Super Gene - Chapter 1216 - Ancient Tower

Chapter 1216 - Ancient Tower

Chapter 1216: Ancient Tower


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

s...o...b..ll left the cave alongside Han Sen, being forced to guide him up the mountain. To reach the peak of the mountain, they would have to tread a steep and precarious path.

The path was only one foot wide, and on either side of that treacherous track was nothing but the expanse of mist no eyes could peer through. Even s...o...b..ll took his steps carefully.

Han Sen knew s...o...b..ll had the ability to fly, but he seemed to favor walking. Han Sen didn’t question him too much, and just opted to walk along with him. But Han Sen thought there had to be a better way up than this, and so he wondered why s...o...b..ll was so resolute in his determination to take this particular trail.

Han Sen thought the furry thing was trying to stall and waste time by taking that slow, plodding, and oh-so reckless route, but after a while, he noticed the absence of creature noises. It was very quiet on that path.

“This guy is a coward. He’d rather risk breaking his neck in a fall than take a route that might lead us through trails inhabited by monsters.” Despite this thought, Han Sen was starting to grow fond of the little guy.

The purple mist grew thicker the further they went, until it was almost as thick as a mucus that clogged their vision. It eventually got so bad that Han Sen could not even see his fingers in front of his face. At this point, Han Sen had to abandon his sight and rely on his ears. He followed the sounds of s...o...b..ll’s little footsteps the rest of the way.

And of course, for extra security, lest he make a fatal slip, he hugged every single wall he could.

After a while of this, Han Sen’s eyes eventually caught sight of something very bright piercing through the mist. It was so bright, he initially had to raise his hand as a s.h.i.+eld.

A little further along, they left the mist. That was when they saw the giant black peak of the mountain, pointing heavenward like a craggy fist to the skies.

“This mountain is ma.s.sive. What in the sanctuaries is this mysterious place, I wonder?” Han Sen gazed up, and at this point, he realized he was treading what might best be described as the mere foothills of the mountain.

They walked and walked through the day and into the bosom of night. After dark, they reached the peak.

They hadn’t seen a single creature on their way. Whether there truly was an absence of creatures, or s...o...b..ll had just opted for a route that avoided them, Han Sen could not tell.

But as he poked around on the peak for a bit, it wasn’t too long before surprise struck once more.

There was a tower protruding from the craggy ground. What’s more, it looked to have been the product of human handiwork. It was only two meters tall, but there was a tiny door.

The blue bricks the tower had been constructed of were caked with what seemed like rust. Whatever this tower was, it was old. s...o...b..ll approached the tower and began to kowtow before the door, as if it was earnestly begging for forgiveness.

Han Sen knew to be wary of whatever might reside in that tower, so he didn’t stand too close. He was here for the silver fox, and he wasn’t going to take any chances. He ensured there was nothing too odd hiding in the immediate vicinity, and checked the slopes of the mountain for a sign of his missing companion.

As he eyed the slopes, though, Han Sen caught sight of two shadows.

They were two super creatures Han Sen had never seen before. They were both ma.s.sive in size, and they fought together like crazy. As they battled, the mist around them swirled like a vortex.

Strangely, the combat was silenced as all sound had been before. It was as if nothing was going on.

Han Sen did not think the creatures would finish their fight anytime soon, so he continued his search. He wanted to find Little Silver and the missing inhabitants of Ghost Mountain.

But aside from those two creatures, which were occupied enough with themselves, there did not seem to be anything else alive there.

“Are they stuck in the mist, maybe?” Han Sen wondered.

Because he was unable to find anyone, Han Sen decided to turn back and go for those two fighting monsters. He fancied slipping in and taking advantage of their situation to kill them both and reap any spoils he could.

They both looked very strong. One was covered in black scales and possessed deer antlers on its head. It looked like a water-based kirin.

The other was purple, and it crackled with lightning. Its appearance was slightly more amusing, as it looked almost like an electrified squirrel.

The water and lightning clashed together but did not explode or cause a reaction. Instead, the two powers ended up distorting the very aspects of the dimension the two fighters operated in.

Han Sen had seen creatures with these elements before, but he had never seen them fight against each other.

As Han Sen watched the two, he felt something pull his hair. In response, he immediately said, “Stop it, Bao’er.”

But a few moments later, it happened once again. And when he turned to look at Bao’er, he noticed her hands caressing his chest. It couldn’t have been her fiddling with his hair.

Han Sen had a s.h.i.+ver run down his spine. He had no idea what might have been behind him, grabbing his hair. Han Sen turned to his side to look at s...o...b..ll, who was on the ground, quivering in fear with a look of shock at something else that was behind Han Sen.

“What is behind me?” Han Sen opened his nine gene locks and threw a punch backwards.