s.sessment. He would only go when Steel Armor Gang had a hunting campaign and when someone asked him to hunt mutant or sacred-blood creatures, as it was too hard for him to hunt a sacred-blood creature alone.

Even if he was just trying to hunt mutant creatures, he had to go to places like Dark Swamp.

As it was too hard to walk in Dark Swamp, he had to fly in and out, which made it difficult for him to carry larger creatures’ meat out. Thus, he would not have much gain there.

Mutant black stingers were useless to Han Sen at this point and all he could do was to sell them. Meowth still had not finished eating what was left for it.

But Han Sen was in no hurry. The black crystal could produce a sacred-blood creature every three months, which was much more efficient than hunting on his own. He can wait.

He hung up, transferred a million to his mother and texted her to explain it was his earning in the shelter. He did not dare to give her too much, afraid that it might scare or worry her. He planned to transfer a part to her each month so that she could get accustomed to it. It was time for her to enjoy life after so many years of suffering.

Back to the dormitory at night, Han Sen saw s.h.i.+ Zhikang in the room alone, cursing while playing the game. Han Sen did not know what had happened but s.h.i.+ looked mad.

Seeing Han Sen back, s.h.i.+ Zhikang yelled angrily, "Sen, perfect timing. Enter the game and kick this a.s.shole’s a.s.s for me."

"What is it, s.h.i.+?" Han Sen walked next to s.h.i.+ Zhikang and saw him in a game room but the game did not start. There were two more players in the game. One’s ID was Birdy and the other player’s ID was ManG.o.d.

s.h.i.+ Zhikang and ManG.o.d were calling each other names and Birdy would throw in a bitter comment at s.h.i.+ here and there, making s.h.i.+ flushed.